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  1. Loyalty to Alan was the reason a lot of guys ended up playing for the club in the first place, myself included. I went through the ups and downs with the Gaffer and the players and I dont doubt for one minute when they said they genuinely care about the club. But times change, players move on. Not everyone will agree and difference of opinions is what keeps us talking about football. To say Alan doesnt care about the club or he isnt a Cambuslang man is ridiculous, you just have to look around his house and see the pictures of the club / players to see he cares about the club deeply. The man is a Cambuslang legend whether you like it or not!
  2. Amazing how the football community can pull together to help people, as I found out myself earlier in the season. Hopefully a lot can be raised. Who says football is just a game!
  3. Got to catch me first ya big ride!

  4. Anul Mac, u signed on for another season so a can get a kick at yi ??

  5. I'll drop you a wee text bud, your number still end in 237?

  6. 31st season in the Juniors big man? :P

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