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  1. I haven't really used it that much but from what I have seen I reckon Justin Guitar is better for a complete beginner.
  2. For anyone looking to take up the guitar while they are stuck inside, Fender play is free for 3 months. https://try.fender.com/play/playthrough/
  3. Ah, the standard 'just asking questions' reply used by every conspiracy theory nutjob.
  4. I'm no doubt being whooshed but I've no idea what you are on about.
  5. Mrs KillieCon works in a specialised department in the NHS. As of next week she is being moved departments to help out and will be taking on the role of a general nurse. She has already been told that there is not enough PPE for the staff crossing over and there are doctors and anaesthetists who are still waiting to be fitted for the proper equipment. I'm now shitting myself about the potential consequences of this.
  6. Walked past Wetherspoons in Glasgow City centre just after lunchtime and it was rammed. Seems the lure of cheap booze is too much for the jaikies. Had to go to Debenhams to pick up something I ordered for mother's day. Plenty of hand soap if you are willing to pay over the odds for it.
  7. The same, my wee one has had a temperature today. Can't seem to get Calpol anywhere.
  8. Been enjoying this thread for a while and thought I'd make my first contribution. Glorious pint after the Tennent’s Tour.
  9. Is the game likely to be available online anywhere?
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