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  1. Club have tweeted that this isn't an option due to UEFA rules.
  2. Forget the mess that is our ticket allocation. As soon as the draw was made Connahs Quay were doing their damndest to switch it to the Racecourse but Wrexham, (probably Glyndwr University to be honest) were not having it. They lied about their pitch not being ready when it is. No matter what the fall out is around this whole fiasco, Connahs Quay are utterly blameless, they have tried their best & should be applauded for it. I haven't seen much criticism of CQN, most folk I know were aware that they tried to get the game switched. I can't see why you are laying some of the blame of this mess with Wrexham. It doesn't matter if they lied about the pitch, they are under no obligation to accommodate the game. It was clear early on that there was never going to be enough tickets to satisfy the demand. I understand that the club have been put in a difficult position with regards to the allocation but it should have been sorted much sooner. As the guy above said, this has taken the enjoyment of qualifying for Europe away from a lot of people, particularly those who are in the same position as him and who (quite rightly imo) thought they would have a better chance of getting a ticket.
  3. Wrexham are completely blameless in this. It's their ground, why on earth should they let this match be played on it if they don't want to? The fact that we are so close to the game and the allocation still hasn't been finalised is disgraceful.
  4. Some of it is brutal. I thought he might do Roll With It after Noel's comments on that BBC programme.
  5. The group of guys I go with are in pretty much the position as you. Season ticket holders for 35 years, don't stay in Kilmarnock and travel to games by car or public transport. I don't get to all of the away games these days and didn't expect to get a ticket for this but I have plenty of mates who haven't missed a game in years and won't get a ticket.
  6. There's some utter pish on that list imo. There's no way the likes of Catatonia and Space are better than Blur and Oasis.
  7. Couldn't give a f**k about Andy Robertson tbqh. Spurs are clearly the lesser of two evils so hope they win.
  8. Just when you thought the thread couldn't get any more tragic we get stories of grown men going to wrestling events. There are a number of folk here who need to have a word with themselves. Good laugh for the rest of us though.
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