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  1. I think we certainly need a #10/creative midfielder. It's the one thing we don't have in the squad. We haven't replaced Polworth and his form from the year we finished 3rd. Whether Tierney can do that, we'll need to wait and see. It's a step up from the LOI, no doubt, so it may take time. As has been mentioned previously, we're looking pretty decent for day 1 of next season with the number of players signed up on long term deals. Given Alexander has only really had one transfer window (i'll not count last January as he was just in the door) I'm very intrigued as to what he can build once he has the January window to tweak and the summer '22 one to get a couple more main targets.
  2. Thank f**k. Threads when you're against one of the Old Firm are grim, grim stuff. What's the pakora situation like in Dundee? What's your top three? If I hear of any nonsense such as Chocolate Naan like what the Edinburgh lot produce, we'll need to have words. As for the game, let's just hope football is the winner.
  3. is that it? Over 24 hours of screaming and whinging for..... that?? Did Mugabi even touch Turnbull? Jesus wept. The most routine of Celtic away wins and yet still a section of their fans have invented not one, but two, "outrageous" decisions that didn't go their way. I'm out man How do they do it every week?
  4. It can't have been that bad. Looked a strong tackle at the time from where I was in the Main Stand. Considering Celtic Twitter is latching on to a non-existent handball shout from KVV, and not producing random still photo's of the challenge from eighteen different angles that suit their agenda, courtesy of "HoopyHenrik67", I assume it was a fair tackle and they are clutching at straws. Do you have a clip of the challenge so I can view again?
  5. One of the responses to that tweet is a guy suggesting "RomTogic" must be a Rangers fan at the wind up because he disagrees with the party line that KVV handled it, despite being given clear video evidence that he didn't. A truly different breed . It honestly must be so tiring being one of those glory hunting Old Firm fans on Twitter.
  6. Old Firm fans are truly a special bunch. A routine 2-0 win away from home, but because they get away with one decision, they still come full on with the victim complex Incredible stuff.
  7. Goss is shite, aye, but i don't think there can be many complaints about leaving out KVV. He's been pish since the Aberdeen game, albeit he looked alright today. Whether putting Roberts in for him and sticking with 4-3-3 was the right call, I doubt. We need another creative midfielder to help out Slattery. We can probably get away with one of Grimshaw, O'Hara, Donnelly or Goss in there, but when we need to pick two of them in our midfield three, we aren't winning a midfield battle.
  8. Meh. Celtic looked suspect as f**k at the back but we never really bothered our arse having a go. Giving Tam Rogic the freedom of Fir Park was a bold Motherwell tactic and unsurprisingly it didn't pay off. Unbelievable strike from Turnbull but we know more than most that he's got that in his locker. A little reality check after our decent start. That's two poor performances in a row. Think Alexander needs to pick an XI and stick with it. Goss offered hee-haw today and don't think he's the answer and for all Grimshaw puts a shift in, he's not a footballer.
  9. Got a bad feeling we'll shit the bed in this one. 4-0 Celtic.
  10. I absolutely agree with Hearts starting as favourites for this one, but 5/1 for a Motherwell win seems awfy generous.
  11. I actually bought some Jam Tarts from the shop last night. If we lose tomorrow, it's probably my fault. Worth it though, they were v.v.v. tasty.
  12. There's less than 200 tickets left for Tynecastle on Saturday (from our 1000 allocation).
  13. Anyone ever thought of doing some kind of MFC podcast? Think @Busta Nut would be good value on it. You could call it Hearts, Hearts Glorious Hearts.
  14. The badge isn't on the shirt? So it's not a replica of the '94 top, then? What are folk paying £40+ for?
  15. I got the 94 away one on Ebay about 6/7 years ago for £25. Will assume it was reserve jersey of the likes, had the no.3 on the back. Wore to a couple of games, but I retired it after wearing it to the 2018 Cup Final. I actually gave it away to a mate who's got a proper 'Well shirt collection a few months back. If I'd known they were going for a fortune on Ebay...
  16. Here's a strange thought, maybe Callum McGregor is just happy where he is and has no desire to uproot/move away from his family? He's the captain of a very big club, playing in Europe, a regular for his country, and I'm sure he is being paid very handsomely to do so. As @gannonball mentioned above, moving to the likes of Southampton and chasing yer tail against the likes of Man City & Liverpool, as they stick five past you twice a season, what is he really gaining? Does anyone really have a great more respect for Stuart Armstrong, for example, than they did three years ago? I know when both Norwich & Celtic were in for David Turnbull, he made it clear to MFC that he had no desire to move away from home at that point in his career, hence he wanted to go to Celtic and a deal was put in place very quickly for the deal to happen a year later once his injury was discovered. Football is their career, it doesn't need to be their life.
  17. Surely folk wouldn't have shelled out £40+ on a product which they couldn't see? All that was showing was a computerised print of the top. Surely... I'm fairly certain the club shop/club itself wouldn't have been too chuffed at someone trying to make money off Motherwell replica kits. Possible they've had a word and it's been pulled.
  18. I'm surprised Souttar didn't get a shout, tbf (is he still struggling with injury?). Especially when that big fucking donkey McKenna gets continually called up.
  19. I got similar when I strolled in at 9:01am after doing the school run...
  20. I picked mine up from Fir Park this morning but I never actually asked how many we've sold so far. I'd say 800-1000 is probably a fair guess at what we'll have on Saturday, given the price and if any are unsure about the whole vaccine passport malarkey. What's the script re seating at away games/Tynecastle these days? It's my first away game in 18 months or so as well. The tickets have seat numbers on them. Is it sit in your allocated seat or just plank yer arse where you find one?
  21. Didn't your ticket work out about £2.75 a minute for our game on Saturday? Based on those numbers, £27 for 90+ minutes at Tynecastle is a bargain!
  22. I do wonder, given Hearts' likelihood of going three at the back, we could match it up? Take Grimshaw out the midfield and replace him with another centre half (Johansen or Mugabi, if fit). We could still have the three up front as well if we push O'Donnell & Carroll (who I think will come back in) into the midfield four. van Veen & Watt both can drop deeper to help out the midfield as and when required, and we can use Woolery's pace up top. Slattery vs Baningime should be a cracking battle in the middle of the park. Kelly Johansen Ojala Lamie O'Donnell Slattery O'Hara Carroll Woolery van Veen Watt I'd absolutely bite yer hand off for a point here. I'll go for a very entertaining 2-2 draw. van Veen at the double for the good guys.
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