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  1. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    I've had a few bads ones in my time, but this may be the worst post I've ever made on P&B. My apologies to the nation! McLeish Out.
  2. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Told you Shinnie would be fine at left back. FFS!
  3. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Callum McGregor has to start in the middle of the park. Has to. Sticking him out wide left or wide right won't get the best out of him. He's been one of the best players for Celtic over the last two seasons either playing deep when Brown is out, or being that box to box midfielder. Build the team around McGregor and we'll not go far wrong.
  4. New Scotland Kits?

    You're old fashioned! To be honest, my two favourite Scotland kits have actually been all-blue efforts. The Euro '96 Tartan one is my all time favourite, closely followed by the all-blue kit with gold trimming which we had a decade later (we wore it when we beat France 1-0 at Hampden)
  5. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    That would be some sell. "Here random English fella. You fancy flying out to Kazakhstan for a wee game? The chances are you'll never play for Scotland again as we have many, many left backs that are much better than you, but we're stuck for this one qualifying game". Calm doon. Shinnie at left-back will be absolutely fine.
  6. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Do we really? The likes of Douglas & Kingsley aren't really doing too much at the minute. Certainly aren't better players that Shinnie IMO. Would suggest it's too early for Taylor at Killie. If we can't get past Kazakhstan, it'll be down to a helluva lot more than sticking Shinnie, who's played at left-back for the majority of his career, there.
  7. New Scotland Kits?

    I was under the impression that these were for the women's team only. The away kit is a cracker, to be fair. Although, it looks a bit strange on that guy in the picture as it looks at least a size too wee for him.
  8. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    TBF, Shinnie would always have been in there as a back-up, back-up left-back! No issues from me with him in that position.
  9. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Bain O'Donnell Bates McKenna Shinnie McGinn McTominay McGregor Forrest McBurnie Russell Harsh on Armstrong, but I feel we need to keep playing with two wide men after it worked so well in the last fixtures.
  10. Aye, think Saturday was the tipping point for me regarding Main. He's not good enough. I'd have no issue with giving Scott a bit of experience over the next 8 games to get him started, but I'd agree that 6 months or a season in the Championship is needed for him. At least 2 new strikers for next season, please.
  11. If Motherwell can win at Easter Road tomorrow, I'd fancy us to go on and take 6th spot. Any other result, I think Hibs will have just enough (effectively they are 3 points in front when you look at the goal difference).
  12. That's pretty much how I felt as well. I spent the first half thinking, "if they score first here, we're going to crumble". After Cammy Bell stepped up, it was party time. I'll never stop getting goosebumps watching the highlights and hearing THAT noise as the ball goes into the net. Joyous relief!
  13. Speak for yourself, I was greetin' for most of that season. That was properly grim.
  14. I completely forgot that used to be a thing. Still, good of the 'Well fans to move onto something a bit more original like 'Skippy'.
  15. Allan McGregor is a very angry man. I hope he is suffering tonight.