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  1. I don't have any issues with Gallagher leaving. He signed a contract, honoured it, and will leave when it ends. He owes us nothing. It'll be interesting to see if he ends up in a similar situation to O'Donnell last year, however. Leaves a decent club to move onto bigger and better things, finds out there's nobody wanting him and ends up signing for someone close to his house (Dundee Utd, for example). He's barely kicked his own arse since the Serbia game, he's spend time out injured, sources close to him mouthed off in the press and he lost his Scotland place. Its doubtful he'll get any minutes at the Euros (if he even makes the squad at all) so i wonder what demand there actually will be for him. His big cash in time was in January, after the Scotland success, but nothing happened there.
  2. Getting Liam Kelly on a permanent deal would be a tremendous bit of business. Also plenty of sell-on potential as he's young for a 'keeper. Looking at the squad as a whole, I was very much on board with the get them all launched idea, but I think with us still being under these circumstances, we'll see a few players, who would normally be punted, get given an extra year (like Crawford & Mugabi). We've heard from McGinley about how difficult it's been moving to Scotland and basically being stuck in a flat for a year. All going well, we're moving away from that life but you just never know what's going to happen over the next 6-9 months. That'll have an effect on players and their decision on whether to move. I'm keen to see what kind of player Alexander will bring in over the summer. We know we'll lose two of our big hitters in the summer in Gallagher and Campbell. There's also question marks over whether we can keep Cole. We'll need at least one quality centre half, central midfielder and central striker in. I'll forgive the manager for the shambles of the Nolan/Foley/Smith signings due to him being in the door 5 minutes and window closing, but he'll be judged heavily on this summer's recruitment. Either that or he can win the cup this year and nobody will give a f**k who we sign as we'll all be pished.
  3. Richard Tait still not accepting his badly receding hairline and shaving that heid.
  4. I like this plan. Drinking cans in the Dutchy whilst launching Mushroom pakora at folk's heids.
  5. Calling @crazylegsjoe_mfc It's Roasted Cheese. Haggis Pakora is magic btw. Veg/Chicken/Haggis/Fish all good or perfectly acceptable pakora choices. The Chilli Hut in Motherwell does a Donner pakora which is, interesting. Would have again. Mushroom & Cauliflower pakora can get launched into the sea. If this is your chosen pakora, take a walk and find a nice mirror. Upon arrival, take a long, hard look at yourself.
  6. Cup Final at Hampden surely earmarked as a test event for the Euros. 5000 from each team. Imagine going to a Motherwell cup final and all of those horrible day trippers that usually appear won't get a ticket? What a fine day that'll be.
  7. I met Tommy Coyne one night at a MFC related thing. An absolute gentleman. I'm generally not fussed if I see a footballer now (more often than not they are 10 years or so younger than me) but TC was my childhood hero. I'd never felt nervous having a picture taken before! My mate and I had a great wee 5 minute chat with Tommy, where he spoke highly of his time at Motherwell. We asked who he preferred playing up front with, Arnott & Coyle (was Dougie, just!) and if he knew how many of the Ireland '94 World Cup squad, that he was in, were actually born in Ireland. He didn't know, but wasn't surprised to later learn that it was only 8 of the 22 man squad. I fucking love Tommy Coyne.
  8. It's always annoyed me that there's never been a "Premiership Years" type show for Scottish Football. The BBC and Sky must have a shitload of archive football (particularly the BBC for the 80s and 90s stuff) that could be utilised properly instead of tweeting out random goal clips at random times. Imagine reliving the mid 90s Motherwell teams in a 2 hour show?
  9. You don't happen to have the 3-0 game from 2002ish when Killie ended up with 8 men, do you? Pretty sure Andy McLaren got a second yellow for arguing with punters in the away end behind the goal. Great day out and a cracking goal from Dougie Ramsey.
  10. Nancy was a fucking amazing trip. Felt like every Motherwell fan you'd ever met in your life was there with you. Thankfully we took a straightforward way there and flew to Paris before getting the train onto Nancy. The Thursday in the square will live me until the day I pop my clogs. What an amazing day! Up early doors, each one of us buying crates of lager from the supermarket before they ran out and just having a great time in the square all day before the big march to the ground. I remember being starving at one point in the afternoon so took a wee jaunt out of the square. Found a wee deli thing so popped in and asked, in French btw (standard grade French in full use like a pro!), for a ham & cheese baguette and the woman proceeded to hand me over a baguette which was about 6ft long. It was fucking magic after 2 days on the lager and was only about €2. Special mention to @Mitch as well for being the daft c**t to launched himself off the big fountain and ended up walking to the game looking like Terry Butcher with his bandage on his heid and blood-soaked 'Well top. Some absolutely meltit guys in that ground. There must be a good chunk of folk who have no recollection of the game itself. Another food related tale the following day was a few of us heading into a wee cafe and ordering burgers and chips all round. Only for them to be served without rolls. Just a burger and some fries. Wee Marty (known to many on here, I'm sure) raises his hands in disgust and in his best French accent (it wasn't great) shouts out, "Where is ze bun!? Where is ze bun!?" Ah, like was said above. You could write a book on that trip. Levante was an underrated trip as well.
  11. When I first read that I thought you'd decided to go all Gammon Swello, All Lives Matter on us there. Now I realise it's to do with the never ending list of "Knee" injuries quoted on the official site. Carry on!
  12. And his agent. I'd like to see Cole here next season but unfortunately I don't think he'll be short of suitors offering more cash. We'll probably just sign him again next January.
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