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  1. Sales of 2022/23 Motherwell goalie tops will drop about 40% as a result of the row.
  2. Giles Coke was a poor man's Stephen Pearson. Steve Jennings was the absolute fucking boy. Genuinely one of my favourite players of the last 20 years. I think only Higdon is above him.
  3. I was waiting on you turning up to explain it. A favourite of yours. But aye, there was a boy on Twitter who, on about six different occasions over a three year period, kept popping up to say Chris Porter was underrated. Which he wasn't, by anyone. He was brilliant, and him scoring his first goal with his arse v Gretna at Fir Park is a happy memory. Also, until we score the winner in a Scottish Cup Final, I don't think I'll celebrate a goal as much as I did when he scored that equaliser in the cup tie at Tynecastle.
  4. I know a lot of the EPL/EFL fanboys like to talk about the 'standard' of Scottish Football (it boils my piss, btw!) but I was at Preston v Barnsley back in December. It was fucking guff. Considering some of these players were on £10k a week (at least!) it was dire stuff. You've literally got clubs clinging on for dear life (hiya Derby!) in some quest to reach the Premier League and get relegated so they can fill their coffers (good afternoon Norwich!). It's insanity and I await the next ITV Digital style collapse.
  5. Plenty been said about Motherwell's performance after it went 10v11, so no need for me to add anything other than shocking. Fair play to Ross County, they more than deserved the win last night. Really impressed with Charles-Cook again. He scored at Fir Park as well, didn't he? I'm sure there'll be plenty of interested clubs if he's out of contract at the end of the season, but I hope we're one of them. I can't believe there's folk saying that wasn't a red card for County last night. O'Donnell lucky to stay on the park last night too.
  6. Last night probably typifies why I'll never fully be on board with the manager. As long as Motherwell are winning football games, I'll be happy. Fair play, we've won our fair share this season, but when we lose? Jesus, the light certainly shines on the style of football he wants to implement. How can you look at our options in midfield and think Donnelly, Maguire and Goss is going to cut it? I didn't see the Livi game but it probably says more about Livi's midfield that we won that. I think Goss is a decent player, but there's no way he's going to be the main man in a midfield three. He'll complement other good players in there, and I'm sorry to say neither Donnelly or Maguire are that. We can get away with one of them playing, I'm sure, but not two. I've already stated my bemusement at Slattery not getting a look in, but why is Cornelius not back in? After coming into the team and excelling in his starts (including a cracker of a goal), he's been launched again. It must be frustrating as f**k for certain players in the squad working under GA. As for Nathan McGinley? Jesus wept. Jake Carroll must have shagged the bosses' missus to be continually kept out the side by him. A tough run of fixtures coming up. It'll be interesting how our Top 6 aspirations are looking by the end of February.
  7. Whats the script with Slattery? Is he nursing an injury? I fail to believe anyone can look at our midfield options and decide Slattery isn't in the best three.
  8. Is he leaving Dundee Utd already? f**k sake, Tony fairly gets about.
  9. What would you consider to be appropriate compensation?
  10. Something I'd mentioned before on here, which GA seems to back up. We're unlikely to go for a "like for like" replacement for Watt. Whether that's just him trying to dampen down the Rudden speculation straight away or whether it just simply solves the Watt/KvV through the middle conundrum, I don't know. I certainly wouldn't be surprised if we brought in a wide, play across the front three, type of player to replace him. I genuinely don't have any issues with the player. I wanted him to stay, but if he's been offered better elsewhere, then shake hands and thank him for his service. He was an excellent signing for Motherwell, but we've lost and replaced better. Onwards!
  11. As I said when the story initially broke last month, I'll be very interested to see how Watt gets on at Tannadice. Motherwell is probably the only club, of many, that Tony has exceeded expectations. He seemed to have found a place where he was comfortable and he performed tremendously. Can he replicate that or will the old Tony Watt turn up at Tannadice? With Utd forking out a "six figure" transfer fee and a hefty contract, there's pressure on him from day 1. He was an excellent signing for us, which is something I didn't think I'd be saying on the day he signed. I'd have loved for him to stay at Fir Park, but if he's had a better offer elsewhere and Motherwell have been suitably compensated, then I'll wish him all the best. I'll at least get a good laugh reading all the meltdowns and hilarious takes on Twitter dot com this afternoon!
  12. Tony Watt being in the squad for the game in Dingwall looks, ermm, unlikely.
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