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  1. I got a very late call to go into hospitality for this game. Was swithering on whether to take it until my Dad mentioned it was complimentary bevvy all day... It was one of the Skyboxes in the Main Stand. Guy hosting the room was a Hibs fan (no problem there) and after my Dad and I being the first guests there, he proceeds to tell us the seven other guests are all Aberdeen fans. Sensational scenes from the father & son from Motherwell in the post-match three course meal! Also, I think this match saved Grimshaw's Motherwell career. There were more than a few raised eyebrows when his name was announced in the starting XI, but he was incredible that day. He probably sealed his new contract that day and has gone on from strength to strength since.
  2. I'm pretty sure the initial plan was to have Mo Ross at right back and Hateley in that midfield role. f**k knows what made McCall change his mind. In saying that, who knows how things would have ended up had Gunning's shot went in.
  3. I was at the last game at Love Street (a drab 0-0 against Motherwell) and we only had half of the away end (Main Stand side) with St Mirren fans taking the other side.
  4. The away end at Love Street was magical. However, the fear you got at the top of the stairs, knowing you'd had a few pints pre-match and had to make your way to your seat, was an interesting feeling!
  5. Only one guy in that photo is actually a Motherwell boy, and he works for Rangers!
  6. Agree. A -7 point bonus should be in order, IMO.
  7. He was alright. Nothing more, nothing less. The fact we got a fair bit of cash for him isn't his fault, but it's also miraculous and Sheffield Utd's good turn with this makes me want them to do well. £400k! He seems be doing ok with Blackpool so fair play to him. We had a really good spell with our non-league buys around that time. Yes, there was a wee bit of shite, but Heneghan, Moult, Johnson & Bowman brought us the best part of £2m in transfer fees when you include Johnson's sell-on clause. I'm aware Bowman's fee was about £4.95 but he broke that Cream Bun's nose in the Semi Final. Top man. We've also had four years of Richard Tait being aw beautiful and hard as nails, while performing as a steady-Eddie full-back. Successful period all in, IMO.
  8. Scotland has what, about 20 full time teams? There is absolutely no chance of going above a 14 team top flight. Any bigger than that, then if you have one bad season and end up going down, you're dropping to effectively part time level. No chance any top flight team is voting for that. 14-10-10-10 will get the go-ahead, I assume.
  9. So the turnstiles to the old away end was at the end of the East Stand? Basically the bottom of the road that leads down the away stand now? Something I've never known (my first game was in '91, so while being at the Katowice game I have very little memory of the terracing behind the goals at that end).
  10. Random question, since I was walking past the back of the South Stand yesterday. Does anyone have any pictures of what that area used to look like, while it was still terracing? Meaning the actual turnstile bit. I dont think I've ever seen it, compared to the numerous amazing pictures of the iconic entrance where the Chapman building now stands.
  11. If this Mark Gillespie to Newcastle thing is true, do we praise him or criticise him? I mean, Jake Hastie got absolutely slaughtered for his move to Rangers last year (moving a bigger club, for far more money, but zero chance of actually playing football regularly). Gillespie, at 28 is going into his peak years and will be giving up at least a couple of those years to sit in the stands every Saturday.
  12. A matter of seconds before I was on to crack the same gag. Devastated.
  13. My soon to be 5-year-old daughter was absolutely buzzing when I told her I bought her first season ticket for "the big football stadium" Her enthusiasm dropped somewhat when I suggested it'll probably be after Christmas when she gets to her first game.
  14. Thanks for that horrible 2011 Scottish Cup Final flashback.
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