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  1. Every chance. As I've said elsewhere, I'll be amazed if Turnbull is still a Motherwell player by the beginning of September.
  2. I'm with Swello on this one. Don't get me wrong, I was one of the ones who liked Curtis Main, but to get a move to Aberdeen on the back of 3 goals in 31 games? His agent has played a blinder. If you think back to the 2018 SC Semi at Hampden, then big Curtis & Bad News Bowman absolutely ragdolled Arnasson & McKenna so maybe he wants to pair him up with Cosgrove next season and change the style a wee bit. I don't know. I wish him all the best. His performances in his first six months were great for us, but this season he looked like he would rather be anywhere else - he looked disinterested and frustrated. I was under the impression he wanted to head back down south but I suppose if Aberdeen come calling, it'll be difficult to turn down. It's not a signing that will take Aberdeen to a different level though.
  3. Summer transfers - 2019

    Was he the guy that was very highly rated as a teenager? Was he not linked with some of the big clubs down south? What happened to him?
  4. For your mates' sake, I hope they weren't "the Pather boys".
  5. Did you have a sore arse when you woke up from this encounter?
  6. Kilmarnock v Sevco 5088

    Indeed, and I had a lovely trip to Wales for the return leg where we won 3-0 and didn't get papped out. Those Welsh lads can play a bit! But, as @Squirrelhumper knows, I'm delighted for him and Killie for their upcoming Euro jaunt. Could be Wales, could be the arse end of Russia, but hopefully it's somewhere easily accessible.
  7. Kilmarnock v Sevco 5088

    Absolute #scenes when you get papped out by a Welsh team...
  8. Nancy, Llanelli (yes, it fucking counts!) and Valencia for me. I missed Athens as I'd just that week moved into a new flat so couldn't make it so was very determined to make the Levante game just after. Nancy was the trip of a lifetime. Bumping into just about every Motherwell fan you knew for three days, drinking the supermarkets dry. I also ordered myself a cheese & ham baguette, in French, in one of the proudest moments of my life! Merci, cunto! I spent the game itself hiding behind folk as the game was live on BBC One Scotland and I'd phoned in sick from work for the week! Some bounce about for the penalty save considering I don't think we got near their goal over the 90 minutes. Edit - Since my last European jaunt, I've got married and have a young family so I'm more than happy to wait, say, 10-15 years until the next one...
  9. Apologies to Killie & Livi fans for my mile-oot predictions for them. The rest weren't too bad. Bonus points for my McCann and Accies shouts.
  10. Be realistic. Comparing him to Edouard? Behave. He cost £9m a year ago is probably on not far off £20k a week at Celtic. Also, you can't look at a transfer between two English clubs and demand similar fees. They are on a different planet, fee wise, plus English players going to English clubs are always at a premium and go for 2x or 3x what they're actually worth. What you really should be looking at is Andy Robertson (£2.75m to Hull) and Ryan Gauld (£3m to Lisbon) when they left Scotland. Exceptional young Scottish players, the same as Turnbull is. Ultimately though, Motherwell aren't in a position to turn down £2m for a player and let him "see out his contract", or demand £5m plus. This isn't Football Manager. That's fucking insanity. If we can get a wee bit more than £2m then great, but for me the key is to get a sell-on clause included. IMO, Turnbull can go to the very top, so 15% of a crazy English transfer fee three or four years down the line will be very fucking tasty. Burrows, Lasley etc aren't daft. These recent tweets, and articles in the paper, are marketing ploys. I have no doubts we will be actively trying to sell him this summer following the recent press and awards he's received but at the same time, I now have trust in those in charge at the club to get a very, very good deal for all parties.
  11. Let's be honest. I'd be astounded if there isn't a host of clubs willing to throw a couple of million at Motherwell to take him. It's pocket money to clubs down in England and it's not exactly a massive risk. I don't think he'll play for Motherwell again, and it's a shame he missed out on his hat-trick today.
  12. Am I too late to nominate this as Post of the Season? Sensational work, sir.
  13. Am I right in saying Ben Heneghan played once (an FA Cup game) for Sheffield Utd? £400k for him was an outstanding piece of business. Generally, the sell-on clause is on the profit the buying club (in this case, Sheff Utd) makes, so I can't see anyone shelling out half a million plus for Heneghan, even in the bat-shit world of the EFL, to make it worthwhile for us. For all you have clubs like Derby spunking £8m (EIGHT MILLION POUNDS, lads) on Martyn Waghorn, you've got Bolton going to the wall.
  14. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    The only other one I can think of is Deportivo overturning a, I think, 4-1 deficit against AC Milan by winning 4-0 at home circa 2001. That was a superb Milan side as well.