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  1. Polworth is a very good player for our level. Turnbull was miles and miles ahead of anyone at our level, which bizarrely makes it difficult to get the very best out of them at times. Similarly to when Faddy left first time around, we'll be better as a team when the exceptional talent moves on. We got £3m plus for Turnbull and we brought back in the guy who was instrumental in our 3rd place finish to replace him. Win win all round. TL:DR version - what @Gianfranco just said...
  2. If Carson ends up out long term that would be fucking horrendous. Obviously for us as a team, but for him personally would be awful. I really hope it's not a serious injury, he really doesn't deserve that after just getting back into our team and his national team's.
  3. Big fan of the virus if it means Lamie isn't playing.
  4. Just over 3/1 for a County win as it stands...
  5. I live very close to Fir Park. I'm quite tempted to self-isolsate now.
  6. It was a daft, given his position, and incorrect (IMO) statement to make from Mo Ross. I'm sure the club will be somewhat embarrassed by it. However, it's not the first time, and I'm sure won't be the last that a club employee says something a bit daft. I mean, remember that time Tony Fitzpatrick said St Mirren were a Top 6 club?
  7. Shite that the game was postponed but as others have said, with O'Donnell & Gallagher just off of three internationals in a week and Mugabe injured, it might not be the worst thing in the world from a Motherwell perspective. I'm pretty sure the majority of Premiership clubs will have these issues over the course of the season, it's just extremely unfortunate that we've been adversely affected, through no fault of our own, in consecutive games. As @craigkillie has mentioned, there's plenty of midweeks to get these games played when all are available. Hopefully all the St Mirren lads are OK and are back on the training pitch as soon as safely possible. Still, unbeaten in October eh?
  8. I think I'd risk the Covid for lunch at the Wimpy. Motherwell town centre has never been the same since Wimpy left.
  9. Assuming he didn't find a suitable barber in the area.
  10. It's Deadline Day so fully expect @supermarv to be on his way!
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