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  1. I think it was the Icelandic boy they had but two bonus points for remembering George Newell was a thing. Fucking hell. As for tonight, 3-1 to the Dons.
  2. We used to get the stand behind the goals and we've been in the old stand a few times but the last couple of times I've been there it's been the Husband stand with the weird segregation/or not set up. I've only ever been to Firhill three times to watch Motherwell, however each time has been in a different decade and each time I've been in a different stand. 1997 - Partick 0-2 Motherwell (Jackie Husband Stand) 2005 - Partick 3-0 Motherwell (Behind the goals) 2017 - Partick 3-2 Motherwell (Main Stand)
  3. I'd just like to applaud @YassinMoutaouakil for both spending time thinking of those XI's (excellent sides one and all) and the sensational creative licence to stick Tom Hateley in the Rest of the World XI. It took me a while to click on.
  4. Probably not, which is why Craigan got in for his first couple of years for the decade. I'd certainly have Craigan ahead of McManus, and probably just ahead of Aldred. Kipre was a good player, but he was raw, inexperienced and will go down as a Motherwell cult hero, as opposed to a Motherwell great.
  5. It's an interesting read checking out everyone's opinions. We've been lucky to have had some proper players over the last 10 years. If you take emotion out of it, and look purely on their ability and their contribution to Motherwell, Tom Hateley and Nicky Law should absolutely be in that team. I mean, Richard Tait is a beautiful b*****d, hard as nails and his burd is tidy as, but you cannot seriously tell me he's a better player than Hateley. Not having that. Also, Keith Lasley was an average Scottish top flight midfielder. No more, no less. He wasn't in the top 25 players we've had this decade. I love the man to bits though. I completely understand the doubt over Turnbull's inclusion but I picked him in my side. Central midfield wasn't the area where we were overly blessed in the decade, and Turnbull chipped in with 15 goals from about 35 games while absolutely running the show. That's phenomenal numbers, however, I wouldn't argue with anyone who says Allan Campbell is more entitled to inclusion. Harsh on BJS up top, but you cannot dispute Higdon as the no.1 striker of the decade. Also, following on from @crazylegsjoe's point, if you're treating this an actual team, then Sutton & Higdon wouldn't really work as a front two. Moult would then get the nod, just ahead of Ojamaa. Finally, and again from another of Joe's points, Scott McDonald is, for me, undoubtedly our most important player of the 21st Century. He dragged us away from relegation three times across two spells (you could argue two of these were done almost single handed), banked us over £600k when we needed it, as well as mentoring the likes of Erwin and Moult (who in turn brought in circa £1m in transfer/development fees). A wee b*****d? 100%, but some bloody player.
  6. A valid theory, but considering we've not had a single bid for him in the 18 months he's been at Fir Park, why would clubs throw money at us for a player they can get for nothing in a couple of months? I'm absolutely delighted that Carson is staying, but I'm somewhat reluctant to change the goalkeeper at this point when really, there's no reason to do so. Gillespie is, rightly, the no.1 at this point. We're third in the League, going well so unless there's a clear drop in form he should continue in goal.
  7. It's also a fair while since Busta was a 30-year-old...
  8. To be fair, what he said was bang on. We made a huge profit in the last financial year, and we spent a fair bit of it on Boyle/Hutchinson, new scoreboard, Main Stand upkeep and internal redecoration, new roof on the East Stand etc. Looking forward to the Celtic/Rangers fans on Twitter saying the drop in ticket revenue (due to us not being at Hampden four times) is actually because we cut their allocation by about 1000 six months ago...
  9. Carson signs a new contract until 2022. Tremendous news! I mean, I suppose we can read between the lines that means Gillespie is offski, but what a replacement to come back in!
  10. Unless that someone was Davie Turnbull then you're next two paragraphs are irrelevant. Like others have said, it'll take at least 4-6 weeks of full training before he's anywhere near the first team. I doubt he'll be near the side before the split. Even with just over 12 months left on his deal, he's still worth at least a million quid to us. We'll be very careful with him.
  11. I disliked the only option was 4-4-2. I'd go for 4-3-3. Randolph. Hateley, Craigan, Hutchinson, Hammell. Law, Jennings, Turnbull. Ainsworth, Higdon, Murphy.
  12. When was the last time we went 18 league games without drawing? Is there such a time?
  13. an absolutely astonishing amount of steaming folk that night (I include John Boyle in that). What a trip!
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