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  1. Beechwood Park has had many nominations on this thread. Maybe 25 years ago that wouldn't have been the case. This is a testimony to all the hard work put in by the committee and our supporters. All done free of charge and done for the love of the club. I hope all these people who contributed feel as proud as a lion when they see the ground now. Well done to all concerned. Of course it's not just Talbot who have these magnificent men and women driving their clubs on. I take my hat off to all of you.
  2. It was freezing up there and sometimes impossible to play football due to the wind. I remember one game where I just stood there laughing as it was so outrageous. Fond memories indeed.
  3. 1. Beechwood Park Auchinleck. ( for obvious reasons and the best playing surface Had to be done.:-) ) 2. Station Park. 3. Blair Park 4. Prestonfield 5. Tinto Park 5th equal. Westfield Park. Only been there once but I liked it.
  4. It's not too bad but was expecting something a bit more intellectual, thanks very much.:-)
  5. We have already had the grotesque statement several times, lets have something new:-)))))
  6. How many other poster names you got fantasist rapist?
  7. Never received a 2nd message. Let's hear then.
  8. Orainn is a sorry excuse of a human being.
  9. In a big country dreams stay with you.
  10. Jeezo are you all in bed together.:-)
  11. So you want to continue with the abuse then. PM me.
  12. Do you and Supras suck each other off?
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