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  1. That Brandon Williams does not look good enough. Gave the ball away too cheaply. The De Gea.....again.......awful
  2. A Gentleman in Moscow - 8/10. A good read. Sole burner but really enjoyed it in the end. Interesting premise about someone under house arrest in a hotel. After 100 pages had no idea where the story could have gone in the next 350 but kept me engaged all the way through. Highly recommend but get the feeling it wouldn't be for everyone.
  3. I have a few that I listen to regularly. There are the ones that I don't need to say anything about like The Terrace etc. Others I am currently enjoying are: You're Dead to Me - Taking a historic event or person and getting a historian and comedian to talk about it. Easy listening and informative. We have ways of making you talk: WW2 podcast with James Holland and Al Murray. I do not find Al Murray funny as the pub landlord but this is again informative and light hearted on a very large topic. Also been listing to lots of NFL podcasts and stuff from the ringer too.
  4. Turnover when off their feet. Then not rolling away. f**k right off. A bit of justice that the kick was missed. Worried about the second half when playing into the wind more.
  5. A good clean sheet for the blues. Only the second of the season. Common factor seems to be the absence of Jamie Hamill. I wonder if that is a coincidence?
  6. Don't have a squad size that allows too much rotation. Due to injuries only 4 on the bench Saturday.
  7. Oh I know no one had an issue. Just reaffirming my happiness
  8. It does indeed. One foot straying off. Ah well. I am still pretty happy with my fud assessment of Sutton...
  9. Dear god. What a pathetic decision.
  10. Reminds me a bit of Ryder Hesjedal. Won first grand tour at 32. Had one top 10 finish in a grand tour prior to the win. Came from a mountain biking background. Thomas from a track background. One thing that seems unusual is Britain have gone from having never won (or really looked like winning) a grand tour, to utter domination with a 6th win in 7 years upcoming.
  11. What was Andrew Mcdonald like for you last season? A signing to be excited about?
  12. Brilliant result - confirming safety for another season. Delighted to have a few weeks without pressure. Stevie has done a brilliant job in the last few months with everything that has been going on
  13. I wouldn't have thought Stranraer losing would cause us not to put up highlights.....otherwise about half the time there would be nothing. I would guess that the person who donates their skill (and time) to produce the highlights may not have been at the game.
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