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  1. Listening to the highlights we are signing Jack Baker who played against Cowden and Forfar. I had heard we were only going to sign him if it was confirmed the Curtis injury was long term so sounds like be is maybe back to Killie for rehab etc.
  2. Started both halves very poorly...…hopefully grow into the second half like the first.
  3. What is this commentators problem. Like Scotland are the only country where a couple of players are born outwith the country.
  4. Well said. I can understand wanting to play for a manger who you trust and have played for before. Potentially getting a payrise, likely having to travel less on a week to week basis etc. Also difficult to make a judgement on a decision based on a game so early in the season. I was not at the game yesterday however from what I have heard it was a good performance from us and a much needed home victory. Sounds like we played well for the second consecutive week and were able to find the back of the net at home for the first time. As the season goes on we seem to be evolving our play and starting to gel and hopefully this bodes well, especially with some of the players who have been injured/isolating coming back and giving us options.
  5. Djokovic in being an absolute arsehole shocker.
  6. Out of interest, in regards to the future at right back, Patterson seems to be the big hope, but how much potential does Calvin Ramsay have? Is this going to be a position where we have multiple young options in a few years time?
  7. He was on the bench on Saturday. so presumably has signed some sort of contract.
  8. Takes the first set. Looked pretty decent so far. Just so nice to see him play Wimbledon again.
  9. The Raith stream named the Stranraer line up. The 3 trialists appeared to be named as Rennie, Henderson and Irving. Any ideas as to who they could be?
  10. Definitely some fine tuning with it needed, maybe only at certain time periods or for certain things like foul play/ball grounding? My understanding is it is only for certain things (in the first 75 minutes) and that it is only for foul play or an infringement that has led to a try. Unless it is in the last 5 minutes in which case you can challenge any decision?
  11. Didn't think you could split from a maul like Racing did there?
  12. Stuart Hogg looks to have hurt his knee today for Exeter. Hopefully not too serious......he stayed on for about 5 minutes after it happened so presumably not too bad.
  13. Doug Pederson binned by the Eagles.....a bit surprising given only a few seasons from the Superbowl win but suppose a big regression in the QB play and sounds like ownership not convinced by his plan to turn around the team. Would not surprise me if he is back in work real quick.....with the Jets being linked for months already (saw talk of potential trade that is no longer needed) due to relationship with GM. Whats everyones thoughts? I would think it would be a decent hire.
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