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  1. Looking forward to this tomorrow. Driving through after work, any Kelty fans able to advise where is best to park?
  2. Cyprus, absolutely wid.
  3. Whoever gets the job I’d like it to be someone who has had no prior link to the club. A fresh start is needed.
  4. If I remember correctly Iwelumo had started the season very well with Wolves who were top of the championship and Boyd was in and out of the Rangers team, being left on the bench regularly for the bigger games. It’s completely understandable why Burley opted for Iwelumo. Then as we know Boys refuses to play, makes his comeback as a substitute against the Czechs. Starts again Liechtenstein and plays a stinker, gets subbed after an hour or so and never plays for Scotland again. Scored a few goals against a few diddy nations and far from the worst player to play for Scotland but was still nowhere near good enough to have had a longer Scotland career.
  5. Something like the recent Croatia team would be a realistic dream IMO (not suggesting we will get to a World Cup final) especially if more players keep moving abroad. Just say in the next 5 years or so you had Tierney at Arsenal, Gilmour at Chelsea, Hickey and Hepburn at Bayern. Then perhaps a core of players playing at random clubs such as Everton, Hoffenheim, Fiorentina etc. Always felt sticking to the UK is something that has held the home nations back.
  6. He works as a community police officer Monday-Friday so work commitments shouldn’t get in the way. The thing I liked about Irons during his first time at the club was he understood the types of players needed to be successful. His recruitment was excellent in his first spell so hopefully it will be this time around as our recruitment has been poor for a couple of seasons now.
  7. Right back? Get him called up.
  8. Key players signed up and deadwood moved on. Pleasing stuff. Only players not mentioned are Duthie and Scoop, would assume both have been offered deals. We have a decent spine of a team and hopefully Colin can add more quality to it and we can challenge for the title next year.
  9. While finishing 9th I’ve enjoyed this season. Mainly due to bodying Falkirk in the cup and then getting a draw with Aberdeen.
  10. Enjoyable as always. For Scottish Football Coverage at 11 on a Friday I can’t complain. I coach at Stenhousemuir and seen them filming the goalkeeper segment from last night and was wondering what the hell was going on when I was down. Also that Patrick song was shite and made me cringe yet it’s stuck in my head and I’ve watched the video of it in YouTube several times.
  11. Think we need to win 3/5 minimum to have any chance. Been a few times now this season I’ve thought that’s it we’re done and then it looks optimistic again.
  12. I'm not confident of us taking 4 points from Cyprus never mind Russia. I really hate being this negative about a campaign but I can't think of anything positive to say.
  13. Not having a dig at Tierney but the amount of games he's missed has only highlighted how daft it was for McLeish to try an shoehorn both Robertson and Tierney in the same team. My main reason for hating that formation as it prevented Fraser and Forrest from playing in their best position. Tierney has obviously played a lot of games so has picked up injuries, just hope he doesn't end up injury prone and fails to reach his potential.
  14. Away goals counting double in extra time. Personally I would get rid of the away goals rule completely but I think it’s ridiculous that a team can have an extra half hour to score one. Especially when they claim the home team for the second leg have an advantage.
  15. Buzzing with the draw, chance to cross another ground off the list.
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