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  1. Have you tried Ebay? You should easily pick up an older Laptop for less than £40. The battery will probably be shite as with most older ones. You could easily bag one installed with XP on it.
  2. I know some folk like to cool the roast first but banging that steaming hot pile of perfectly seasoned piece of meat onto the table certainly opens a few eyes a bit wider. Smell of it still crackling in the roasting tray straight from the oven. The there's the embarrassment of not cooking it long enough and has to go back in the oven for a while longer and the rest of the roast dinner has to lay out or get reheated. The looks on peoples faces says it all. I think I know the bits you are talking about it? The crispy bits and the fatty bits? An extra smothering of gravy usually does it for me.
  3. I love having a roast on a Sunday. I just log into P&B and post on it. I do love a roast dinner on a Sunday but in the modern world it is slowly becoming a lost art. Too much work to slam a piece of meat into an oven for an hour or so, lazy bassas. The smell of the meat cooking wafting it's aroma around the house can be a sensory overload, I usually cut small tasters off pretending to see if it has been seasoned enough. Basting the prized piece of tender meat and tending to if often, hmmmmmmmm. Sometimes served with butter mash as well as roast potatoes. Sometimes with puff pastry or Yorkshire puddings. Sometimes we modernise the roast to bring it up to date by trying out new ways to cook the veg and also experimenting with the gravy. Sometimes we screw it up and others we totally enjoyed. You really can't beat a roast to bring the family together especially on a Sunday. It's what families are made of.
  4. At such a crucial stage to the start of the new season I'd have thought some stability in the first team would be the most important. First team playing the early games in the campaign and then resting when fatigue becomes a determining factor. There is nae depth to cover injuries or suspensions especially in defence. The clubs defensive options are dire for the wage bill at the club. Surely to f**k the club can fork out for a big name defender and shore up the back and take the pressure of the youngsters getting thrown to the wolves so to speak. And rotating the squad this early won't have any beneficial effect imo, it will weaken moral if the results don't happen by dropping players for bigger games when al they want to do is play until they can't any more. Boyata could be a fucking bomb scare in Athens because he hasn't had game time with the squad and he might implode thinking he is one of the worlds bestest defenders and then getting sent off trying to clean up his huge shite on the park. Result against Hearts, so Brendan got it wrong on so many levels and got duly punished.
  5. The teams become static from little or no competition for places, I think the curse of not bringing in new players to a title winning side is starting to rear it's ugly head. f**k knows what the boards ambitions are at the moment with what little activity the club has been involved in, and by that I mean linked to players at least. I don't think the tactics the team are playing suits the players, they need to be more direct imo. Too much fannying about looking for that all incisive cutting pass, having possession is key but doing feck all with it other than pass it around the back and oppositions box for minutes isn't pretty. From the AEK I went to there were numerous occasions players could have tried to go to the by line to beat an AEK player but they played it safe. No c**t wanted to really counter attack when AEK lost possession in the Celtic half. Something has to happen either injury free first team for months or more quality players coming to get them sure first team picks to play better.
  6. Wasn't what I meant though. More akin to brothers in arms type post.
  7. Yes I read some of yer wee teams posts, as a quick summary of the total content it reads as "motherwell are fucking shite and nae chance of winning anything other than relegation" and then onto here and it's a proddy love in "You are the people and I hope Rangers win everything and beat everyone". Does that include yer wee team by the way?
  8. The fucking state of you ffs. So what's yer response to your team being the shittiest team in the league beaten by your bitter rivals leaving yer team in the shite drop zone? You'll post on the Sevco threads showing up who your real big team is because they are winning and your team is getting relegated. You must be an utterly broken little man.
  9. Not long back from the hospital with Mrs Hellbhoy. Thankfully she can't remember the punches and kicking before she fell down the stairs breaking many bones on the way to completing a triple somersault because the banister caught her ankle and dislocated it. Joking aside though? Craig Leiven has got the measure of Rodger's in every aspect. His team out muscled and out fought Brendan's weakened side. f**k knows what going through Rodger's head rotating the squad this early in the season? It clearly isn't strong enough in depth and we are only a few games into the new season, surely best to field the strongest 11 and then start to rest players when the team is firing on all cylinders and things are going well. Well done Hearts, top of the table. c***s.
  10. Depends on his budget though and he hasn't posted how fucking shit he wants the laptop to be yet either. Most likely a fad based on nostalgia at once playing it often only to throw the game in the bin after he remembers how shit it is compared to the newer manager sims.
  11. Funnily enough I had just watched that documovie about the Commodore corporation.
  12. I think because he is looking for an old laptop that a virtual machine will only end up chewing up too many resources basically running two operating systems at the same time. Most likely i3 territory there. If the laptop isn't powerful enough it will slow down and get sluggish and start to stutter making gaming a nightmare. I suggested XP pro because it is the OS the game was designed for. This is the path of least resistance if it is only to play one game and nowt else then getting a copy of XP pro isn't all that hard all on the net. I have a corporate serial he could activate it genuinely with. I also threw out there the Windows 7 corporate edition if Dindy is possibly wanting to go online as well as gaming. This particular version comes with a virtual XP machine built in and avoids any conflicts as it is part of the OS itself. Doesn't work as a separate virtual machine in a windowed box and uses the Windows 7 main user interface. I use this operating system myself because I have expensive software designed for XP and this Windows 7 version allows me to use that software on Windows 7 without having to use an emulator or virtual software.
  13. ? Are you suggesting I am lying to you? I may act like a fud elsewhere on the forum but I do share my extensive computing knowledge as Mr X will vouch for. I can help sort you out if your new laptop needs sorted to play your game. I also use an older Manager sim LMA 2007, has given me many many hours of unadulterated fun away from the missus.
  14. Things are starting to get serious in here. The videos and gifs of past triumphs getting an airing. Popcorn at the ready for the fighting heads gone talk tomorrow.
  15. Horrendous challenge by May & Flann? Excellent spin-doctoring NoB and a whiff of flannel there at the end methinks.
  16. Aw!, was that all it was then? Just a bit of harmless jovial banter, my mistake. Here was me thinking it was some fanny deliberately trying hard to cause trouble by stirring up the Orc horde and I should just forget about all the other comments that read as hatred and bile from the Sevco mob like "No the 1st time wan o them touched up a boy", & "Hunt these mutant rhat b*****ds doon and out them" & "Somebody post their details online so we can all bombard the c**t wi everything". Thanks guys, it all makes sense now.
  17. It's just banter ffs. Genuine question?, is there at any point where the coefficient would mean anything at all to you? Would you be impressed if our clubs rose up the rankings near the top ten and got extra places? Or would you revel in the dwindling coefficient so that we get less clubs competing in it and less chances of progressing getting the bigger teams early?
  18. You can use any laptop as long as you only install Windows XP or Windows 7 professional onto it. If you get an old laptop pre XP redundancy you will definitely get MB drivers from it's manufacturer's website no problem. If you don't have XP I can help you out how to get a copy that's a corporate edition and only needs to be activated genuinely by a 20 digit code key offline. If you get offered a Windows 7 laptop it has to be the corporate version and not any other kind of Windows 7 product. I say corporate because it has a virtual XP OS program running in the background for XP programs. The corporate was created so that companies could use their expensive software made for XP and could be transferred onto the newer Windows 7 platform for easier transition to the newer OS when XP was to be phased out. It's backwards compatible but not the Ultimate version or any other Windows 7 version. Both the 32 bit & 64 bit Windows 7 corporate will do. You can also create a dual boot system if your new laptop has any other kind of OS. Use it for CM01/02 and any other time on the other OS to go online.
  19. Your contribution to this thread is just like your clubs contribution to the countries coefficient MT. Absolutely nothing. Get over it mate, it was nearly ten years ago. Although the crappy results from QoS that season may have had a contribution to being the death nail to Rangers FC.s epic failure to Maribor by lowering the coefficient to the level they might have got an easier club than Maribor if the coefficient was a fraction higher.
  20. Of course they do ya dopey c**t. Just like your clubs owners do when? do you actually go to Tynecastle? If not then I see why I'm not making an arse of myself in the Hearts thread posting to you "wheres your money gone?" I accept there's been a lack of improvement the squad from last season. But it's a double treble winning side ffs. The club has stopped buying loads of hopefuls in the off chance one comes good. I'm glad the club isn't buying just for the sake of it but it doesn't mean they have no money to spend, but the lack of transfer activity to even be linked to a player is a bit of a pisser but it's a team that should pump Hearts easy, on paper that is.
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