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    Apparently the The Rangers fans would have you believe it's Rangers Rangers and wait for it ? Rangers LOL
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About Me

Just a football fan and only interested in the sport.

Can take a slagging if my team lose but dish it back if needed :D.

I wish the game was as fair as possible as victory would mean so much more than expecting to win.

Love my national team no matter which player from what team is playing,the lower league the national player and we beat Brazil the better I would feel :thumsup2.

C'mon the Scots get intae them.

I dearly would love a better support league and fcuk the TV deal because that would really be fan power based leagues.

I cheer on all Scottish teams in Europe and even the rankers as I'm a good supporter of Scottish football as a whole.

Arch rival Rangers obviously but cheer them in Europe until they reach a final then I am suddenly a supporter of whatever the other team is har fooking har har.

ICT and Ross County are a revelation in Scottish football WHY ! no-one would have thought years ago that 2 highland clubs would be having a derby day in the premier division.

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