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  1. And so were you ya banger. There really only was one choice tonight. Watch Celtic go through some bowel movements with Killie or watch on BT with my sports package a game that had something to play for and was a derby and had 3 goals in it. Most importantly could have affected Sevco's European failure campaign by pinning their hopes on Celtic doing the double treble. It was a no brainer Benny.
  2. Didn't know the fixture had changed venue?
  3. Killie didn't need to park the bus, two poles at each end of the goal line would've been enough. Was a mehhhhhh fixture really. Nothing to play for for both teams and was just a gentlemanly kick about with the cigars oot.
  4. They were choking to find out the Hibs score.
  5. Exciting game so far, in the Hertz v Hibs handbag derby that is.
  6. Winner of the league gets f**k aw then?
  7. That was totally embarrassing from Doncaster, the same c**t that fucked us over for £1 million more from Setanta and basically slapped Sky in the face after they had offered a more secure sponsorship than Setanta. From the posts on this thread MT could do a better job than Doncaster in totally fucking up any good deal in the future.
  8. You're a bit late. http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/topic/315753-conspiracy-anyone/ Remember Jakes Pal anyone?
  9. Thanks, genuinely found that funny.
  10. Will McInnes ever learn to build teams to pressure and attack Celtic & Sevco. It's almost as if he builds them to defend against them. Either that or he actually can deflate a team by giving them a depressed pep talk before or at half-time. He needs to install that winning mentality into his players or buy players that have attacking abilities.
  11. Disgrace of Scottish TV rights

    End of season 2020. BT expected to be sole broadcaster after that with sums being punted at in excess of £31 million in prize money each year.
  12. And I thought I was having a bad night! 3 teams still mathematically in it Benny. A draw at Tynecastle tomorrow and it's heliflopter Sunday for two clubs and best of the rest to the victor. Still a bit of a nail biter for some.
  13. Battle for 2nd is getting real tasty. Guaranteed multiple meltdowns and synchronised cranial detachments everywhere as the week progresses.
  14. OK, fair point MT. I'd rather see the game prosper as a whole. Others wish a differing solution? I'd rather see our clubs get decent runs in Europe possibly close to the quarter final stages every other year. To me it just makes more economic sense in every sense. Lastly, quite possible Celtic can f**k next seasons European campaign very early on. Shit happens, do enjoy, I won't lose any sleep over it.
  15. Excellent swing and a miss if I do say so Fernando Mageelos and looks like the best one you've done this season.