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  1. Dumbarton Goalkeepers Brett Long Harry Broun Defenders Gregor Buchanan Aron Lynas Edin Lynch Ryan McGeever Martin McNiff Midfielders Ryan Blair Stuart Carswell Joe McKee Callum Wilson David Wilson Gregg Wylde Forwards Ally Love Ross MacLean Kalvin Orsi Ryan Wallace Declan Byrne
  2. Any guesses on who the strikers we’re speaking to might be?
  3. If you include Instagram and WhatsApp, that’s true.
  4. Quite strange to see Chris Hamilton doing so well at a much higher level than he played with us. Granted, he was played out of position, but I didn't see him going on to have any kind of success above League 1. Similar to Scott Allardice, who looked bang average for us.
  5. Sadly I'm based in London and boycotting the Rock until Farrell is gone. I'll come up for the game at Stenny, purely for Tim Horton's, so pencil fisticuffs in for then!
  6. I'm absolutely up for re-igniting the mid noughties Sons-Stenny beef! Only issue is we'll be flirting with the bad playoff while you're at the other end of the table. Last beef I had on here was with @1320Lichtie and he decided to go big time in the Championship, the big smokie fanny!
  7. Aye, and we overcome it by winning the league. Dirty Cowdenbeath still managed to steal their way up though.
  8. Hi guys. It’s us, Dumbarton football club. I remember last time we were relegated to this league, you were giving it big licks about winning the title and you finished even below us. All the best.
  9. Tbf he won’t be the difference in how we do this season. Im happy to give him a chance. I’d never boo or give abuse to anyone in a Dumbarton strip. The manger is a different ball game, for me, though.
  10. I’d have probably kept Muir, tbh, but wasn’t devastated he went. He won’t be the difference while donkey brains is still in charge, anyway.
  11. Tbf, was he any worse than Wylde (who was dished out a 2 year deal)? I’m quite tempted to go up to Workington to tell Faz what I think of him. The owners, the board and him are going to be the end of this club.
  12. I see we’ve listed MacLean as a striker on the OS. I don’t like that. Also, I was speaking to one of the best players in this league today and he said Lynas is absolutely hopeless. He reckoned Blair could be decent, though, in contrast to what others have said, so make of that what you will.
  13. You’re absolutely right, well remembered!
  14. Also, does Farrell’s interview mean we’ll be operating with a squad of 17?! Maybe we’ll be relying on the exciting new youth setup, beyond that.
  15. I remember him being really decent on an early 2000’s version of LMA manager. Then again, so was Danny McKelvie.
  16. Feels like we’re clearly strongest in Midfield and the Goalkeeper. We could potentially be decent at centre half, if McGeever is still the same player and Buchanan became the player he was in his first spell (IMO he needs Mr Burns to tell him to get rid of those side burns). Interesting you’ve gone for McNiff over him! A Championship Carsy showing up wouldn’t hurt either, but maybe if we pair him with someone creative that will help. As pointed out, Hutton, Wedderburn and Paton didn’t help him. Full back and striker the obvious weak spots.
  17. As BBPF said, really weird that we seem to use FB above all other social media. Absolutely nobody uses it anymore. Then again, I suppose that is who this board and ownership appeal to.
  18. Is it just me or does Farrell look pissed off in that interview? Must be reading P&B again. Hiya Stevie. Please resign.
  19. I was worried about this too, but Jan put my mind at rest a bit, given Farrell released Jones with us last season. Can anyone bring themselves to imagine what the starting 11 is going to look like?
  20. That’s around my birthday. That would be a nice present.
  21. Oh, we’ve got another one on Twitter saying how great a job the board are doing! Honestly, the IQ of some of our fans
  22. I see we’re already getting some of the “we’re in L2, who do you expect us to be signing?” chat on social media. Maybe some players that would be capable of getting us out of it (at the right end).
  23. Both, I reckon. When you’re coming out with stuff like “double figures for the past 4 seasons” and “we’ll be challenging for the title with the players we’re signing” you really have to back it up. I reckon he’ll start distancing us from being title challengers pretty early on. Could see him also repeating the “you need players that know this league” line as an excuse for signing mediocrity. I wouldn’t fancy the board to sack him at any point this season, though.
  24. That gives us a squad of 15. Presumably the rest will be Henning’s Scandinavian wonderkids.
  25. For a minute I thought that second paragraph was also a quote from Farrell.
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