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  1. Anyone got some spare bedsheets for a “Henning out, Board out, Farrell out” banner?
  2. Yep, it would be absolutely par for the course if they’ve had a temper tantrum and decided to block comments. If that is what’s happened, I don’t think a sufficient answer to the Trust letter will be forthcoming…
  3. There’s probably nothing in it, I’m just looking for a reason to complain. That said, the people who run the club are absolutely clueless in every sense. As already mentioned in the thread, we used to have a really good social media presence, until the fannies in charge ruined that. Now any kind of patter is absolutely non-existent and been replaced with North-Korean state-tv. I hope the season ticket sales have put the serious fear into them.
  4. Interesting. What were the comments they were deleting? It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s to stem any negative comments re Farrell and the board. That seems like the kind of thing those diddies on the board would be concerned about. Rather than our imminent descent to the Lowland League.
  5. Has anyone else noticed that the club have changed the Twitter settings so that no one can comment on their tweets anymore?
  6. I don’t think I’ve ever gone into a new season with less optimism, or actually wanting the manager binned. Was too young for the Fallon era and although there were question marks over Aitken in L1, we were title favourites and looked to have a decent side. I wonder how quickly it’ll be before the title is gone and the chat shifts to “we can’t sack him because we’re in contention for the playoffs/it’s too far into the season”.
  7. Stanger and Farrell share the same agent, remember. If this guy’s been able to sell Farrell to clubs, it’s no wonder he’s bagged Stanger a Championship gig.
  8. Shame the friendly isn’t in the South. Could’ve gone and thrown some of the shitey English pies at them.
  9. “"It would also be an away day for the players and a chance for them to have a few beers after the game before the competitive action starts” What is this guy on?!
  10. That’s probably it, but it’s still a bit strange how quiet it’s been this week. If the player is Docherty, though, I’ll be pretty happy if he goes somewhere else. We don’t need to be signing anyone else who’s past it or because they’re pals with the management team. I still think it’s all meaningless while he remains in charge, though. Nothing will change next season. It’ll be the same performances and same patter in the post-match interviews. I won’t be at a home game while he’s still there. I’ll make sure I’m at one of the first away games to make my voice heard, though.
  11. It breaks my heart that I'm feeling like this. I keep feeling like I'm going to cave in and buy one. I'm determined not to though. I've actually been giving it some thought and I'll probably buy a half season ticket at Christmas time. I think the season will go one of three ways. We'll be absolute guff and Farrell will be gone by October, we'll be brilliant and scooshing it by December (and I'll be wiping egg from my face) or we'll be mid table mediocrity. Only the latter would see me continue without a st. I will still go to the games when the season starts but only as a patg fan. I'm not paying upfront while he's still in charge. I can definitely relate to that. I’d love to buy one, but I think the only leverage the fans have is to withhold it. The thing is, whether Farrell somehow succeeds and proves us all wrong, or they bin him, there are still huge answers the board need to give with regards to the Trust letter.
  12. That’s really sad to hear, but what other recourse have the board left the fans with? I’m not surprised you binned them.
  13. Now hear me out, I’ve probably lost it, but maybe, just maybe, they have put him signing anyone else on hold because they are panicking about the season ticket sales and are having second thoughts about keeping him… Nah, I’ve definitely lost the plot.
  14. Absolute fantasyland stuff from the club to think anyone is going to buy the parking or premier club packages under this board.
  15. Don’t suppose anyone’s heard how the season ticket sales are going?
  16. She’s confronted me at a game before actually. The reason being, I mentioned on FB that it was quite strange to go and watch ex players over your own team, yet say others weren’t real fans for wanting Aitken gone.
  17. Speaking of McGeever, does anyone know the status with his injury?
  18. He’s quite similar to Aitken in that regard. Aitken brought some great players in. Dom Thomas right before he was sacked, for instance.
  19. The board have shown total contempt and disregard for the fans, and more worryingly seem to buy into the owners. They need a massive wake up call, and if it takes season ticket sales to do it, then so be it.
  20. I’d imagine he’ll be our highest earner. Maybe people will disagree with me here, but I think the season expectations (from the board to Farrell) have absolutely got to be set at win the league. Obviously that’s not what I think we will come anywhere near to doing, but given Farrell was allowed to stay on (and will be backed with a more-than-decent budget again), there should be big pressure on him from the board to deliver that.
  21. Unless he’s signed for someone else, which I haven’t heard, I think there’s a good chance we’ll see Tommy Muir added to the squad this week.
  22. It would be very disappointing if the manager hadn’t learnt from Boyle and Geggan last season.
  23. A bit surprised Stanger has full-time offers.
  24. Ah, possibly the defender away on the stag then!
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