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  1. Dundee at home 2013, Gary Irvine, already on a yellow, commits another foul and runs away to the opposite side of the pitch. Barry Cook then yellow cards the wrong Dundee player for the offence. That’s the one I was thinking of!!
  2. Fairly sure there was also a game at home where we lost 1-0 when Prunty missed a penalty (his first touch since coming on), where he booked the wrong guy - the correct booking should’ve gone to a player already on a yellow. There was also the ref bottling giving Chris Kane a pen in the last minute of the 2-1 title decider at Dens. Though, we might not have gotten out of Dundee alive if he gave that…
  3. I did find it funny that a Dundee fan posted a clip of the incident on Twitter (I think in response to Jan) from a different angle, claiming it showed it was a red
  4. Do we get the money back from the appeal, given it was successful?
  5. I never really understood that reasoning from Historic Scotland. ”Nope, we mustn’t give the fans anything nice to look at during the game”.
  6. Any more word on Wright being back from injury? I think Jan had quoted Faz as saying they'd hoped 7-10 days out, which would make him available for next week? We could do with getting Ramsbottom out of the starting lineup pronto.
  7. I think our next three games will be very difficult to get anything from. 4 points from those would be a big achievement. The best I reckon we can hope for, is that the teams around us don't pick up many more points than us in that time. The run of games starting with Clyde away will no doubt be absolutely massive for our chances of avoiding the dreaded play-off.
  8. The guy was just about going down before Maclean went anywhere near him. Rivaldo levels of embarrassing play-acting.
  9. I have no complaints about the penalty decision. Ramsbottom should’ve saved it though. Seems very likely we should’ve had our own penalty with the last kick.
  10. Forever in the shadow of the glorious University of St Andrews across the Tay.
  11. I’m not sure about you, but that didn’t look anything like a punch or anywhere near the balls, to me…
  12. That’s an absolutely shocking decision.
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