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  1. Just having a look at our squad list and trying to fill out a starting 11. Where is McKee likely to play? On the wing?
  2. Alloa will also have plenty of money from the £500k and bigger prize money. I definitely take your point though that I’m hopeful we can avoid a relegation battle this season.
  3. The second Czech goal gave me flashbacks to Ramsbottom vs Forfar. Granted the Czech guy had a lot more to do, but left me with the same disbelief and speechless.
  4. Yep, you’re correct. The contract was extended to make sure they got ££ for him. Hull were interested in January, so I doubt either of us will be in with a chance of getting him.
  5. The Norwegians should go all out and pay Elgin £100k for Hester.
  6. Pretty happy with the signings so far. I hope we don’t show any of our L1 opponents too much respect this season and remember what we can achieve against the odds against ‘bigger’ sides.
  7. I thought Bobby Barr was pretty decent for us tbh. I’m not convinced how good he’ll be these days though.
  8. If the bespoke kits wouldn’t sell in greater numbers, then just bump the price up. I reckon the core who are buying it regardless would pay a bit more for something nicer. Football kits are ridiculously priced these days anyway, and ours are always pretty cheap comparably.
  9. Oooft. I've not been this excited since we signed Rory Loy.
  10. He probably offered them what they are worth, but other clubs are overrating them a bit and are overpaying. For instance, Morgyn Neill is a solid L1 centre half, but he’s not worth the vastly better (3 year!!) contract he’s on.
  11. It’s weird how highly other clubs seem to rate our, not terrible, but very average squad from last season.
  12. We all remember Burt doing the Stuart Armstrong, but I’m still trying to work out how Nisbet missed this.
  13. Hrienn Hringsson (aka Turbo) as well. What a player he was.
  14. I’m happy to keep Carsy. It’s nice (and unusual these days) to have someone stay at the club this long.
  15. Cove giving Morgyn Neill a 3 year deal is wild.
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