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  1. Presumably this is on Raith TV for us 'Overseas' viewers?
  2. You just beat Stranraer and we'll take care of the rest.
  3. Sons' sorrow

    Great to see Stuart Findlay added to the Scotland squad.
  4. Sons' sorrow

    Really frustrating that yesterday’s game was off. With a very tough game next week, I hope it doesn’t stop our momentum.
  5. Dombarton vs Airdrie

    That really ruins the weekend.
  6. Sons' sorrow

    This season is looking more and more like we’ll need this just to stay up.
  7. Sons' sorrow

    Well, if losing to a bottom of the league Stenhousemuir at home is any indication... The only omen missing is Mr (Lilly Savage is yer maw) Joe Savage (broke a jaw).
  8. Dombarton vs Airdrie

    Not to mention he was Assistant to Adamson up until his sacking.
  9. Dombarton vs Airdrie

    That’s how it works.
  10. Sons' sorrow

    I'm not going to say the figure since it was told in confidence, but when I first heard it I assumed it was from both his jobs combined.
  11. Sons' sorrow

    I'm not one to kiss and tell, but I heard what Loy was on and if its true I'd be amazed we'd be paying anyone more than that.
  12. Sons' sorrow

    I'd still reckon Loy would hold that honour.
  13. Sons' sorrow

    I’d fancy our chances of keeping Mango unless he had a part-time offer in the Championship.
  14. Sons' sorrow

    Not to mention, we'll get a (tiny) bit more prize money, the higher up the league we finish.
  15. Dombarton vs Airdrie

    I honestly think it could be any outcome. There's not much between the teams. Our good form won't last forever and neither will your bad form.