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  1. I never rated Wedderburn, but he’s won me over in the two games I’ve seen him for us.
  2. Key takeaways for me: First Clyde goal is a great strike, but we should be closing that down better. Maybe the keeper should also be doing better from that far out, but perhaps that’s a bit harsh. Second Clyde goal is never a penalty. Clearly gets the ball and Goodwillie just runs into him. At the time, I thought there was a clear foul on Goodwillie for our first goal, but watching it back he goes down softly. Horrendous from Wardrop for Clyde’s third. Definite red for Hamilton. Clyde’s goal music unbelievably cringeworthy.
  3. Watching the penalty decision back and it’s laughably bad.
  4. Wait until you hear the Falkirk commentators I’ve heard them before when watching from ‘abroad’. Not quite as bad as the Rangers commentators, at least.
  5. The stream was very good quality, for me anyway. A couple of times the tracking of the ball was bit behind In the second half, but no buffering at all and the picture quality was great. Thought Wedderburn looked good, which was a pleasant surprise.
  6. The commentator keeps telling us Clyde have dominated, despite them having created virtually nothing second half.
  7. Some horrendous time-wasting going on now.
  8. Get yourself a chromecast, much better than HDMI!
  9. Has anyone at the club/trust ever thought about setting up the facility to make a recurring monthly donation to the club? A bit like a Netflix subscription, where you chuck in a tenner or whatever you can afford every month. Maybe something like a Patreon? I know the trust does have its bank details online, so you could set up a direct debit, but that's a bit of a hassle.
  10. I'm sure I recall him being good on Football Manager, so if it is him I don't think we need any more convincing.
  11. I’ve never rated Wedderburn and don’t think he’s a patch on Hutton. Would love to be proved wrong, though. I don’t see Crossan being effective upfront at all, he’d just get bullied all day.
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