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  1. You can't really, but I'm still sore about it. That's beyond strange. I'd also put Rory Loy getting 11% and Donald McCallum getting 27% up there for weirdness.
  2. Time to avenge that Paul McGinn missed header.
  3. Two points dropped. We looked so comfortable, a penalty was the only way Falkirk were scoring.
  4. Beat me to it. Quality scenes. Credit to Falkirk TV for zooming in on the seethe.
  5. Scarves thrown from the Falkirk end 🤣
  6. I went with Rogers, but could just as easily have said Martin or Grindlay.
  7. Charging £30 for away fans. Ball boys interfering with play. There’s no depths we won’t sink to.
  8. You'll be able to find it from @Jan Vojáček's twitter.
  9. Lovely to see a St Mirrdden fan having a full-on twitter meltdown about us again. Edit to add: I love how it autocorrects to St Mirren. Time well spent by the man child there.
  10. Given we only took 1 point from Airdrie, East Fife and Clyde combined, when we deserved a lot more, you have to take getting all three when you play poorly.
  11. A great win, even if we didn’t play well. Funny how we drew last week and moved up, yet won today and have moved down the table.
  12. I did actually have to check again to make sure there wasn’t another international break already.
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