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  1. My office has been shut since Wednesday and is confirmed to stay that way next week. All others seem to be gradually doing the same. Can’t see anything having changed within 2 weeks, you really have to wonder how long this could go on for. Not to mention the selfish lunatics down at Tesco at the crack of dawn carrying enough toilet roll and dried food to last until next year. Mad times.
  2. Yet Duffy’s team, assembled on a smaller budget, is four points ahead of creepy old Lennon’s. Interesting.
  3. Me two weeks ago: We’re going down. Me now: We’re only 7 points off the promotion play-offs... 👀
  4. A point against Forfar should have us avoiding the play offs. A win and it’s guaranteed.
  5. That should be us safe with a decent lead on several teams.
  6. The highlight of McCabe’s era was beating Raith away in the cup to earn a trip to Parkhead. Also, Stephen Dobbie tearing Andy Rodgers’ Montrose a new one in a 5-0 win at Links Park was very enjoyable. I never forgave Fairley for leaving us for Forfar, especially after they thrashed us 6-0 at Station Park.
  7. http://sonsarchive.com/matchdetails.php?id=4046 Who the f**k were Craig Potter and Ryan Russell?!
  8. To top it all off my pal got smashed in the face by a teuchter on the way back to the station. Good trip.
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