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  1. Would've been a tremendous signings for us. Very jealous. Just hope its not a Rory Loy situation.
  2. What if you already got the education and your name's etched into the Dux board?
  3. I can see us struggling to hold onto Wilson in January. I really think he’s that good, someone full-time will offer a fee.
  4. I would absolutely love a Sons Bankies Scottish Cup tie. I’d 100% make the trip North of the border for that. I’m too young to have a seen a derby (I think, but @lionel wickson will know for sure), so it would be a real collector’s edition for me.
  5. We object to the term “urine-soaked hellhole’ when you could have said “pee-pee-soaked heckhole”. Thanks.
  6. Hope you took the bookies to the cleaners!
  7. Nice, professional routine win. Always tricky coming to these sorts of teams. Slight disappointment not to get the clean sheet.
  8. Falkirk tv saying I can't purchase the game because I'm in England... Anyone know what the deal is? ETA: "This game will be available to watch on Falkirk TV Pay-Per-View. PPV passes will be priced at £13 and are available to purchase here. Due to FA rules this game cannot be streamed in England." Well that's shite. This has never been an issue before.
  9. Yeah, I agree with this and hate seeing it. Would love us to play the way we did under Murray (early era) and just not show teams respect. We've seen what can be achieved when we take that approach.
  10. I really hope we come out and actually have a go here. Play the team in front of us and not the 'name', like we've done under previous, negative managers.
  11. We’ve been as good as East Fife have been bad. Definite massive credit to us.
  12. What time is it? It’s FIVE past East Fife.
  13. Not even any ball boys there for the East Fife fans to blame for this thrashing!
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