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  1. Correct. I believe they are going to black and red stripes this year though.
  2. It would help if the pass out from Mugabi wasn't aimed at Campbell's hip. Decent half for us, can't see us holding on to the lead for much longer though.
  3. Surely Sherwin on for Grimshaw at HT is worth the perceived risk? Seedorf won't track back as much but he'll actually be able to create something.
  4. Looks like the lights in the stands themselves aren't on, might be the reason why it looks darker? Grimshaw is not a winger.
  5. https://twitter.com/TheNationalLge/status/1134090559088291840?s=19 Tin Pot look for the National League
  6. He was then forwarded to the Florida Panthers, two hours later with San Jose getting a better return than Ottawa did in the first place [emoji38] its been a nuts story but it hasn't really been 100% proven it was her yet, and what role Hoffman played in it. However there's been a lot of support for the Karlssons and a lot of people saying they are not surprised by the actions of Hoffman and his girlfriend. Ottawa are falling apart though. Karlsson should be traded this week; there also should be a bunch of big trades this week leading up to the draft on Friday.
  7. They have a net camera that they can use as well as the overhead, people are saying it initially went in at the right side of the net before the scramble but I haven't seen anything that confirms that yet. Great to see the celebrations after too. The video of Dubas lifting the cup was great [emoji38] I will definitely try to catch some more games next season though, on the understanding that I won't get to see a championship win ever time I go haha
  8. I was there to see the Marlies win! Great game, great goals but was almost let down by the state of the refs in the third, some of the non calls were baffling. Good to see a hockey team in Toronto actually win something.
  9. Winner: BrazilPlayer: PogbaGoals: Gabriel JesusSurprise: SenegalEngland: Quarters
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