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  1. While Goodwin is at Pittodrie, he should take a quick walk to the beach and throw his 3 at the back formation and long ball tactics into the North Sea. Its clearly not working. It leaves us far too open at the back. It was evident against Ross Co during the week - there were huge gaps between the CB's; and I imagine the same happened again today. Alnwick facing so many shots midweek is a direct result of this pish formation; and I genuinely believe his quotes about 'people stepping up' is aimed squarely at Jim. Get it sorted Goodwin!!
  2. Yeah, we do. I'm in the same position - thankfully been able to get someone to look after the wee man but there's been games this season where I couldn't
  3. So. Born in Rutherglen. First 18 months of my life were in East Kilbride. Moved to Bishopton (Renfrewshire) and went to primary school there. Parents divorced and I moved to Dumbarton and went to high school there. Define my local team... FWIW, I support St Mirren; mainly because I sang in Paisley Abbey for a good number of years and was driven past Love Street at least 8 times a week.
  4. Forgive my ignorance, but how is the 120k figure discredited? The stand holds 1657. Call it an average ticket price of £24 (I think an adult ticket is actually £27 but there'll be concession tickets etc). Multiply that by 3 games and you get £120k. That's not including any family stand season ticket holders that actually pay the extra to sit elsewhere.
  5. And the SPFL to chase Rangers for the missing £8m?
  6. Mate, if your cock is dark blue, you might want to get a doctor to look at it.
  7. When talking about whether the Scottish Cup final could be moved and have fans, he suggested the numbers of fans allowed that Daryl Broadfoot mentioned (250-500) had been plucked out of thin air by Broadfoot himself to back up his point about financial viability. The numbers Broadfoot quoted were from the Scottish Government. Broadfoot stated they were Scot Gov guidelines multiple times but English wasn't for accepting it. He compared their conversation to Paxman vs Howard. He wishes!!
  8. Did anyone else just listen to that absolute car crash from Tom English? How the hell is he BBC Scotland chief sports writer?!?
  9. Worked at Mar Hall when Strachan was Scotland manager, and had the pleasure of working during one of the International breaks. Scott Brown had to be reminded to watch his language - was threatening to kick someone's c*nt in while there were families with small kids about. Allan Mcgregor and Stevie Naismith are both dour p***ks and spent most of their free time in their room wearing only shorts. Steven Fletcher and Charlie Mulgrew both threw temper tantrums when the coffee machine broke down. On the flip side, Ikeci Anya and Shaun Maloney both tipped me a tenner for running running water to their room.
  10. Saw that coming a mile away, including the 2-goal swing 5 mins from the end. Safe for another season, and the basis of a decent squad already in place. Disappointed, but reasons to be optimistic
  11. That's awfy pessimistic - you's have just won the League Cup. Have some optimism
  12. Can we now get rid of this stupid notion that our defence is solid?
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