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  1. The only reason Norrie Innes accepted the chairmanship is because of the CIC structure for what its worth.
  2. Or in this case relates to the statue in Cumbernauld - the angel of the nauld. Another display of working together in a community rather than against it. Colts and Scottish Rugby must be doing some job doing more than Clyde currently do. Well overdue I may add. 3rd in line right enough.
  3. Even more bizarre that NLL are now one of our sponsors. We really are desperate! Imagine working with us to produce a facility called the Arria Lounge for mutual benefits. Or perhaps the relationship has changed, and along with having priority on match fixtures(which we've always had) - perhaps we are now the preferred tenants? Perhaps?
  4. Yet Clyde hold priority for fixtures over all - bizarre.
  5. As was the disallowed goal for them at the time in fairness.
  6. Indeed, an excellent return from Both Lennon and Moore, who I believe is also key to our form as of late. Great Appointments, and also with what appears to be an excellent network of players we can call upon in the future.
  7. Fine form indeed, considering we were unlucky to take zero points from Stirling and Peterhead games. Can see us overtaking Annan and possibly Elgin, but with games running out, I think Stenny's win on Tuesday may prove a step too far for us in regards to play offs. Bodes well for next season if we can get the likes of McStay and loans back for next season.
  8. Calm down dear, just having a bit of banter.
  9. In Fairness, hard to see where he would fit in to team currently. One of our more tactically astute fans would probably still rather have him playing than McNiff right enough
  10. It's inside, and cosy and warm, just situated at the top floor within the main stand. Open from 1pm.
  11. Taking Love out of the equation, I've been impressed with the calibre of player Lennon has brought in so far. Lang was tremendous on Saturday, and Martin looked positive when he came on. We know about Gourlay's qualities, and although not a priority position in my eyes, should provide competition to Currie, who has been excellent last two games, even though he had little to do against Peterhead.
  12. Doesn't Look clever on highlights, but kept us in it with a couple of vital blocks. Turning point would be the penalty miss. Confident that Saturday was last chance saloon for a few of them, and Manager will be working hard to get rid of them, and replace them.
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