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  1. Three "car crashes" I'm looking forward to in the next few months : 1, ongoing downwards spiral of The The Rangers, 2, off-the-cliff plunge of Labour in Scotland and the Lib-Dems generally in May, and 3, comedy drama that will be the Greece-EU argument over bail-outs (see similarities with 1, above), preceeded by the upcoming game between the ugly sisters. I'm caught between two stools (like a man on a dug-shit covered path) on what to do on Sunday, watch it safely in the house with a bottle of claret, or head for a pub, being obviously a neutral, dressed all in black or grey, and watch there but make sure to keep an open channel to the nearest door in case it kicks off.
  2. I have personal experience of the IRA funding buckets, I attended my only Celtic - Rangers game in 1982?, 3-3 draw which was Davie Moyes's debut. In the Spiringfield Vaults, approached by a scrawny wee ginger nyaff who shook a bucketful of change in my face. When I asked what the collection was for, he said "It's for the cause."
  3. And that is a shitload of money from the benefits budget, 20 grand a year = c £26000 before deductions and say around £7000 worth of free rent, again £10000 before deductions, that's an annual salary of £36,000 for sittirng your (considerable) arse.
  4. Aye, but you don't see The Daily Mail or its classier Ugly Sisters like the Telegraph and the Times doing similar stories on Home Counties Tories or major commercial institutions who are serial tax dodgers.
  5. No doubt that "The Vow", and we'll wait to see how that develops, made a big difference to the scale of the result, as did Broon's impassioned speech, but I don't think the actual result was ever going to be a Yes, given the fearmongering that went on from the financial institutions, big business, etc, without Eck having a solid enough response on the economy. See this article writen by Matthew Parris in the Spectator Wiser heads in the Better Together campaign have always allowed that Scotland could manage perfectly well as an independent country. Perhaps the rest of Union should remind ourselves that we could too. Instead, behaving as though we all faced doom, leading politicians in the three main Westminster parties — intent more on saving their own skins than in leaving Scotland to decide — began to panic when it seemed possible Scots might give the wrong answer. Dignity was cast aside, and many hostages to fortune offered, in a scramble to talk Scots out of their possible decision to leave. http://www.spectator.co.uk/columnists/matthew-parris/9315472/yes-or-no-ill-never-feel-the-same-about-the-scots/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=yes-or-no-ill-never-feel-the-same-about-the-scots All the opinion polls, bar one, suggested a No vote, but great strides were made towards a significant Yes vote during the campaign from a very low initial level. This is not the end, just the end of the beginning. I think next year's GE vote will be very interesting, with a lot of until-now-Labour voters who voted Yes having seen their true light-blue colours deserting them in disgust.
  6. What shocked me was the depth of rejection from Orkney and Shetland, am I being paranoid in thinking that's because there are a lot of "foreign" accents up there due to high South-Eastern England property prices? Obviously the Dumfries and Borders results are due to their proximity to England and, I also suspect, farming communities being addicted to the current subsidy culture. If you were to lay late70s - late 80s general election voting patterns over last night's vote I think there would be a strong correlation, i.e. those who used to vote Conservative and Liberal decided to maintain the Union.
  7. Ahmad in third bid to freeze Rangers' account James Mulholland Thursday 4 September 2014 FORMER Rangers commercial director Imran Ahmad has returned to court for a third time in a bid to have £620,000 frozen in the club's account. FORMER Rangers commercial director Imran Ahmad has returned to court for a third time in a bid to have £620,000 frozen in the club's account. Lawyers acting for Mr Ahmad claim he is owed a £500,000 bonus for the time he spent working at the Championship side. And despite failing on two previous occasions to have the money ring fenced, his lawyers returned to the Court of Session on Wednesday to try again. Interesting to see how this pans out, given the falsehoods that were spun last time "Honest, your honour, we're solvent" over the last few weeks all the news out of Ibrox has been an admission of a company on the skids
  8. We Adore The Pound Stadium. Apparently they're shit-scared in Govan that if we vote YES on the 18th, and Scotland disnae get to keep the pound, nobody will be able to invest in their clumpany any more. (How much for that? £1. How much is that? £1. What does that cost? £1)
  9. It's probably been said already, but it's no surprise the vultures keep coming back to the (deid) carcass. If someone said there's a business with 20000-45000 (who really cares?) regular customers potentially paying £25 each every couple of weeks, who'll keep coming back to fill up the tills, no matter what quality of shyte they're purchasing, most savvy (sharp ) businessmen would jump at the chance, particularly when the shop has a high capital value, could even be a pop-up type shop, where it only has to last long enough, without maintenance, to earn you a few bob profit before you fold up and walk away, leaving an empty shell and a big dirty window covered in circus posters, with slack-faced ex-customers looking in wondering if there's any chance they might get their money back.
  10. I’ve got a number of people ready to invest in Rangers,’ Green told the BBC. ‘I’ve told people this is a great club and a great opportunity. It’s one of the world’s biggest brands in terms of football. ‘I don’t want to go back to Rangers, I left unhappy last year and know it wouldn’t be right to go back. However, to see where the club is now is a disaster. ‘Why Charles Green? I’m not applying to be the Messiah but I won’t let the club continue to slide and become a laughing stock. What I’m saying is if someone else can raise the money then great - if not, I’ll do it. ‘It’s a disjointed fan base and someone needs to stand up and say how it is. I’ve made loads of mistakes I’m not saying I’m a good guy but I’m certainly not the worst guy. Rangers Charles Green Ranger 1 - Hearts 2
  11. The best chippie in the world, bar none, used to be The Star at the bottom of the West Port, now, sadly, a chinky ( see, two for the price of one here), but I had an absolute belter from The Round O a couple of weeks ago.
  12. Audi A8 Quattro, a Swiss Army knife of a car, luxury, power, poise and all the room required for the dug, golf clubs, camping gear, etc.
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