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  1. Was at Moffat . It was Kieran McCulloch in goals not kev.
  2. Looked very good defensively last night. Two clean sheets in two games they will be hard to beat this year by looks of things.
  3. That will be the same secretary who lets himself down time and again with his comments during games.
  4. Hardly whinged. Credited Newton with good performance and said referee made a few bad calls. If you think that's whinging come and spend a week with my wife!!!
  5. Saints have had ruddy for years and won next to nothing so I doubt rest of league is quaking because they have signed soltys. Money well spent to secure third place ????????????????????
  6. His dad is no longer at Annan. Ur theory therefore is pish
  7. Scott Alexander to saints from crichton
  8. Heston have appointed assistant to take over and he has backroom staff sorted.
  9. Spoke to committee member today who said kev was offered job but declined it didn't disclose the reasons tho.
  10. Heard from someone yesterday that was at saints game Heston manager packing in at end of season. Any early names being linked to take over?
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