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  1. If you're lucky it will be good aids if not then what song would you like at your funeral?
  2. I'm in my 40's and yep it is a bit of a struggle. I only do (usually) one set of nights on each monthly roster but this month I'm doing 2 sets of 3 , tonight being my last one and I'm feckin knackered, I find it difficult getting more than 4 hours unbroken sleep but my advice would be to try to get at least a couple of hours kip before each run of nights
  3. Having to use the tumble dryer in July.....JULY!!!!!
  4. This *^^We had a young(ish) patient with sepsis writhing around in bed, very very ill and clearly in a lot of pain and her mother asks can she take her outside for some fresh air !!!! Un feckin believable!!! eta she was a smoker
  5. Only two ?? Wow Did you get out your scratcher at any point ?
  6. I'm in the admissions ward and we do either 2 nights 3 off then another 2on/3off or a run of 3 each month it is absolutely non stop in our ward but I love it shifts just fly by, quite often a lot busier than the day shifts, the only bad thing that I've experienced is minor hallucinations due to tiredness at the end of the run of 3 (I'm unlucky this month, have 2x 3 runs of nights )
  7. Guid lad is oor jum, met him once when the hulltoon multis were being demolished had a good wee chat about them ! Sound guy, he will be missed
  8. The mcds at camperdown have recently refurbished to an Argos style ordering system (apparently to cut down on food waste) That's the world ended now !!!
  9. I'm thinking Hitman would be a decent Utd boss The seethe from the fun would be monumental
  10. Sitting in the hospital waiting area trying very hard not to burst out laughing .Best one has to be what looks like a cow
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