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  1. Out of interest, what's up with the mondeo?
  2. Very late notice, I know, but I have 1 ticket available for the game on Tuesday. I won't be able to make it over as my work has renaged on my annual leave! If someone wants it, let me know. Face value. If you're based in Scotland, you'll probably need to let me know tonight and I'll get it sent up for Saturday delivery.
  3. You've been halted by The Marshall / The Dragon. Spent my childhood watching the scoreboards when the fitba on offer was shite.
  4. Ouch! You are having a 'mare here! Of the two on loan are any of them not being paid by Kilmarnock? Boyd was a free agent in the summer, the fact that he played for Killie last year is irrelevant. Jefferries signed Pasca, Shiels signed Tesselaar. Whats your point? As humper said, you're talking out your arse.
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