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  1. Fully believe it was this post that got McKinnon punted and nothing will convince me otherwise.
  2. Apologies if this has already been mentioned but noticed Lennon saying Lang will be getting surgery in the middle of May for an injury. Hopefully nothing serious and he'll be ready to go by preseason. https://www.clydefc.co.uk/news/2021/04/30/6761/#.YJKJ869KiUk
  3. I was Roary the season Turnbull Hutton was vocal in the relegation of Rangers. On the first game of the season (I think vs Hamilton) I quickly put together a piece of cardboard saying 'We are all Turnbull Hutton' and paraded it around the stadium. Eventually got pulled to the side by the police and asked to put it away in case it aggravated any Rangers supporters or sympathisers in the crowd.
  4. Pretty much. I reckon yellow card would have sufficed, even then there would be a question over whether Ugwu would get the ball after his touch past Parry so he could've arguably got away without receiving a card. A summary of the punishments for an offence inside the penalty area is: Denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity Attempt to play the ball - yellow card No attempt or opportunity to play the ball (holding/pushing/pulling) - red card Not denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity but stopping a promising attack Attempt to play the ball - no card No attempt or opportunity to play the ball (holding/pushing/pulling) - yellow card Not denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity and also not stopping a promising attack No card I would say Parry definitely attempts to play the ball so should be looking at a yellow card at worst.
  5. Hearing today has been adjourned. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/scottish-championship/2138230/iain-davidson-alleged-abuse-nikolay-todorov-inverness-raith-rovers-defender-adjourned/
  6. The Fulham goal was an offside as the rules on handball when defending and attacking differ. These are the rules directly from IFAB and the Fulham goal would fall under the third bullet point.
  7. Kevin Cuthbert deserves another shot at management imo. How is Andre Wright at playing RWB?
  8. Atlanta has also been added. A superb show written by and starring Donald Glover.
  9. Up to 2nd with games in hand on those around us. Get a result vs Dunfermline on Wednesday and we are in a very good position. I fucking love John McGlynn.
  10. I'm a Brentford season ticket holder and also a massive fan of Hendry but there's no chance this is happening. Brentford are a club looking for promotion to the Premier League and he's not at that level yet and also wouldn't suit the tempo they play. Bradford would seem like a more realistic possibility.
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