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  1. Going for a 3-4-3 formation for this. Starting XI: David McGurn Grant Murray Mark Campbell Craig Barr Johnny Russell Ross Callachan Regan Hendry Lewis Vaughan Brian Graham John Baird Gregory Tade Bench: Kevin Cuthbert Laurie Ellis Rory McKeown Brad Spencer Jamie Walker Dario Zannatta Kevin Nisbet Found this much more difficult than the worst XI thread. Could have easily had Toshney, Thomson, G. Anderson and Hardie in that squad. Also an honourable mention to Damian Casalinuovo who although would probably never be in contention for the squad due to the players ahead of him but has still definitely been one of my favourites.
  2. I'd go for a starting line up of: Andy McNeil Craig Wedderburn - Colin Wilson - Ross Perry Scott Roberts - Jordan Thompson - Denis Prychynenko - Scott McBride Chris Johnston - Jon Daly - Stephen Reynolds Managed by Gary Locke. Honourable mentions for: Craig Wighton, Jamie Mole, Yaw Osei
  3. First attempt at putting together a top 10. I'd say it probably looks something similar to this: 1. Hello Exile - The Menzingers 2. Celebrity Mansions - Dinosaur Pile-Up 3. IT WON/T BE LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME - The Twilight Sad 4. Morbid Stuff - PUP 5. Through Love & Death, You're All I Have Left - Dude Trips 6. Kick - Dave Hause 7. Good At Falling - The Japanese House 8. Nothing Great About Britain - slowthai 9. Out Here On The Fringes - JOHN (TIMESTWO) 10. OK, I'M SICK - Badflower
  4. Craig Barr did, I'm unsure if anyone else has ever worn it.
  5. Absolutely devastated for Vaughan, he's without a doubt one of, if not the most talented player I've seen in a Raith shirt. Really hope we haven't seen the last of him and he can come back from it and put the injuries behind him. The one saving grace for Lewis, if he chooses to attempt a return is that he is under contract until May 2021 so won't have to worry about trying to find a club to take a punt on him in the summer given his injury record.
  6. I was a Brentford season ticket holder last season, and as previously mentioned Cole is very highly thought of by the fans at the club. He looked good in the small glimpses I seen of him last season and should be a good signing.
  7. That is indeed Taylor, who is actually named after Taylor Hawkins the drummer. Dave gave him a shout out again in Dublin last night and he's been put in direct contact with the band. Don't think first live music experiences get much better. Ended up with a free ticket to Foo Fighters Dublin show last night so went along. The Foos were good but the crowd was absolutely w**k. Frank Carter got absolutely nothing from him, which was actually mildly amusing watching him trying to be Frank Carter to a crowd that was not having it. Is that common for Dublin crowds or just an off night? Next up for me is the Friday at Leeds Festival tomorrow, The 1975 at Bellahouston on Sunday and then Basement in Edinburgh on Tuesday.
  8. I do, I'm very good mates with his parents. Actually stayed at his house last and again tonight. Today has been a media frenzy, trip to UTV, had the BBC come visit, his mum has been on the phone to media outlets all day. It's all absolutely surreal and I'm made up for him, he's still buzzing about it.
  9. Caught Foo Fighters on Saturday and then last night again in Belfast. Superb live band, made all the better last night by my mates five year old son being brought on stage to rock out with the band.
  10. Never stuck around for them as I listened to them beforehand and decided they weren't my bag so headed off to meet a mate at a nearby pub.
  11. Went to see Naked Giants last night at Broadcast after catching them at a free show last year in London. A very enjoyable set from the Seattle three-piece once again. The music is nothing special but they're a very tight live act and have some very catchy tunes. Next up for me I think is Cold Years at King Tuts. I'd recommend any fans of The Gaslight Anthem check them out. Seen them supporting Dave Hause earlier in the year and also at two of their sets at 2000 Trees last weekend and they are a phenomenal act.
  12. Would definitely recommend getting down to it if you can. I got a train from Edinburgh to Warrington then picked up from there by a mate who was going past. They run regular shuttles to and from Cheltenham Spa station on the Thursday and Sunday and introduced coaches from London as well this year so if you can get to either of them it's a breeze. Driving down from Fife you're looking at about six hours which would be a pain on the Sunday.
  13. Was at my fifth 2000 Trees festival at the weekend and it was as always, absolutely incredible. I genuinely can't see me ever enjoying a festival in the UK more. Tickets have already been purchased for next year.
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