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  1. Zanatta is some boi. Was always going to be on top form tonight.
  2. Add me to the list of people who missed the first 15. Was absolute carnage outside the North Stand with what seemed like thousands of people still out there well into the first half. To be fair though, it was a breeze once we got to the turnstile to get in, I reckon it's more user error or people not having the QR code ready when they get to the front holding people back. I'm personally not getting the Patterson love in, I thought the Moldovans had his number when attacking down his side. He had a couple of good recoveries and attacking runs but I'm not sure he's quite the answer to RB yet. As has been said, Nisbet had a shocker and Christie didn't look up to much. I think we actually created the chances to score a good few however our lack of a natural finisher/goalscorer really shone through though. Still can't believe I watched 75 minutes of the game and never seen us score vs Moldova though. That's something that needs addressed.
  3. Will be fuming if we've let Tait go for that little. Two years left on on his contract, our biggest prospect and an important part of our team. More so with the recent news of Vaughan's injury. It would need to be a massive sell-on percentage to make it anywhere near justifiable but even then it's a stretch as I'm sure we could've got more by holding out. After the seemingly good deal for Bowie, it seemed we'd learned our lessons on transfers but if this has gone through, evidently not. Absolutely embarrassing.
  4. Wouldn't be too shocked if the attendance is in the three figures for this.
  5. Can't help but fear the worst for Vaughan after that interview. I reckon the club would have put a positive spin on it if it was anything but his ACL. Other than that, a positive interview and it's good to hear from Karen on what her role is and what she's been doing since taking up the position.
  6. Finished People Just Do Nothing over the weekend. Originally a BBC show but the full series is on Netflix (and film is currently in cinemas). An enjoyable mockumentary following Kurupt FM and their highly inflated egos and sense of their own success as they operate a pirate radio station in Brentford. The actors themselves have said the show is inspired by The Office and I think this shines through with some real David Brent levels of delusion from the characters.
  7. Getting the fear that Peter Grant will be punted before we get this played and Dunfermline will be somewhat competent.
  8. Great idea. I reckon Ross Matthews would make a cracking third choice goalkeeper for when we inevitably lose MacDonald and Thomson to injuries.
  9. I'm a Brentford season ticket holder, have been for the last few seasons after moving down to London. Unfortunately I needed to move back to Glasgow during lockdown and wasn't able to make it tonight. What a night. As has been said, can only imagine how much more it means to the fans who've been with them for decades. Really excited to see what this season brings.
  10. Not expecting much from this match, especially with our injury problems. Our best hope for this is that Aberdeen have one eye on Thursday and rest some players or play at a lower intensity than they might do otherwise. From the Aberdeen highlights I've seen, I've been really impressed with Ramsay at right back but obviously they don't always tell the full story. Didn't realise until today he was only 18. How do Aberdeen fans rate him and his potential? I'm in a similar predicament to many that due to the trains, I can't make it to Kirkcaldy for kick off so might try find a pub in Glasgow showing it.
  11. I remember speaking to the late Ally Gourlay a good few years ago now and he actually credited Anelka with saving the club in a roundabout way as his incompetence was actually what brought the financial issues to the fore and if we'd kept plodding along the way we were it would be likely there wouldn't still be a Raith Rovers to support.
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