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  1. There's still a Tesco Metro in Dalgety Bay iirc.
  2. Bialetti moka pot is my go to. Currently going through Pure Roasters 'Mad Wae It' beans and enjoying them. My girlfriend has a Nespresso Vertuo machine with the Aeroccino milk frother which is better than I thought it would be and decent if I'm just after a quick coffee but nowhere near the standard of the Bialetti. If I'm getting a coffee whilst out, it's always a flat white with oat milk I go for.
  3. Raith Rovers 3 v 2 Ayr United on Saturday 18 October 2008.
  4. Fair play to your board for trying something new here rather than going for the easy 'safe but boring' option. Bullen by all accounts seems to be highly rated elsewhere.
  5. Not a massive lover of Marvel films but continue to go see them as I use my Unlimited Card to see most films that are out however I very much enjoyed No Way Home. Imagine similar to most but the top 3 Spiderman films for me (in order) are: 3. No Way Home 2. Spiderman 2 1. Into The Spiderverse
  6. A big positive to this is another indication of the direction the club is going under McGlynn and how players buy into it and enjoy playing for us. In the last few seasons that's now Gullan, Hendry and Ross all been eager to re-sign for the club on permanent deals after loan spells despite interest elsewhere.
  7. I've never been a massive fan of Gullan however he is still young and with an extended time under McGlynn could still develop into a decent player. Provides a different option up front though which we are sorely lacking and provided we are still looking for another striker in addition to him rather than hoping we can convert him into a goalscorer in minimal time, I'm happy enough.
  8. We've scored 1 goal in our last 6 and it came from the penalty spot. Not sure I'd base any defensive competency on playing Raith just now although probably good for boosting the confidence of your defence.
  9. Would take him back as an alternative option up front but not as a starter. Not sure he's good enough for a team fighting at the top of the table or for the step up to the Premiership but a decent option for a lower Championship/upper League One side in my opinion.
  10. Both scored a belter each before going into hiding to be fair. Struggling for any positives outside that.
  11. Can't bring in the bells without a listen or two of this in my household. What a band, what a cover.
  12. Champion and McCoist commentating on Brentford vs Manchester City this evening.
  13. If we sign Goodwillie, I'm done with the club until he's gone. No way I could support a side with him in it.
  14. Not unexpected but the upcoming programme will include Tait's farewells so confirming he'll be off in January.
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