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  1. Very much enjoying The Wonder Years new album. Not looked to pull together a list yet but would be surprised if it isn't in my top three at the end of the year.
  2. My work putting in a stake to be seen to be Mourning™ the hardest as they've announced the scheduled upgrade of our document management system this weekend will be postponed in light of her passing.
  3. 2000 Trees festival this weekend. Been a long three years since the last one, probably my favourite UK festival. Later this month I have Dropout Kids and Dude Trips to look forward to.
  4. I went to see this at 6pm on a Saturday a couple weeks ago and got the full screen to myself. Glorious.
  5. Visiting Berlin for the first time this weekend with my girlfriend. Going to a show at the Waldbühne one night and meeting up with a few mates a other night but nothing planned during the days. Anyone got any suggestions for must do/sees in the city? Also, is the Berlin Welcome Card worthwhile? TIA.
  6. Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties were an absolute delight at The Garage in London tonight. The concept of the band is superb, the band was tight and I am a massive fan Dan Campbell's voice. It also kick-starts a small run of gigs for me with Brian Fallon tomorrow, The Script on Friday, Ludovico Einaudi on Saturday and then Bob Vylan on Monday. Also have Slam Dunk festival next Friday. A nice variety there to keep me ticking over.
  7. McInroy who was at Airdrie for the first part of last season would be a good addition if he could be convinced IMO. Also seems to have done well at Ayr in the second half of the season in the Championship.
  8. A decent appointment, especially given other names linked with the role. At this level, out with a complete unknown, you aren't going to get an experienced manager with no blemishes on their record. His recent transfer dealings also don't include a rapist so that's another positive for the club to move forward.
  9. A disappointing way to end the season but when your best chances fall to Mbuemo (possibly the worst finisher I've seen at that level) and finish with 9 players, it was only going to go one way. Still an incredible season for Brentford. Would have taken 17th before a ball was kicked this season so 13th and safe with weeks to spare can't be knocked. Think another centre back and a striker are needed to build on this season as well as hopefully being able to hold onto Eriksen. Some end to the season elsewhere as well. What a game football is.
  10. He had a consultancy role with Celtic earlier in the season (not sure if he's still there). Most importantly though, he had no influence on their first team. His role was to support the academy, B team and women's team. Taking away any role in January's shambles, there's nothing wrong with the CEO being on the club's payroll. The issue is what falls under her remit, as has been mentioned, she should not have any involvement in the football side of things. That of course then leads to the question of whether the job title and role of CEO is correct for her which I'd have my doubts over.
  11. I'm by no means a fan of Nish Kumar but agree that I liked him on Taskmaster. He was bit much in the lstudio but thought he was fine in the recorded tasks. His 'bubbly f**k' moment is a highlight for me across the run of the show.
  12. Just watched The Sparks Brothers documentary by Edgar Wright. Didn't know anything about them beforehand and I'm not sure I really know anything about them now but still an enjoyable watch.
  13. Waiting on Thomson to stop crying so they can get a suitable photo for the announcement imo.
  14. When the last penalty went in, went to turn it off. My girlfriend went 'wait, can we keep it on. I want to see them cry'. Don't think I've ever been more attracted to her tbh.
  15. He's usually much better than this with ripping into the others. Think the UK having a competent representative has cheered him up a bit too much.
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