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  1. To be fair - I thought Gomis was technically far superior to anyone else on the football pitch today. Great player! Mon the Diamonds!!
  2. We've just signed Joseph Moore from you guys - any idea of how he is?
  3. Airdrie sign Joseph Moore from Hibs and James Cowan from down south somewhere (Oxford I think!)
  4. We have been absolutely baw-rotten! But Stenny sitting back for 85 mins and their relentless time wasting is truly embarrassing!! Roll on their relegation!
  5. I presume you're fishing with this one but hey, I'll bite. The pass doesn't go to Duffy, it goes to McIntosh who is definitely onside. Don't think we'll ever agree on the penalty but as an Airdrie fan I'd be angry if we didn't get it cause it looks pretty conclusive. Also, nice counting...
  6. Highlights are on the Airdrie website. I never mentioned the 3rd. Not because I'm embarrassed about how my side profited from a refereeing mistake, but because I don't have an issue about your comments - I agree with you! My point was about the penalty - which I don't agree with you about - that's why I mentioned it. Was that explained simply enough for you?
  7. Think you might change your mind after watching the highlights...
  8. I take it by soft, you mean definite stonewaller?...
  9. Suspect Daryl Duffy and Dale Carrick will get a few!
  10. This is Airdrie's best bit of transfer news so far! To know Adam Brown will be being the worst player at another cub rather than ours is a relief - useless! Will be interesting to see how long it takes for Alloa fans to share that opinion or if he actually proves to be of some use to them!
  11. https://www.airdriefc.com/signings-190518 3 cracking signings and surely a back up keeper in David Hutton?
  12. Airdrie sign Sean McIntosh (contact renewed), David Hutton (Arbroath), Scot Gallacher (Dumbarton) and Joao Victoria (Albion Rovers)! https://www.airdriefc.com/signings-190518
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