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  1. Quite looking forward to Carswell playing with a different partner in midfield. Wouldn’t be against trying Langan and him for a bit unless we get a more established CM in. Disappointed but not surprised with Hutton. He’s probably looking forward to picking up his wage and resting safely in the knowledge his manager will be telling the press how great he is, regardless how bad his performances get. If he stays fit he should walk that league though, considering how much he improved for us in League 1. I see Scott Gallagher has signed for Arbroath. I wonder if Gaston is on his way out. Can imagine JD would be keen to talk to him if so.
  2. Pretty pleased with the business done so far. If we could get McKee signed up it would be brilliant but I can imagine a few other clubs catching his interest (if I remember correctly we weren’t his first choice last season). The shorter season is slightly worrying me since we always have a rancid spell during the course of the season before picking up a lot of points later on. I suppose on the flip side starting in October might mean we avoid the usual slow start to the season. As has been said if we are clever in the loan market this season we could really have the makings of a good team.
  3. It just keeps going ffs. Really poor they’ve been dead quiet since the original “statement”. Not really kept up to date with wrestling at all in the last few years but disgusted at the names involved.
  4. I think this might be the most batshit Trump tweet of all time. The “possible exception” of the President in charge of abolishing slavery...
  5. He did it a couple of times in the second half so I’m hoping one of the cameramen got a snap
  6. Not a pretty game but 3 points and got to witness Jim Duffy wave his crutch about like an angry blind man - an image that will live long in the memory.
  7. Weather seems okay so far. We could really do with a win tonight. Peterhead and Forfar ending up a draw and us taking three points would make the gap between us and potential relegation a bit wider. Forfar + Clyde win and we’re right back in amongst it.
  8. What a freezing cold waste of a Saturday off that was. Brennan had 2/3 really good saves.
  9. Stranraer did this with a few amateur players when we drew 1-1 last month I’m pretty sure.
  10. I’m more concerned with Duffy fucking off in the summer and Barry Smith getting the manager job than just Smith being the assistant. Can see it coming a mile away. Maybe some good news today? Please? Anyone?
  11. I’m not sure how Nisbet became such a player after leaving us on loan. Had no confidence, scored 0 goals and blasted a penalty over the bar into the car park. Fair play to him. Amazing turnaround. I also miss DT a lot :’(
  12. As far as game of the decade for me it has to be the 4-3 win at Falkirk. Think that was our first win under Murray and the beginning of the incredible run of form to get us off the bottom. Agnew and Lister went mental when they scored, Creaney got sent off with ten minutes left and Lyle Taylor ended up on a hattrick. TNS was an awful game until the last 20 minutes but cannot be denied what a moment it was.
  13. Carswell tweet certainly does but not sure about Brennan’s. Hopefully they are both just at it. I’m sure they’re professional enough to not let it affect on the pitch performances if there is any sort of issue between them.
  14. Good to see all is well in the dressing room [emoji102]
  15. Although they will technically be prequels to the prequels I don’t think so. They’ve made a big deal about calling Episode 1-9 The Skywalker Saga. It’s definitely a difficult task balancing a movie to have tie-in information and lore for hardcore fans and making the movie understandable for those that are just fans of the movies. I’ve not seen many Marvel films but from what I understand they do a good job of it as you can just watch the Avengers movies and understand what is going on without watching every single movie they’ve put out (but watching those other movies will make you appreciate little things in the Avengers movies more). I hope Disney can get to that point with SW but I’m also a bit reluctant that they dive straight into “let’s copy what we’ve done with Marvel!!!”.
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