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  1. Regardless what their reasons are for bringing Palpatine back I’m glad it’s happening. He’s the big bad of the first 6 episodes. Having him come back in 9 to finish things off (and potentially reveal he was doing things behind the scenes in 7 & 8 should make the entire saga feel more connected rather than 3 sets of 3 movies. That’s as long as they do a good job of bringing him back. After the Kenobi announcement, Mandalorian trailer and this new Skywalker trailer I’m hyped as f**k for it again. I loved TLJ but can understand some of the complaints with it. Growing up on the prequels I’m fortunate enough to always see the good in Star Wars and just laugh at the bad.
  2. Extremely unexpected after going down 2-0 but great to see. As has been said at least the team have some fight in them. I still expect us to be on the receiving end of some doings this season but having the ability to grind out a few results like today could be vital in staying up.
  3. It’s not just about the kits but things like that add up. A kit that the majority of fans dislike = less fans buying the kit = less income from kits. Regardless how little or large that sum is it is money that won’t be made. If the owners & the board aren’t putting any money in to the club surely they should be working on ways to generate cash and maximise profits from things like merchandise. As has been said, there isn’t a large amount of interest in merchandise but that doesn’t mean the club should be writing it off. If they are indeed doing things like that then a bit of transparency would be nice. Look at snudge for example - potentially going to buy the new kit and a season ticket. Not a fan of the new kit... blocked on twitter...now he’s probably not.
  4. Regardless if it was one board member or all of the board members the decision to choose those specific kits was incredibly poor. It was no secret we were going to be going with stock designs - why not let the fans have some input if the kit isn’t going to be as creative as usual. There might not be loads of people rushing to buy kits but I noticed about 3 fans yesterday wearing the new kit. Compare that to previous kit launches at the stadium and it’s night and day. Even selling 10 extra strips at £42 a pop is a decent chunk of money. Do the club only want volunteers for specific things they can’t be arsed doing themselves? Just feels like a lot of fans are going above and beyond which while admirable should not need to be happening. It’s all good and well listing the board names on the website but the fact most people don’t know who they are says it all. If they aren’t even putting money in then they should be the ones working on improving the stadium, organising events, encouraging new fans in and looking for funding. The fans don’t deserve a say on the kits - but they should be whoring themselves out to raise funds for the club.
  5. Was hoping for McKee but no joy. Hopefully he’s decent. We’ve certainly got a much more balanced squad position wise compared to last season but I’m still a little concerned about the quality up top. Good finish from Tierney the other day mind you.
  6. 13:09 onwards... Looked completely finished at League 1 level last season. His attitude was also incredibly suspect however so he might have something to offer you that he couldn’t be bothered to show us.
  7. Definitely feel like this will be what sets him apart from the other guys signed from the juniors. He looks like a right grafter and that’ll be important regardless where we are in the table. Compare that to Tierney on Saturday. Don’t want to be too harsh on the guy cause it was a 20 minute sub appearance in a pre-season friendly but he really looked like he couldn’t be fucked being there. Shades of Michael Paton when he was deciding not to bother chasing good balls down the wing.
  8. Aye I’d like to see him again at CB but agree not much point in signing another RB. Versatility is always nice but would prefer we get a proper comfortable CB in.
  9. Number 4 was Boris Kipeya-Bonno who seems to have played RB for Burgess Hill Town FC.
  10. Number 16 has cult hero status already. Sign him up. Pleasantly surprised by that. McKee looked really good and was like a Ross Forbes that can actually be arsed to run about. Third goal was well taken by the trialist too. Number 4 looked pretty solid and made up for his height with a good turn of pace. Think Quitongo and Crawford has decent games too - the latter looked quite positive going forward. All in all a pretty decent game for a friendly. Feeling a bit more optimistic after it.
  11. I’m sure that’s Rico Quitongo too. Think Mati Zara is there.
  12. The old guard gatekeeping as per usual. Yes, these kids could disappear within a season or two, but they also could end up supporting the club for life. (Something Wilf isn't even willing to do, clearly). There are a number of reasons why the club isn't as hospitable as it should be and high up the list is this mentality that some fans are better than others. New people instantly get interrogated on the supporters bus. People moan when big crowds turn up (e.g 1000-odd we took to the cup final) because they weren't at smaller games. Fans of old firm clubs get snarked at when they're actually bothering to support their local team - even if it's only a few games a season it still helps the club.
  13. I don’t like hearing old duffers moan every two seconds at the home games. Maybe I should boycott the club too and not bother giving them much needed funds out of spite.
  14. Maybe some news tonight from the training ground? Then again, probably not [emoji20]
  15. sonsism

    Fallout 4

    Had a go of the 76 trial but all it’s done is make me want to go back and play through 4 again. I don’t think I finished Far Harbour so going to go through the main quest line and choose a different endgame then head back to FH.
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