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  1. £100 for electricity and £100 for gas
  2. Looking for any advice available. Moved in a few months ago to my first flat and just kept it going with the current provider on a standard variable. After the news on Tuesday I had a look at my account and was offered a fixed tariff with a 57p per kWh unit rate for electricity. There’s a 14 day cooling off period so thought I’d just take it and look more in-depth before the period expires and decide from there. 57p is obviously more than double the cap at the moment but it’s quite a big increase to be paying from now. Is there anything else I should be looking out for? I’m less concerned about the gas price as it doesn’t get used much (granted that’ll change in winter likely but the building is quite warm).
  3. A few weeks ago v after the result. I see he hasn’t learned to keep his mouth shut over the close season. I agree that there’s no point about talking about him going anytime soon. The writing was on the wall from February last season and the board didn’t act - even after relegation. He will never resign. He will always think of something to say. Personally I still have not and will not be renewing my season ticket. Godspeed to those that are.
  4. Much focus has been put on our defence but going forward we’re just as bad. No one has the confidence to take a shot on. As seen by that sitter from Paton (I think?)
  5. Rotten performance. Great save from Wright. Played for the point and it means f**k all considering Peterhead won. We are going down.
  6. I know Bronsky had a nightmare last week but Stanger at CB sounds like a recipe for disaster. Josh back should hopefully mean we threaten more than we have in the past 3 weeks.
  7. Hutchinson out is probably the best of that news he’s absolutely brutal in central midfield. Slightly more confident with the squad news but that will likely have vanished by the 4th minute of the game. If we go behind it’s curtains.
  8. If he had any respect for the club he’d fall on his sword. It’s nothing personal, he’s given it a good go and it hasn’t worked. If he stays it’ll get hostile and he’ll follow the path his mentor went down.
  9. Looking back at the statement from the new owners now and it’s even more ludicrous than I remember: “Our priorities will be to: a) Maintain the legacy of Dumbarton Football Club and build its profile into its 150th year and beyond, and develop a commercial engine to underpin that success. b) Begin to make the transition to a full-time squad. Our short term target is to create a stable Championship club. c) Use Henning's global contacts to build links with international clubs and players, especially in Scandinavia. d) Reignite plans for a new, increased capacity community sports and leisure facility at Young's Farm, without the residential element that previously caused objection. e) Look to develop the planning permission at Castle Road to financially support the club and contribute towards the new stadium. f) Increase supporter participation and ownership in the football club.” Sons sorrow, indeed.
  10. Your point was it’s too late in the season to make a change. And who should be making sure the players have fight in them… ?
  11. Can almost guarantee that one is a troll answer from who commented it
  12. Barry Ferguson walked a few weeks back and Alloa are already out of the shit they were in and pretty much safe. It can be done. If the board don’t want to do it, that’s a completely different issue.
  13. If we’re as skint as you say League 2 would be disastrous for us and we should be avoiding it at all costs. It doesn’t take a fan to work that out - the club should be well aware of it. Getting rid of Farrell would not be action “for the sake of it”. We’ve won 2 games at home all season ffs!
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