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  1. I would be tempted to sound out the Annan manager Peter Murphy. He's not a well-known name, he didn't play much in Scotland, and therefore no one talks about him. Their squad routinely loses its best players yet they always do well. This season they were tipped to struggle, yet they're 3rd. I'm worried instead we'll end up with someone with a worse track record, just because they're a well-kent-face from the usual manager merry-go-round.
  2. The Hamilton Accies CEO has thrown on some business-casual attire to discuss the opening of a new kebab shop in Hamilton (1 min 24 secs):
  3. I was at the game yesterday, first time I’ve seen Carlisle. Game wasn’t up to much at all. Carlisle rarely threatened. Still over 4,000 there which is decent considering how poor they are just now.
  4. Let’s hope for a straightforward win on Tuesday for starters! Yesterday was incredible but, for the last half hour of the match, my heart was pounding like Derek Johnstone after walking up 5 flights of stairs.
  5. There were so many emotional swings in that 90 minutes and that's what made it such an amazing experience in the end. Ironically if we'd won 3-0 it wouldn't have felt quite the same. Optimism and pride at the kick off. Despair at Israel taking the lead. Joy at McGinn's glorious equaliser. Instant dejection that we surrendered parity so soon after. Excitement at the penalty award. Anxiety waiting on the penalty. Frustration at the penalty miss. Seethe at half time. Explosion of happiness when Dykes equalised. Anger when ref chopped it off. Hope when ref went over to check VAR. Jubilation when he gave the goal. Anguish when their keeper saved Dykes header. Gloom when McGinn shot straight at the keeper on 88 minutes. Hope when they announced 6 minutes of injury time. Anticipation when we won the corner. Unbridled hysteria when McTominay bundled it home; shouting, screaming, hugging, roaring, grabbing anyone in sight and celebrating like f**k. Praying for final whistle. Partying when it was all over. And that is why football can be such an incredible sport.
  6. Any Hibs fans know when the H was added to the East Stand and whether they’re going for HFC or HIBS or just leaving it as H?
  7. It's a positive that he was actually good at official fan meetings, but it's relatively easy to keep your calm away from the emotions of a competitive match which is where it really counts. As you say, it looks like he just doesn't have the temperament to cope.
  8. There’s always going to be opinions being expressed loudly at football but every team probably has a minority of wallopers who, when the going gets tough, will go too far with abusive put-downs. As a manager though, BF needs to be able to ignore all that as he can’t control what every fan shouts. And with respect if he can’t cope with 5 angry people out of 120 travelling Alloa fans then he’s maybe in the wrong profession.
  9. First half we played some good football and the high balls to our target man Mackin caused Forfar issues --the ball kept holding up in the wind and they kept fouling him to try and reach the ball. Couple of close chances for us, especially from Carrick who will be disappointed he put his close range shot too close to the keeper. As half time came I was thinking Forfar were no great shakes at all. Second half a different story. Forfar were much more effective, especially down the right where McNiff's lack of pace was exposed a couple of times. We could barely pass the ball from one player to the other, and at one point the normally reliable Ray Grant prodded a ball to an onrushing Forfar player who then put another Forfar player clean through but his shot was svaed by Currie. The high balls to Mackin were now wind assisted and he wasn't getting on the end of much. Then Bikey came on. Eventually we actually passed the ball around on the deck with the previously anonymous Kurtis Roberts showing some great skill to release Bikey down the right. The Frenchman scampered away and his precise cutback was met again by Roberts who fired a low shot inches wide of the far post. Suddenly a bit of momentum gathered and we soon scored from a corner. A Binos player won the header and Bikey was first to react, his outstretched leg volleying the ball home before he celebrated like a man who'd just won the Postcode Lottery. Smiling from ear to ear while kissing the badge and high fiving ball boys. Let's face it he's not been great over the last year but he's almost like a player and a fan. At full time he was posing for selfies with the young ones by the tunnel. He probably caught Covid right there and then but he won't care tonight. All in all a fairly even game which we edged. Hope Nathan Flanagan isn't out for long; we missed his creativity and pace on the flank today. That's us beaten Peterhead, Albion Rovers, and now Forfar at home this season. Last season's home form ghosts successfully exorcised.
  10. That’s disappointing. He looked like a proper full back. McNiff doesn’t have much of an engine to be in that position. Clyde fans warned us McNiff was effective at CB but not up to full back anymore. Hopefully we will sign someone else but might be hard to find quality that’s available at this stage.
  11. First half we really did struggle. Especially first 20 minutes when Rovers did a lot of probing. However we eventually got into our stride. Second half we were pretty dominant and played some good football at times. Rovers looked shot by the end. Not bad to get 3 points given our poor home record and given 3 of our first choice back 4 were out. Kyle Banner isn’t a full back. Which is probably why he blundered for the goal we lost. Feel for Sean Heaver. He hardly plays and he executed his 2 great chances with all the authority of someone who is lacking match practice and confidence.
  12. Can I delete this and pretend I didn’t say it?
  13. I like the look of that. You’ll be a rich man come dinner time.
  14. Not sure Patrick Thistle should be 8/11 or 4/6 at home to Morton today? Not that Morton are world beaters by any stretch but I suspect the two clubs are of a similar standard and as such I wouldn’t have Thistle clear odds on for this. Pleasing at least to see Forfar cut to 8/13 most places for today.
  15. We're actually massive in England and throughout continental Europe.
  16. Would be nice to spot value and actually get a winner.... this week I already see Forfar chalked up at 10/11 most places. Again I can't say for sure they're going to beat Stranraer at Station Park but I'm also close to certain that price won't last. Forfar looking pretty decent so far this season while Stranraer -- who have downgraded their squad somewhat on last season -- are looking pretty shambolic at the moment. Just watched an interview with their manager who looked utterly broken while claiming any team who gets into the final third of the pitch against them looks like they're going to score. Obviously they could come out fighting or Forfar might get complacent, but, unless there's a Covid outbreak in Bridieland, that 10/11 won't last.
  17. Queen's Park burst my coupon. They were the only team on my coupon. 100% failure.
  18. This whole "everyone-who-replies-is-biting-and-seething" patter is tragic from grown adults.
  19. I like that word. I’m going to take it and I’m going to bloody well use it.
  20. Haha. Sounds like the sort of thing he would do. Great player, occasionally questionable attitude.
  21. What did Colin Cramb do to get kicked out? He was a great finisher for our level. In fact I just looked up his record and see he scored 16 goals in 27 apprearances for Stenhousemuir, that's some going.
  22. 9/5 is crazy. I think most bookies price games based on a rating system of clubs as a starting point. To the detached observer, they probably still rate Alloa as a lower-end Championship level side. This is where P&B is useful: a few pages on the Alloa thread and you can tell how disillusioned they are with BF's management so far. Saying that, I had £20 on Stenhousemuir last weekend at 3/1. They kicked off at 2/1 and I was all proud of myself but they still lost so it mattered f**k all in the end. Hopefully QP can do the business this weekend and actually earn us some money.
  23. This week’s example of wrong odds features Queen’s Park who are 6/4 or even 7/4 (McBookie) to win at an Alloa side who are not the force of recent seasons under the “leadership” of Barry Ferguson. If they kick off at anywhere north of 7/5 I will be very surprised.
  24. If we’d just hired him 2 months ago then yes, but he failed last season as well. We had Andy Ryan and still managed to finish as the 6th worst team in the SPFL. People were very angry at that point. He doesn’t have a bank of goodwill to buy him some time with fans. My concern is the board — who I suspect aren’t anywhere near as decisive or clinical enough on footballing matters — will wait until the season is shot and then make a change.
  25. Been dabbling in a 3D drawing package. Did Stirling Albion's main stand first of all. Since I have a few Killie pals I've done the Main Stand at Rugby Park. Feel free to print it out, scrunch it up and throw it at Ayr fans.
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