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  1. I was hoping we could just have a minute’s silence then get on with it.
  2. We *will* gift at least one gilt-edged goal scoring opportunity to Forfar during this game due to some form of defensive calamity. It’s so predictable it’s become a law of physics and kids will learn about this in school for generations to come.
  3. It could well do actually. The players put out a statement a few weeks ago backing the club board in the War Of The Boards. I think the captain was quite close to the chairman in particular. And some of the other back room staff (doctor or physio) are close/related to other directors who have just resigned. So there could be a motivational / morale issue in the dressing room. I hope there’s not but I’m a little worried.
  4. Jesus. That’s pretty bad stuff. I’m very surprised as he always seemed to prioritise being a “nice guy” above all else.
  5. Well. Since half time at the Elgin game we have scored 7 and only conceded 1. I am positively giddy. Will be interesting to see if Davidson will become a starter once he’s fit and at who’s expense. Brechin in the jobby cup in midweek. Don’t really care what happens. They are on a tremendous run in the HL so if they field a strong team and we heavily rotate we’ll do well to avoid defeat. But the main concern is Saturday at Bonnyrigg. Will be a very tough game but our tails are up just now and I’m hopeful we’ll take something from the game.
  6. You keep saying that. It’s just people who have a different opinion to you. It doesn’t mean they are being controlled by someone else behind the scenes. Remember several people accused you of being a puppet for the Trust board? That was clearly nonsense and you told people that you were your own man with your own opinions. You’re now doing exactly the same thing back to them.
  7. I wish you’d quit as well. You’ve talked this whole thing to death and it’s the same stuff over and over. Ironically all it does is turn people like me (who are relatively neutral) against your point of view.
  8. Yes that would be a good thing. More crossover, less people stuck in their own silo and distrusting the other side.
  9. They’ll just get on with it. Nobody’s tried to murder anyone here. Some people tried to vote off other people — it didn’t work, and now they may end up working together. This sort of thing is hardly earth shattering. We can’t just have the same group of people as before — we need some different perspectives. Having a club insider on the Trust board should help build bridges.
  10. You’re presenting a very selective bunch of “facts” that happen to fit your preferred narrative. We all have an opinion here but you’re the only one canvassing on Pie and Bovril to try and get people to see things your way. Ironically all you’ve done is persuaded me to vote for the complete opposite of what you’re saying, because your whole attitude stinks.
  11. A few weeks ago the key people on both sides came together and agreed to try and work together to move this whole situation forward. Nearly everyone felt relieved and hopeful progress could be made despite the obvious personal friction. Posting stuff about who people who volunteer behind the scenes and saying why they mustn’t be allowed on the Trust, and saying how enjoyable it is to irritate people on Facebook, is the antithesis of the spirit of cooperation. We are all trying to get away from petty warfare. Well, everyone except you it seems.
  12. “rhliston seems like a sensible guy, I think I’ll vote for what he says,” said nobody ever.
  13. Believe me — there’s a lot of people out there who don’t think the same way as you.
  14. Sounds like it’ll be one of those All Police Leave Cancelled events.
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