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  1. Spending money to be successful is fine. Spending ludicrous sums that you cannot sustain is not. Gretna were very much the latter. Queen’s Park are presumably being sensible? I did wonder how a club with, say, attendances of 700 can afford to be full time and sign someone like Simon Murray but I’m hoping it’s all cool? Educate me please spiders.
  2. While I wouldn't rule out the fact that one bad season could see that happen, I like to think our natural home is in League One as opposed to the Lowland League.
  3. So although Stirling is a "city", there's only 37,000 inhabitants. Should still get bigger crowds than we do of course, but it's smaller than Glenrothes, Cumbernauld, Hamilton, Livingston, Ayr etc etc. Stirling also has quite a large middle class population. We even vote Tory occasionally. Generalising here but people who vote Tory tend not to be into football -- certainly not lower league football. Whereas a town like Motherwell -- which has a population less than Stirling -- is much more football-oriented. We've also nearly always been shite. So there's not been a golden age where people started going and got their sons (and daughters) to go as well. My Dad is from Falkirk and he was taken to see Falkirk in the Scottish Cup Final in the early 1960s. All his family support Falkirk. We've never had anything like that. At school there were maybe 4 of us in my year who supported Stirling Albion, otherwise it's the usual armchair Rangers and Celtic pish. We were also (I think) mismanaged in the last 20 years of the previous century. We had our own stadium near the centre of town, then got into debt, sold our only asset, and now we rent Forthbank from the council. So we can't generate income by renting out pitches or office space etc, which again reduces our spending power relative to clubs like Stenhousemuir or Alloa. Christ that was depressing. But when I win the EuroMillions on Friday night, a new dawn will begin.
  4. Don't get me wrong, Jordan White was great for us but that was in the bottom tier. I was really surprised when I saw a top half Premiership team was in for him. Issue is your manager seems to want to teach Chris Long a lesson so I suspect White will start at least one more game after this one, even though Long is -- in my uninformed opinion -- much more likely to score.
  5. Tell her you want sex. She'll feign a migraine while you watch the football.
  6. Stenhousemuir have a pretty tasty squad for the season ahead. Makes a difference to last season when noises were made about having money to spend and yet it all looked a bit Meh come August. You’ve got to expect Queen’s Park will have the best players but I think both Stenhousemuir and, if I can be objective, Stirling Albion are assembling a better quality of player than last season and will hopefully will be able to challenge at the top end.
  7. It's decidedly out of character for Stirling Albion to be outgunning anyone when it comes to wages so I'm not sure what to make of this. We are fan-owned and run prudently (off the pitch at least). Quite possible we made a very generous offer but I would doubt it would be anything you'd categorise as "silly" money. Leave that for Cove Rangers.
  8. Rest assured Bennett won’t be reading 1 page of it and will be waiting for others to tell him what to think.
  9. It’s just a shame Steven Gerrard doesn’t have your renowned tactical knowledge. Maybe you could offer your services?
  10. Aye I’ve watched it back a few times and can’t quite understand why it was a red, though it’s not exactly sky sports so it’s hard to see if he went in at the ankle or something. Some of our players reacted and maybe that’s influenced the ref but it looked harsh to me. Not that it mattered.
  11. I'm going to go ahead and start a rumour that he's going to Arbroath to test himself in the 2nd tier and that's why Cove moved for McAllister.
  12. I'm also guessing Aberdeen fans will be unlikely to support a team in blue with "Rangers" in the name.
  13. Yeah I have the same thoughts. Could be missplaced of course, perhaps they're absolutely self-sustaining and doing this responsibly, or perhaps they have a benefactor who is genuinely happy to write off money so any debt isn't ever going to be saddled with the club. Regardless, so many Scottish clubs have overstretched and gone into administration down the years that it becomes natural to wonder what's going on when you see the players they've had this season. If (and it's a big if) they're financially doping then that's unfair on all the other clubs. Regards, Mr S. Grapes.
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