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  1. I understand the lack of confidence right now but I really wouldn't abandon all hope just yet. Yes we are favourites and Dumbarton have injury problems, but we really aren't a super-force at the moment. All our games are tight -- we could easily lose on Saturday and you could be top again. And you still have to play us at your place. William Hill make Dumbarton 11/4 for the league at this point. We are 1/4. If you allow for the over-round on those odds, it suggests they think Dumbarton have about a 25% chance of winning the league, so it's far from over.
  2. That’s a very sensible suggestion, which means it will never happen.
  3. I think it was given as a corner because officials thought the ball skimmed off the head of the Dumbarton player who was challenging for the ball. But I’m not really arsed about debating marginal decisions. It was just a corner after all, not a penalty.
  4. As an outsider, what seems strange to me is Dumbarton clearly have a large group of pretty fair-minded fans on here. I guess though the noisy, toxic element on your Facebook page are the ones that draw attention, giving a completely skewed view of the fanbase. Every fanbase has its seething messes of course. Usually guys in their mid 50s coming to terms with erection difficulties and taking out their anger on their football team.
  5. This is a proper title fight. Said earlier on this thread that fans often judge their team by the last performance, but Dumbarton are clearly a streetwise and effective side who shouldn’t be defined by last weekend’s aberration. They proved that today. We haven’t been blowing teams away for quite a while. We’ve lost a lot of attacking threat since Kai Fotheringham was recalled to Dundee United. Fortunately we’re very good from corners which kinda makes up for it. We have experience all over the pitch and on the bench so we should win more than we lose in the run-in. Onwards we go. Great crowd today and fair play to the Sons fans. May the best team win.
  6. Crowd prediction: 1172. Of which exactly 280 will be away fans, including FifeSons who will arrive triumphantly at the ground at 2.58pm.
  7. Any idea what the head to head record is? I’m guessing Dumbarton probably edge it.
  8. The problem with Baker Street is you’d need to leave the pub about 2.30pm to walk to the taxi rank (3 mins away) and get a taxi to the ground. So while the pubs are better there, the soulless offerings near the stadium will ensure you at least get to watch the whole of the first half of the Scotland game. Saying that, I can’t be sure which pubs will be showing the game so I’d advise phoning ahead.
  9. In football we all have a tendency to judge our team based on the last performance. I hope we don’t do this for Dumbarton. I hope our players assume they’re going to be every bit as effective at getting results as they have been over the season. It was only a couple of weeks ago they went to Stranraer and won 2-0, a place where we have taken a total of 1 point from 2 games. Now that we’ve reached the top, I hope we don’t choke or approach things any differently. This is a great opportunity to win and open up a 5 point gap with a pretty decent goal difference advantage. It’s going to be very very difficult, especially since we played last night while Dumbarton rested, but I hope we can bag the 3 points.
  10. We will need to bring our A game to get 3 points. No thinking about Dumbarton. Forfar are a good team and we can’t keep clean sheets so will probably need to score at least twice to win. Fingers crossed. It’s getting exciting. We’ve been so pish for the last decade that it’s great to have something to get excited about.
  11. Wasn’t at the game yesterday but I saw the Stranraer manager saying he felt they were “superior all over the pitch”. If that’s true then we’re going to need to improve for Tuesday night against Forfar. Forfar fans on here saying they were brilliant in the 2nd half yesterday. Our last 3 games have been super tight against the bottom 3 in the league. It will be even harder against Forfar in midweek. We can’t be remotely thinking about the Dumbarton game at the moment. It’s been very scrappy of late. Delighted to be challenging but we are overdue a really good performance and it would be nice to keep a clean sheet for a change. Onwards to Tuesday and hopefully 3 points.
  12. I think there was literally one homophobic comment from our resident village idiot (he made several other generally abusive posts, and is probably revelling in Elon Musk’s new era of free speech on Twitter). Report him and mute him, as i have done.
  13. I wish I didn’t, but I have to disagree with that part. I thought he was frequently wasteful in possession. I’m desperate for him to do well but to me Cammy Clark is better, both defensively and offensively. Maybe the manager will rotate them when we have midweek games.
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