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  1. Sure I read on Twitter that Adam Booth's father was also in hospital suffering from it.
  2. kiddy


    The Rodman 30 for 30 ESPN documentary was brilliant.
  3. BJS making an arse of himself on the internet again. Shock, horror.
  4. Abiding memory is of a "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" journey from Elliots, after the bus was a no show. Missed Sammy's goal, but the deflation of "there's been a goal at Celtic Park", as we approached Parkhead Cross, was replaced by the utter euphoria of watching the taxi in front bounce about the road; as they announced "& It's Celtic 0..." with pandemonium ensuing in the car we were in. Gilmour had been trying those 25-30 yard trundlers ALL season, with virtually everyone there shouting "FCUKIN NO!" as they watched him line up yet another. Mayhem is the only word to describe what followed possibly one of THE best moments of my watching FFC.
  5. Eh, no we wouldn't. We were part time & pretty woeful.
  6. She's on a bit of a trek!
  7. [emoji848]You've missed out Cove, in the relegate side, for that ex Falkirk continuity.[emoji6]
  8. I agree, whatever happened to the NSFW forum?
  9. Wi the Worlds & Olympics this year, where would it fit in? I think it will be scrapped. Personally, I think the Tour could be at risk too.
  10. The only mistake the SG are making, is that their decision over the 500 max capacity isn't immediate. That there are two 50k+ games going on in Glasgow in between are the crux of the matter. Don't viruses know there is an "OF" game due? (If they did, they too would be replying, "fcuk off, it's only Celtic playing a tribute act")
  11. kiddy


    Get the yella suits out & get on with it.
  12. It was a shitfest &, whilst embarrassing, his argument could hold up. It was close, as both fighters stank.
  13. Interview with Lewis Moore on Scotland Today, had a lot of personal issues going on & we thought he was a defender! Said the loan was a waste of time & he was close to chucking it. Now, 2 games later, wi Hearts, he's in the U-21 squad! Think it says more of the lack of depth there, but good luck to the lad.
  14. They'd have had to deduct both for timidity, nullifying the act. That the ref asked them to give the judges something to score spoke volumes.
  15. Good performance by Carroll, but Quigg is done. The towell should have come in a good few rounds earlier.
  16. Spot on with the stoppage from the ref. Heavy KD & it would only have gone in another punch or two.
  17. Parker/Murdoch is a right nip & tuck fight. They're both ranked above Jacobs by the WBO? No, really!
  18. No Strada Bianchi today, cancelled due to Corona virus. But Kwiatowski, rode it anyway, a day or so back.
  19. Michelton withdraw from racing for 3 weeks. Missing Strade Bianchi, Milan-San Remo, Paris-Nice & Tirreno-Adriatico amongst others. #coronaviruspanic
  20. It's just getting unwatchable. I don't know why my fb timeline is full of folk going missing, when this mob are catching 'fugitives' so easily. The only way to beat them is go wild camping & use the Royal Mail to communicate!
  21. Did what it was designed to do, show that 'an independent Scotland couldn't support it's own television service'. That it was setup by the UK state broadcaster, is completely lost on them.
  22. Ineos DS Nico Portal dies of Heart Attack aged 40!😲
  23. Think you'll find it was 'the' Rangers (International). But Sevco will do, if you find that a mouthful.
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