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  1. Tell all those fighters that have moved through multiple divisions over the decades that; names too numerous to mention.
  2. Mayweather?[emoji46] Oh you mean a #Landis! *Quote by Jumbo Visma's George Bennet IIRC.
  3. Good tactics from Ineos, having Bernal mark Pinot. Thomas seems to be gaining some form. Alaphillipe screwed the nut & limited his losses. Any one of the top 6 could take this. Best Tour for years. Not forgetting another fine stage win for Simon Yates, lost in the GC furore.
  4. Watch the subtitles, "Ja Hoor" had me giggling away.[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  5. His comments after the ITT, regarding Alaphillipe "winning if he kept riding like that", set alarm bells ringing with me. Don't think I've ever heard Froome talk about competitors in such regard, including last year, until he realised the time gap to his team mate was insurmountable & in the interests of the team. Given his disrupted program prior to the tour. He can only hope of riding himself into form, through the third week & hope the leader fades. Noticeable that Bernal's tactic, of riding but not contributing with the lead group, seemed to stall the attacks until the final 200m. To my mind, had he tried to pace Thomas, their losses would have been bigger.
  6. I can remember the same being said about Holyfield.
  7. By the looks of it, a lot of GC riders being found not to have peaked at the right time. As Roglic found out to his cost, in the Giro, maintaining form over a 3 week GT is an extreme science nowadays. I wonder at what stage do you think Alaphillipe'll have, actual, pish thrown at him? Pinot must be kicking himself at getting caught out in the crosswinds. As for Quintana, his move to Arkea Samsig looks good business for Movistar, he's done at GT level. Sent from my XT1039 using Tapatalk
  8. Now that's what I call #Rapid!
  9. You can see how wearing the #GoldenFleece & having French support would have lifted him. That Mas is also in contention, also gives DQS that 2nd option. Can't wait to see how things unfold tomorrow on the road to the Tourmalet.
  10. Big test coming, in the high mountain passes.
  11. Think everyone's starting to believe in the Frenchman's chances. Would be good for the Tour, & the French, if he can sustain it in the coming days in the Pyrenees.
  12. Any news on Wout Van Aert's condition? Really bad crash, looked like he might have been speared by barrier he caught.
  13. Suggestions of Rohan Dennis throwing a strop, after a heated discussion on the team bus, & climbing off his bike at yesterday's feed zone! [emoji102] Seems bizarre, the day before his best chance of a stage win.[emoji85] https://cyclingtips.com/2019/07/inside-the-bizarre-tour-departure-of-rohan-dennis/
  14. Good win for Simon Yates today. Thought he'd blown it, leaving it to the sprint. I expect a bit of a shake up in GC, following tomorrow's ITT. Sean Kelly said Alaphillipe's lead equates to 2 sec's/Km. Might be a lot closer at the top end of the order, if you "do the calculation".[emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]
  15. Has Askren woke up yet?
  16. Did the Monegasque win?
  17. I'm no expert on cricket's laws & regulations. But as a punter viewing it on holiday, in a pub full of English, I just thought Stokes deflection of the throw was completely against the spirit of the game. That the Kiwi's threw it away, conceding a 4 by stepping in the boundary being a prime example, paled into insignificance. Why was the video ref not asked to rule on it, was beyond me. It, however, stands alongside the world bagpiping championships, in terms of worldwide sports.
  18. Definitely points to Quintana leaving Movistar. To have Valverde trying to stall the main peleton, (Luke Rowe having to rebuke the WC) & pretty much leave the Colombian to fend for himself, says it all. I'm pretty glad Landa shipped 2 mins at the end of the day & hope Quintana sticks it right Ben the DS throat, the rest of the tour. JV had obviously targeted the stage for Groenewegan/Van Art, that Bennet was deemed domestique for the day; Kruiswyk being their plan A, GC wise. Major faux Pas there. Top stage racing by Quick Step/Ineos, otherwise. A stack of GC contenders put to the sword. Chapeau, Mas/Alaphillipe & Thomas/Bernal. Movistar left with Nairo & Valverde? How far back is he in GC?
  19. Pretty much a template that FMJ exacted to perfection.
  20. Never really gave Tommy Hearns any problems.
  21. If I was Brook I'd be volunteering to drive the taxi too!
  22. Alaphillipe is explosive enough, whether he can grind it out in the HC climbs, is another matter. The French must be having kittens just now at the thought of a home win though. 35 years, since Hinhault beat LeMond! Disappointing Nibali has pretty much canned it. Think his days if GT wins are gone now.
  23. Today's Attendance:2,121. Half what last season's diddys were attracting, but it's the diddy LC, so nobody gives a flying anyway. Preseason game, no more, no less.
  24. The League Cup, what's that? Another tournament those in authority made an arse of.
  25. "I'll deal with it" @Awfulview, then promptly not dealing with it. Summed him up really.
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