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  1. Did the judges class that as a KD & give the round to his opponent in doing so? As I thought the unanimous decision was poor, & that he had done enough through the 3 rounds to take it.
  2. It really would be better if ownership/responsibility for the whole stadium site came under single party ownership. Instead of the utter clusterfcuk that exists just now.
  3. As has been picked up on Twitter, the only sad thing is, though inevitable, these players could have been furloughed until August with minimal effect on their business.
  4. Going by that, you can kiss next season goodbye.
  5. Jarlinson Pantano banned for 4 years for testing +ve for EPO year past Feb.
  6. What chances them getting him peddling round Snake Mountain on that old bike they bought off the liquidator?
  7. Andy Gray on Harry's Heroes on STV just now.
  8. That Nicktoons running Murun Buchstansangur? He's lost a bit of weight.
  9. Sir Wiggo splits from his wife, no doubt their divorce will be agreed in a jiffy.
  10. Quickly looking at their roster you can definitely split two teams from it (Spanish & British cores) Landa, Bilbao, Garcia & Valls against Froome, Cav, Davies, Williams & Wright. I'd imagine the Italians would be more interested in the Giro (Capecchi, Caruso, Colbrelli, Battaglin,) but without a leader Theuns? Leaving a core of Slovenians with other nationalities. You'd imagine Froome would want Poels, Mohoric & Tratnik from that, probably leaving the rest pretty much for a bun fight That the three GT's are coming one right after another, will force teams to use their entire squad. Perhaps making them the most open than they have been, since the Glory Days, where teams weaknesses will become their Achilles Heel.
  11. Strongly linked with Bahrain McLaren. If true Landa must be the unluckiest rider in the peloton To be fair, Landa has never really shown GT win capabilities (3rd in Giro 2015). That the proposed Tour/Giro/Vuelta calendar makes it an easier move, if it happens. Landa would have to pick one of the lesser two, this year. Though this story, Froome moving, appears to have come off the back of an interview Bernal gave Contador, with Eurosport. In it he said that he wouldn't be sacrificing himself for the other two Ineos riders & that 'the road would decide'. https://www.cyclingnews.com/news/egan-bernal-i-wont-sacrifice-myself-for-froome-and-thomas-at-tour-de-france/
  12. Hot rumour Froome could be moving teams mid-season!
  13. Shno happenin! It's wur Glesga Fair naw rat palaver so an it is, know but?
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