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  1. Hearn's announced Whyte v Otto Wallin for Oct 30th at the O2.
  2. 'Kirkmouth' is another beauty. Were the writers holed up in 'the Bog' for the entirety of lockdown?
  3. You know nothing John Snow.
  4. "Second age of middle earth" you say? So it's 'the' Lord of the Rings!
  5. So long as there are media companies willing to put on PPV & shmucks that pay for them. Then there will always be a place for the Circus in town. Suckers, there's one born every minute.
  6. Cracking photo m8[emoji108]
  7. Why is he still searching for his best selection, & formation. When the team that finished against Clyde was it?[emoji2371]
  8. *Watch the Pros make a mockery of my slog.
  9. Today's top viewing? A youngster in Edinburgh, giving it absolutely everything, to race the Pro's, in the Tour of Britain. #Rewards. https://twitter.com/GcnRacing/status/1436730519610404871?s=20
  10. Remind me again, just why a third tier Scottish league club needs a CEO & DoF?[emoji2371]
  11. Wilder/Fury doesn't take place & I can see the WBC stripping him of the title.
  12. Lopez & Movistar come to a mutual agreement to terminate his contract.
  13. & she's gone.[emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23]
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