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  1. Uno-X seem to be having a great start to the Spring Classic season. Heavily involved in everything! No bad for a 2nd tier team.
  2. Cinco de Mayo @Paisley Lagoon?
  3. Until he faced Buster Douglas? Tyson arrived in an era where there was a dearth of class Heavyweights, to a World desperate to hark back to the days of the 70's. A throwback fighter arriving at the end of Larry Holmes reign. He certainly revitalised the division. Yet he was found wanting against class boxers in the shape of Holyfield & Lewis. His most noteworthy wins/peak came against a washed up Larry Holmes & Michael Spinks who was a LH. Bearing in mind, the Heavyweight division, at that time, was competing against the era of Leonard/Duran/Hagler & Hearns at Middleweight.
  4. Jim Jacobs & Bill Cayton were also a heavy influence on Tyson's career. D'Amato died in November 85, Tyson had only 11 pro fights by that point & didn't win a Championship for another year in his 28th bout! Tyson's downfall was already on the cards by the time of Jacobs death in 88, after Tyson's defence against Tony Tubbs (No. 34). As Robin Givens was already on the scene. He then sued to break contract with Cayton, which allowed Don King to move in on him. Here's an interesting interview with Cayton, regards what was going on at the time. Bill Cayton: 'I feel so sorry for Mike Tyson' - Boxing News (boxingnewsonline.net)
  5. The driving experiment; have they changed the speed limits? As it was basically proven, after pointing people out (at the 3rd time of asking) that identification was nigh on impossible! Forby stopping to ask directions, you've zero chance of describing anyone present; forby describing the number & possible gender.
  6. Council could have liquidated multiple sites over the district, at the peak of the property boom, & reinvested in the Westfield site. Centralising all their departments on one site, with multiple office buildings & paying rent to FCSL. Fourth stand would have been financed & both partners profited.
  7. Did you listen to his opening statement? #Leadership
  8. @PermSecScot can't be fired by Holyrood. She's not employed by them. Better ask the Minister for the Civil Service.😉
  9. "Now we'll go for a break!😂🤣😂"
  10. Surprised it didn't include him listening to it wi headphones on & when he took them off there was a mug of cocoa & two slice of toast, on the bedside cabinet! As for an appeal, it looked as though there was enough doubt cast on the conviction to warrant one, though why it was already rejected twice was never covered. They certainly wanted questions asked of the prosecution, over the interrogation/forensics, sisters boyfriend, the Moped Boys/cousin, Condom Man & the unnamed new suspect. Leith Ned's mate seemed a bit of a cul-de-sac though, with him being dead (confirmed?).
  11. Giro 21 stages announced. Ganna could be in pink for a good while!
  12. George Bennett in spat with NZ cycling over Nat Champs jersey. Wanted to wear his own design, but "shut down" by national federation. Then you see he pulled the jersey on after his recent win. #Doh https://www.cyclingnews.com/amp/news/george-bennetts-national-champions-jersey-shut-down-by-cycling-new-zealand/?__twitter_impression=true
  13. If the season's done, we'll be having it called the same way as last season.
  14. Well it's not called Subsidyvale for nothing.
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