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  1. Don't forget Danny McBreen, #GoalMachine!
  2. #astounded[emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23]
  3. Are you saying there's something wrong wi Gemtoon lassies?
  4. EH! Put the bottle down & go to bed m8. On the other hand, keep drinking & go for it.
  5. Tim Krumrie's legbreak seems like yesterday.
  6. 1st postseason road win in franchise history? WOW!
  7. Thoroughly deserved in an ultra close game.
  8. HUGE! Can they get into field goal? YES!
  9. Protection for Burrows should be the Bengals prime priority in the draft.
  10. Mair sac than a bukakke convention
  11. This is a FANTASTIC game!
  12. I suppose everybody has to start somewhere. Jim Jeffries pulled it out with a draw at Dundee having signed Alex Taylor.
  13. Is that right, playing for 1&1/4 hours, against the team at the bottom, with 10 men & have created 1 chance on target from 60% play?
  14. Burgess was lucky that Gary Smith followed Manley as his partner. His time with Falkirk ended in a crumpled heap in Perth, when he went down with nobody near him. My abiding memory of him is him running through treacle at Tynecastle in his Premier League debut. A rather rude awakening to pace, as Colquhoun, Robertson & Clark ran rings round him.
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