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  1. kiddy


    Meant to be after Kemba Walker too,
  2. Thought it was really close until the last 2/3 rounds. Galahad spoiled throughout, but threw next to nothing in them. Can only think he'd have to work himself into another mandatory, as no champion will touch him, after fighting with tactics like that.
  3. Very scrappy, first combo of round gives it to Warrington. As Woodhall says, the Kid better as a South Paw.
  4. Round Warrington, caught Galahad 2/3 times clean, but the Kid lucky not to be docked for the head lock.
  5. Round Galahad, pretty much even, but the first punch of the fight caught Warrington off guard & balance,
  6. At least it finished before Warrington/Galahad
  7. Massive elbow from Breidis. There's surely got to be a rematch. Barrett's performance was reminiscent of Herol Graham.
  8. Dorticos wins 1st Semi in the WBSS with a cracking KO. Barrett must have a chin of granite. Barrett catching him all the time.
  9. Tour Dr Suisse opener was pretty meh. Dennis takes the 9km ITT.
  10. Weather at the Dauphane was absolutely appalling.
  11. Looking forward to Warrington/Galahad. Chuckle every time Josh calls him Barry.
  12. Don't see Froome returning. A fifth Tour is now gone & he'll never contend for a GT again. At the very best, a Tour return, to retire on the Champs-Élysées, is all that could remain for him.
  13. No doubt Chris Horner's getting nervous.
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