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  1. Procycling thread

    Fantastic win for Degenkolb. Pretty emotional considering, the team being nearly wiped out, having been hit whilst out training a year or so ago & his chances of racing agin being predicted as slim to zero.
  2. Procycling thread

    Bardet punctures in one of the first sectors.
  3. Procycling thread

    Porte's out! Crashed before the pave. Looks like his collarbones gone.
  4. Procycling thread

    Badly timed crash for Dan Martin, losing more time on GC.
  5. Boxing Thread

    Pacquiao stops Matthysse in 7 to claim a WBA Welterweight title. Don't know what Thurman thinks of that, being their ACTUAL champion?
  6. Procycling thread

    Cav's done at this level now.
  7. Uruguay v France

    Think Cavani being out will be the decisive factor. Tips the balance toward the French.
  8. Boxing Thread

    Maybe, with both having major shoulder surgery, both are looking to cash out as they might not have many top fights left in them.
  9. Boxing Thread

    Depends on the cash on offer.
  10. NBA

    He gets a ring too?
  11. Procycling thread

    BMC's owner/founder died recently. Company might reduce input into team?Some guy, linked with Tag Heuer, meant to be setting up a new team, seperate to BMC.
  12. Or gifted a cup final win, by a team of plonkers that couldn't take their man advantage into extra time.[emoji85] [emoji24]
  13. Rumours at the time were he was a board signing, via a beneficiary with contacts. Paid for by said benefactor, an Austrian international, Hughes was said to be incandescent. CMIIW, but sure he was later sold, in Austria, for £1m+.
  14. But Hughes wouldn't play him. Still remember the steam coming out of Yogi's ears, when fan power made him stick the guy on when we were 4-1 down with 5 to go.
  15. NBA

    Out if the two major teams, he couldn't go to Boston. As Kyrie's already there. Bit of a no brainer but, unless they can trade their way to a better team, just having LBJ isn't enough to unseat the Warriors. As has just been proven.