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  1. Vuelta starting with a TTT*. Can only imagine that'll slew the GC in favour of JV/Roglic. *I love TTT's, & they're a great spectacle for the public to watch, but should only be run as a stand alone stage in major races; with an overall prize over a season. They can have a devastating effect on genuine GC contenders aspirations.
  2. Nothing will ever beat the Jungle Cats & #FightNight.
  3. Take it that's not at a Pleasance venue then? #values
  4. Also forgot the pen claim in the 1st half, where Morrison was bizarrely judged to have handled the ball before being bundled to the ground. Only remembered having watched the highlights, & at the time couldn't fathom why the foul had gone against him. As, from the ref's perspective & camera view (behind the players) it wasn't conclusively hands & the Linesman didn't flag.
  5. Reflecting on y/day, it was very reminiscent of the game v Clyde, around the same point of last season & we all know how things panned out after that.
  6. Somehow missed two stick on pen's, out of three claims*, in two minutes. *The second wasn't. The Peterhead Keeper was the best player on show. 4/5 outstanding saves.
  7. Switch off for a second & get punished. Playing pretty well too. Cracking run & finish from Williamson, been pretty much our best player & been getting acres of space all half.
  8. For every Murray Wallace, we've seen a Ross Perry/Joe Chalmers/Jason Marr come through from Glasgow.
  9. Tops:- Abandoman Decent:- Simon Munnery & Elliot Bibby MBNC:- And They Played Shang-A-Lang & Spontaneous Potter. Not seen anything shite yet. #touchwood
  10. Hope they had their Lottery/Euromillions numbers on, the audient member turning up at his Des Clarke interview! #WhatWereTheChances
  11. It's going to take a while to rid themselves of the 2/3 year deal millstones.
  12. Would at least have thought they could have had UB40 on at either end, to make sure both Campbell brothers versions didn't meet.
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