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  1. Galloway4Galloway next? Whilst not necessarily standing in Galloway![emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23]
  2. Take it not enough Unionists could come to terms with tactical voting, in the opposite direction, this week?[emoji1784][emoji2961]
  3. Why his bout is on ficht.tv?
  4. Wouldn't be surprised if Bike exchange get one of their cars booted out the race after driving into the back of Serry today. Could really hurt Yates chances. Meant to mention that, was utterly outrageous. He just drove right up his arse! I'd imagine the driver/DS? would definitely by booted out. How Peiter Serry got away without serious injury was astounding, that the bike wasn't at least thrown at the driver, another. SCARY ... A car from the Bikeexchange SHOCKED Pieter Serry, Incredible !! | Giro d'Italia 2021 - YouTube
  5. Entertaining stage in the peeing rain, where Ineos Gannadeirs put the Maglia Rosa to the sword. Catching De Marchi out on a descent in cross winds & dropping him. Last known 15+ mins. We now have the 1st Hungarian Maglia Rosa in GFDJ's Attila Walter. Evenopoel at 10 Bernal 16. Most GC riders still.there, but Bennett's gone, blew big style on final climb. Hindley too.
  6. Dombrowski out with concussion.
  7. Looks like Landa out if the Giro, bad crash wi 9km to go. Appeared road furniture & riders changing mind at the split, took out the marshall wi the pennant & 2 or three went down, including yesterday's winner, & KoM, Dombrowski. Sivakov crashed earlier, looked to have back pain, & will prob exit GC contention.
  8. Think the best I saw the Giro, must have been the year Cunego won. He'd beaten Simoni at the top of the climb & the tifosi just fucked off down the mountain, with the race still going on![emoji54] Riders were having to battle their way through the crowds.[emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23]
  9. Looks like the club missed a trick! Might be the only way to shift them? https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/confusion-people-getting-covid-vaccine-24089627
  10. Yates only dropped 10 secs on the other GC riders.
  11. "Clint, I've got a 99p Magnum. Do you feel licky Punk?" 😂🤣😂 Or when he walks down the red carpet & gets into the limousine, only to get hauld out of it by a heavy! The Complete Pennis - Complete Dennis Pennis Compilation - YouTube
  12. Whilst I can also remember Andy Bruce, Paul McStay & Sludden. I never realised Ronnie Coyle & John Robertson played in 'that' game too! Alastair Dick - England v Scotland Schoolboys - Wembley 1980 4-5 Final Score - YouTube
  13. I've got a cousin called Kevin. He's got a degree in Economics, Maths, Physics & Bionics!
  14. Could it be that he's as popular in the boxing world as he is on social media?
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