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  1. Only time I was ever in Darvel’s ground was a right struggle too. Almost 28 years ago & yes, it was future/former Bairns Jack Ross, Brian Kemp, Alan McGonigal & Derek Haston in the Kemlin team
  2. Coming up 28 years since I was last there. Watched Kemlin go 3 down inside half an hour, in their defence of the Junior Cup, & yet somehow pull it back to 3-3. Won the replay, before going on to lose the final to Tayport. Last nights game posted fair warning regards what they’ll have to do, & how they’ll have to apply themselves, if they’re going to negotiate that tie.
  3. Hadn’t realised Taylor will only have fought the once, Catterall, since unifying in June 21. What chances the WBO stripping him & him either moving up,or retiring?
  4. Taylor Catterall not happening anytime soon, Taylor’s injured.
  5. On one hand, he was unlucky not to have gained a penalty. Yet on the other, lucky not to have been booked for fouling a defender.
  6. The tubes on here have spent weeks decrying the Pars playing poorly & scooping points. I forecast such, stated it in my after match thoughts. Yet they’re not happy with that either. Til next week & a hope for improvement. Seeye
  7. What the Third Division? Fans who like to polish turd it would seem. An honest opinion, that it wasn’t very good today, has obviously rattled those #fanatics cages for sure.
  8. Giving it ‘the ears’ v part-time Montrose in the Scottish Third Division. You lot are wanting him shipped out, on the main thread! Shower of fickle arseholes. Goals apart, the 2nd of which shouldn’t have stood. He was pretty anonymous today & I thought Kennedy was contributing far more in a creative sense. Shame most chances fell to Henderson who, whilst being played out of position, has the turning circle of a supertanker.
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