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  1. That's a good bit of news. Asking for McGeouch now almost seems like being greedy.
  2. which one ? the golfer, the irish one or the scottish one?
  3. That's because I'e just renewed my DNA membership. You never know, that extra 216 quid might just be enough to swing it.
  4. Chrome. I checked it on Firefox too and I'd say it's not as bad on that, definitely seems worse on Chrome. It's fine on my Ipad but I use the app on that.
  5. Glad it's not just me that finds the newest font difficult to read. Not so much that it's too small, as I have the eyes of an eagle, but the main pages with all the threads, are really blurry. I did try reverting to Div's fav theme and the 2017 one, but they're both so dark and sombre, I like the brightness my lovely red Aberdeen theme gives off, but it does make me feel like I'm reading with the worst hangover going.
  6. explains the lack of incoming activity for our midfield. We're just going to lump it forward.
  7. Shinnie will definitely be missed. As has been said before, this summer transfer window is going to be huge for us - it will have to be, given the numbers of changes that will occur. I fear for us a little. I suspect that the funds required for the new stadium construction are going to be major restricting factor in how much is available. As a DNA member, I accept that the money I, and the others provide through that scheme is just a drop in the bucket.
  8. We live in the States now, but still have a home in Scotland and my wife goes back regularly to visit friends and family. I've just had a very long phone conversation with her, during which she calmly informed me our house got broken into last night, whilst she was asleep upstairs. She never heard a thing and the only things that got taken were a few bottles of wine, a couple of bottles of Springbank 21 malts and a couple of bottles of fancy bourbons. Her brother has secured the damaged door and made it as good as it can be and she seems remarkably alright about the whole thing. I'm livid and have no idea what to do, being thousands of miles away.
  9. I was under the impression that a "long extension" would only be agreed by the EU if they felt that the UK actually had a plan and was working out the details. As it seems Westminster can't agree whether the moon is made of cheese, that seems unlikely. Doubly so, given the PM's statement that she has no intention of having the European elections held, which are due in late M ay - and have been cited by the EU as a prequisite for any extension beyond that date.
  10. It just seems absolute madness that they are contemplating bringing back May's "deal" for another vote, given how soundly beaten it has been each time, and yet rather than come up with a new plan or even the idea of one, the choice looks like being something they've already soundly rejected or no deal, which they've also said they have no interest in. There's far too much " not voting for that" and not enough " here's a viable alternative"
  11. That's a pretty good April Fool gag from Westminster. Is the real vote later ?
  12. It's late Sunday afternoon and I've been feeling magnanimous. But you're right .
  13. Aye, I was expecting more from a Man U "wunderkind".
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