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  1. That would be awesome. Hat-trick for S May Esq, followed by a debilitating bout of the flu when we play you in the semi
  2. Mcgregor just seems to permanently raging
  3. Happy enough with that. Would be churlish to want a slick performance as well as the victory, especially given the weather and some our recent play. Looked like the St Mirren players had instructions on how to deal with Kennedy, so I had hoped that our midfielders would have taken more advantage of the space being left by them doubling up on him.
  4. Imagine that, folk posting about Sevco on a match thread involving them.
  5. well, that was a. unexpected b. very enjoyable
  6. I really want him to be good/great or at the very least not shite, but that video is not exactly filling me with confidence. If that's supposed to be his highlights. Seems to be decent defensively, at least positionally and willing to get stuck in. Likes a run forward and looks to have great pace, but his crossing (purely on the video evidence) is dire. He's going to fit right in!
  7. I see Polster missed most of the 2018 MLS season with an MCL injury. Seems like just the kind of guy Mcinnes would be interested in. Also, having been thru this with Christie, you'd think we should have learned that even if we help turn a fringe player into a first teamer, it bites us in the arse when they have to be dropped for games against their club.
  8. That sees a little harsh......... My " research" may have been a bit on the skimpy side admittedly.
  9. He could probably sneak back, I doubt Cocu would even notice he wasn't around.
  10. From the "start a rumour" department, Shinnie to return until the end of the season. You heard it here first. (or maybe not)
  11. Appalling. At the very least we're going to need to sign a healthy midfielder, even if it is just for 6 months.
  12. I don't know, Kincardine seems to take great delight in making sure that everyone's spelling and grammar toes the line.
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