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  1. Not too sure about the pen tbh, think the ball was away and it's not like it was serious foul play. Dallas and Ross together were awful tho. Hope the players don't feel like they are obliged to shake the hand of that piece of tory scum
  2. I agree with that he's been trying to do too much to the detriment of the results. But I don't think it's because of believing his own hype. Not sure he's ever been that type of player. Even today when he was doing endless pointless dragovers on the side of the box it looked more like nerves than confidence. Lovely turns on his day tho
  3. I've barely been able to see this game. Problems definitely not at my end. Fuming
  4. Streams gash for anyone else? Constantly buffering on my 1gb wired connection
  5. "you opened your arms wide to the player...." f**k right off SI stupid weasel c***s
  6. Would've hoped Robertson was too good for Forfar. Guess this is his opportunity to prove he is. Imagine if Olaofe had scored v Rangers. Would potentially still be here.
  7. Saints were excellent today. Yes one of Conway's free kicks on the halfway line was a lazy dive. Only one I saw. McNamara was excellent, Kerr good, Conway good by his standards, frustrating but some great crosses. Agree with others that even 0-0 with five to go Celtic were only at half pace. Surprised they left it so late to get the goal they were always going to.
  8. Worst thing about them if for every one you could just replace if with "I'm a good Rangers boy" and it would have the exact same motivation and meaning.
  9. Just pandering to their brexit English lads base. sad.
  10. Zander embarrassing himself on twitter with some absolutely honking and hyperbolic covid takes. Fool, albeit opinions like his common among fitba banter lads
  11. I honestly think the CD formation would've worked tonight. Wrong game to mix it up.
  12. Nonetheless I think Hendry and Murray Davidson only ones coming out of that with pass marks. Sadly for us Muzz's role doesn't involve anything that will ever lead to a goal.
  13. Looked like a dive from three angles and maybe a pen from one. Wouldn't want it given against.
  14. Every time I think Conway is a shite signing he puts an amazing cross in, and whenever I think he's a good signing he puts in five aimless crosses to the keepers hands from deep.
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