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  1. Again, no reason for a team of Dundee level to be concerned
  2. 2 different spl clubs have thought he was worth a punt. I don't think Dundee need to be concerned.
  3. Think legally we just need to send them a minibus to revoke it right?
  4. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/01/09/newcastle-united-embarrassed-release-official-club-calendar/ Newcastle 2020 calendar featuring Rondon, Perez and Kenedy
  5. Yeah, residents of Perth are turning to OF due to the availability of seats a few times a season. Pish.
  6. I will never again go to a home old firm game. Doesn't matter about where I'm sat or what the club has done. Being surrounded by a shower of toxicity and all around scumminess is just not worth the joy of seeing saints. I therefore think the club should do all it can to milk the OF scum for every penny they can. It does suck for season ticket holders, but that's just one of a number of considerations and is ultimately the lesser one. The cause of the problem isn't St Johnstone or its board, its the rampant sectarianism embedded into our society which causes the vast majority of the country to support one of the old firm and to act like total c***s when in like company. The club can't counter that so has to make do.
  7. Watching it you'd like to think it's accidental, or at least the specific bollock aspect of it is. But it is pretty dodgy the more you watch it. Lucky he's white and plays for celtic and therefore the compliance officer won't even cite..... f**k Scotlands bigot *** cancer
  8. What was that slit throat gesture from Morelos? Claims he's being targeted then commits a clear dive and then does that. Hopefully a sizeable ban coming. Lfuxks sake celtic losing to that shower of c***s. Get rid of Lennon ASAP before the rest of Scotland has to endure those scumcunts winning the league.
  9. Finally got round to seeing the tackle, never a red. Gerrard used to do about three of those a game. Goldson a greetin face little scumcunt running the full pitch to mutter bitchy comments, what a wankstain.
  10. Thompson"s article reads like a work experience student wrote it, even if the jist has some merit. I'll give benefit of the doubt and assume it was the scum's editors that dummed it down.
  11. Much like 19 - the game has some helpful new features which make it 'better' than previous incarnations, but in terms of visual presentation and progress of ME against an acceptable trajectory it has receeded massively. The guys at SI are total wankstains who are killing a great franchise in every way other than commercially (arguably the most important), due to a total lack of care and a lack of attention to what has made the series enjoyable over last two decades +. The pathetic tone of their forum says it all. I would love to see the series crash and burn to be picked up by someone worthy of the title, but that will clearly not happen any time soon as, buoyed by faux interacitons with semi-intelligent pro-footballers they sell millions of copies to people who do one season saves with City or Liverpool and contently stop there . Yes I've put nearly 100 hours into this shitfest already
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