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  1. I heard from one of my mates who is pretty ITK about these things that we signed Mahon instead of Deas.
  2. League Cup games also the ideal time to see Vertainen and Bair
  3. His career up until 2020 looks like he'd be a decent saints level player. Must have done well enough in long stint at Colchester (with drey Wright) for Reading to think he'd make a decent backup. Then it's been a bit grim since 2020. Parish was Colchester keeper throughout 2015-16 with Walker not playing a game due to serious knee injury. Never seen him play but I'd take him over Parish.
  4. Into last year of his deal too so full season loan and he's away. I'm convinced we are missing a trick with him. Hope he's brave enough to turn down any move until at least the end of window, but can't blame him if not.
  5. The two year deals are worse than the signings themselves. Madness
  6. Bryson in someone else's body would have been our best player last year
  7. Chasing an equaliser in the last 10 mins so we......take ever chance to pass it back to Gordon to lob up to nobody. We get what we deserve. Ref was an arsehole but it made literally zero difference.
  8. Adams has given up completely
  9. Agreed - it just isn't working. Having 3 back there isn't getting us any additional defence confidence because Cooper/Hanley are only doing half a job each, and then we are being cost a player somewhere else. That said, not clear someone coming on would be better (McKenna for Cooper?) and going to 4 might be risky
  10. Very relieved to see Ciftci and Butterfield away, on the assumption the latter was on a decent wage. He started OK but dropped markedly.
  11. One trophy per braincell but in a way that makes him one of my favorite players too. Hard not to like him.
  12. After sleeping through my 0230 alarm I woke up and started watching at about the 80 minute mark. Even at that stage, although it categorically wasn't backs to the wall or desperate like Friday, ICT had a few decent chances and if one had gone in it felt like another would have followed. Annoyingly I forgot to turn off fotmob so knew about the 3rd before it happened
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