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  1. Been away on The Beagle for quite a bit now, so this is my first venture onto P&B for some time. I see this thread is still as pish and misinformed as ever. Evolution is clearly selective.
  2. Livi's new kits are absolutely top notch but you'll need to wait till Wednesday to see them.
  3. This from an Airdrie fan? Then again they still use stone tools there so irony would mean nothing.
  4. YAY!! I'm a huge fan of recycling, so it's a delight to see years-old jibes being regurgitated like this. If he comes back, great - he's a class player. If not, then no loss. The latter may give the bottom-feeders less to bitch about however, so I look forward to more wonderful and original recycled sound-bites.
  5. Looks like Joma again for Livi, though sadly I suspect yellow as opposed to amber. That's the word anyway.
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