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  1. Maybe the Stewartry Rugby Club isn't the best example to use when you consider there aren't that many Rugby Clubs in Dumfries & Galloway compared to 3 SoS Clubs and 2 LL Clubs in the Stewartry alone.If the SFA are hell bent on creating new clubs in the West then maybe they should create a West of Scotland League.
  2. It seems the only people wanting the Juniors to be part of the pyramid is the LL league supporters. How many LL teams would survive without the SFA handouts? Crowds alone wouldn't support them financially.
  3. It'll be interesting to see what the LL, EoS and SoS will look like in 10 years. I do think that most of the Junior sides will get onboard, but I worry we'll lose a lot of Clubs in the process.
  4. Wouldn't it have been better if the SFA spent a bit longer in setting up a system that included the Juniors and helping more clubs through the licensing process? The current set up won't work without having the Juniors or more licensed EoS and SoS clubs.
  5. I'm not saying there shouldn't be a Pyramid what I'm saying is there are going to be a lot of teams in it who won't be able to move up to a higher level. The SoS for example might only have 2 Licensed teams in it after this season.
  6. This Pyramid System isn't well thought through. Unless every club involved in the Pyramid is Licensed then it's pointless. There will be a lot of teams in the SoS and EoS who won't be able to move up to the LL if they won their respective leagues due to a lack of a License. I agree with a few posters on here that there isn't much attraction for the top Junior sides to join the LL.
  7. The problem I see for the SoS in the Pyramid is that the vast majority of Clubs aren't/won't be licensed and with an influx of teams from Ayrshire and Glasgow areas a lot of teams won't be able to afford the travelling costs involved.
  8. So if it's not Champions League people aren't allowed to be passionate about local football?
  9. I am allowed to give my opinion as much as you are.
  10. It's still a tattie/coo field. Nithsdale for example is a brilliant grass pitch.
  11. So let's clear this up- Two Semi Finals played on Saturday and both had different rules. Newton Stewart had to play 120 minutes plus penalties to get to the final whilst Wigtown played 90 minutes no extra time just penalties. Surely both games have to have the same rules or why wasn't the Wigtown Fleet Star game not a 1.30 pm KO? Both Cup Finals have been handed to venues with poor spectator facilities ie no cover. No cover at Lockerbie but it's 3G and then Creetown is a tattie field and no cover. These games are being played in December!!!! Some terrible decisions being made by the big wigs who run the league.
  12. The Wigtown and Newton Stewart players will be looking forward to playing on a tattie field.
  13. Oh dear really? I'm sure the supporters will be happy with that if it's pouring down and freezing cold. Surely a final should be held where there are decent supporter facilities and plenty or areas to stand and watch?
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