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  1. Going back to the Cove game on the 20th, if anyone is interested you can get the Venga bus from Buchanan St to Aberdeen for £9.10 if booked just now and same for way back the following day if making a night of it (which we are). If game ends up on the Friday, it just means we'll have a night away in Aberdeen on the shwalley, so all good
  2. No idea if anyone has any ideas on this, however we're looking to book our travel for Cove away on August 20th but are a bit concerned that the BBC could end up sticking us on the TV on the Friday night !! Does anyone know if there's been matches released or whether or not this match being chosen is likely ??
  3. Going back to last nights chat, are we still expecting an unknown high calibre youngster in a Loan deal to be announced "imminently" ??
  4. I think the big difference is that we're grooming a pretty young squad with a family type feel and the longer contracts give them security with the opportunity to grow together, I'm pretty sure the Falkirk situation was more of a mercenary type project and fitting square pegs to round holes. I was at the Golf day and I'm a bit of a people watcher and what came through to me is how there were no cliques and the players were all very relaxed with each other and having a laugh etc, I also think the likes of McGinty will act as a Captain both on and off the pitch and he seems a genuinely really good guy. I've said it before but this is without doubt the most confident I've felt as an Ayr fan possibly EVER.
  5. You mean that there's potentially MORE good news on the way ??
  6. Lampard obviously rated him highly enough to add him to the first team squad and give him his debut in the Championship, so there's definitely something there and at 22 he could still go on and achieve big things, let's hope it's wearing the Black and White of the Super !!
  7. I've high hopes for this boy, I think he could turn out a game changer at our level.
  8. https://www.swindontownfc.co.uk/news/2021/august/getting-to-know-jayden-mitchell-lawson/
  9. Today? Hopefully, as this weather would bloody scunner you, we could do with a wee "#imminent" or two to cheer us all up !!
  10. We could do with a couple of signings rumours though to cheer us all up !! / Scunner us beyond belief
  11. I despised both Mark Campbell and Gordon Dalziel as people but merely saw them as "passing through" and irrespective of my personal feelings towards both I'd never have given up on my team, my Saturday and my experience out with my pals because of a couple of tossers. Each to their own though I suppose.
  12. For Ayr ? or the country / world in general ?? Probably right if it's the latter.
  13. If we're relying on the efficiency of the UK Gov immigration policy, then we may have him just in time for January !!
  14. Yes 100%. I'm pretty sure this is just a few posters plucking names out of the air and that Bully would have no intention of signing any of these guys, although I DO believe we're after a bit of experience at the back such as a Scott Cuthbert type.
  15. Personally I wouldn't touch Griffiths with a barge pole, he's been finished for about 3 years now and his off field antics are the LAST thing that the club needs as we're trying to create a feelgood atmosphere both within the club and the local community. Even if he was back to something like the player that he was (highly unlikely) I'm afraid that his baggage and associated media circus would have an adverse effect on the entire club from the dressing room right across the local community and fan base and that's just not worth it. Fortunately, I'm pretty sure that our Management team will feel the exact same way and he'll be absolutely nowhere near this club.
  16. From a budget perspective both McInroy and Adeloye were going to be two of the top earners so you'd think that there's still a decent wedge of cash sitting should the right people become available. If I remember correctly, the "ins" that Bullen were talking about were all going to be permanent signings and any Loans that we would be lucky enough to get would be in addition to the squad figures already quoted. As such, I'd expect another CH, at least one attacking CM and at least one winger / striker plus the potential of more Loan signings to come.
  17. Didn't know Tommy ever stayed in Kilbirnie (did manage Ladeside though), however Jim Hughes certainly did live in Kilbirnie and was a schoolteacher at Moorpark.
  18. That's a relief and at least closes off one avenue of "outrage" Just the potential signing of Robbie now to bring out the wrath of some of our diehards As said before, I'd be 100% for him if it was to happen, that's for sure.
  19. This is a pretty decent article on it. https://www.ukgolfguy.com/golf-blog/scottish-open-future If I remember correctly the Scottish Gov as a co -sponsor / promoter had it moving around the country in an attempt to bring tourism / economic benefits to all parts, however that seems to have been completely shelved nowadays.
  20. I think it's a mixture of politics and sponsors wishes.
  21. Ironically Sky themselves are the main reason that we've got to where we have. Most "elite level" sports seem to have got to the stage where the broadcaster, sponsor and competitor have forgotten that their whole raison d'etre is to entertain the fans and give them what they want as opposed to the other way around with the tail now wagging the dog. The fact that the Governing bodies (R&A and USGA) are either incapable or unwilling to get involved tells you that in reality they no longer have any control or real influence in the game.
  22. This is another of my pet hates with the Scottish being a prime example. This crap about "the players want an easy test before the Open" is just utter nonsense in my book and playing at boring setups such as Renaissance when we've got some of the best links courses in the world on both the East and West coasts is nothing other than scandalous.
  23. Again, I can't help but think of the double standards when talking of their "greed". Using the Scottish Open as an example, we've now got it co-sanctioned which effectively means that the European tour (DP world) flagship event is now pretty much a closed shop and omits the majority of the actual European tour players and young scots in place of the super rich pot hunters from the PGA tour. Yes, it might be good for the fans and Yes it will undoubtedly be good for the sponsors and those who are lucky enough to get a place in it, however let's not pretend that it's anything other than greed as regards those running the show and those already dining at the top table. I really don't like the way the whole game is going (whether it be the normal tours or the LIV mob) as all it's doing is handing crazy money to the chosen few. Ultimately we've got majors, then we introduced the WGC's and then it was the "Rolex events" (which were bad enough) so WHY do we need these co-sanctioned events that only permit the top players to play to the detriment of the actual card carrying tour players ?? As I say, nothing but pure unadulterated greed.....
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