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  1. Don't know if this will have any effect on us, but, Burnley have suffered a major setback with the club's academy set to lose its category one status.
  2. By all accounts he's really enjoying being at Ayr, he's really enjoying working with Mathie and Glendinning and he's basically being given full backing from Smith plus the promise of being heavily involved in an ambitious project. Surely only an idiot would leave that type of security to go and join a basket case of a club in a lower league ?? Apart from that, would Dunfermline even be in a position to pay us the compensation ??
  3. One of the things that hasn't really been mentioned is that when Bullen came in he was pretty much having to play a "damage limitation" sort of game given our league position and low confidence, there's no doubt whatsoever that the players responded and the arrivals of Ashford and Dempsey definitely improved the team greatly. What I'm trying to say is that it will be very interesting to see this team perform given a blank canvas and hopefully the ability to be more open and expansive in our play at the start of a season, rather than trying to play catch up and grind out results to stay in the league. Reading is much better player with the likes of O'Connor ahead of him and those two on the front foot will definitely cause teams problems, on the other side Ashford is very capable playing wide right and offers lots both in terms of his hold up play, running power and also his tracking back but of course the jury is still out on both our current FB's so a new addition wouldn't be the worst option in the world. Midfield is already looking good with Dempsey& Murdoch both quality starters and young Paul Smith already looks a really exciting prospect. If we could get McInroy or another goal scoring playmaker type (not easy I grant you) then we're looking pretty much sorted in that area with maybe another for cover (if available). Up top is where we really need to be making 2 signings minimum with Adeloye and another "unknown" goalscorer required with Bryden being broken in gently (preferably in a winning team creating chances). Other than that, 2 CB'S with at least one of them a Captain / Father figure type is a must and one who can pass a ball out from the back would also be a requirement. All in all though, I think we're in a pretty good place at the moment and certainly MUCH further ahead of where we've been in previous seasons so just need a wee bit more signing news to brighten up our Friday !!!
  4. You could argue that the "google" search takes the excitement away when it DOES have lots of data. I much preferred it years ago when you could make a fair judgement call on what the guy did in front of you as opposed to rumours, past performances elsewhere and debate over what teams, leagues and levels were deemed better or worse than our own.
  5. It would appear that the club are offering pretty decent contracts, so ultimately if a player chooses not to accept it and to go elsewhere then stuff them, I only want to see guys at this club who want to be here and I don't think we should be begging any of last years squad to stay, especially the ones who had ample chance to impress but ultimately failed to show any real consistency. Thankfully I'm sure that Mathie etc have the same view as myself and as such I'd believe we have other targets in mind should those we've offered decline. I'd give them to the end of the week and then move on if an answer hasn't been received.
  6. Was willy mainge not a Cameroonian international ? He was actually not that bad though if I remember correctly ? And then we had the amazing Nicklas Nylen who in his couple of matches remains one of the best players I've seen in an Ayr Jersey !!
  7. Times are hard and will get much much worse over the next few years, however we were only charging £18 last season when the majority of our peers were charging £20, so all in all I do think as a club that we had to increase if we wished to compete on a level playing field. It's not ideal of course but there's no ideal solution unfortunately and we do give good discounts to our concessions so I think the club is just doing what it has to really as opposed to trying to fleece anyone.
  8. Dempsey was top of my wish list so very happy that we've secured him on a long term deal. Any one of McInroy or Adeloye would be a big bonus but either way we probably still need 2 strikers and at least one creative ball playing midfielder plus 2 CH's and 2 full backs. Still, it's looking good so far !
  9. My worry here is that we're building both Adeloye and McInroy up to be far better than what they actually are. Both have done well for us but that's all relative. Mcinroy's level so far has been league 1 and bottom end championship plus youth level, then we have Adeloye who has only had limited success at various non league levels outwith ourselves. Who knows ? Maybe it's more a sign of how far our own standards have fallen in the last 2 years ? Would I still want them both to sign ? Yes, of course I would, however I also don't believe that either are irreplaceable, especially now we have Mathie, Glendinning and a higher budget in place....
  10. Not in the least bit bothered about Muirhead leaving, Yes he could take a penalty and gave 100% on the pitch, however he was limited and could prove a liability at times as we all know only too well. I'd wish him well but won't be losing any sleep over him going.
  11. 100% They've also brought in the guy from AZ and they aren't doing all that just to be content being a League 1 / Championship yo-yo club. As you say, Haughey has serious cash and from what I hear about him he doesn't like losing, so I'd fully expect QP to be a major player and with their geographical location also a major threat to the likes of ourselves when trying to lure loan players from the OF and any other promising WOS based free agents.
  12. Maybe once Tomi signs that 3 year deal........
  13. This is also a good point, Reading was at his best when O'Connor was ahead of him, they played well together and Reading got upfield and put in a fair few good crosses, unfortunately these games / tactics were few and far between.
  14. Got to agree with this, being brutally honest Houston offered little going forward, his positional sense was atrocious at times and defensively on a one on one basis he was pretty dreadful and he was also far too easily bullied and shoved off the ball. He's still a young player and I hate being critical but it definitely needs told as it is.
  15. I don't know what others think but i don't believe that Houston has ever been the same player since Kelly left. They seemed to be good pals and they also seemed to have a good understanding on the pitch, it was almost as if Houston came out of his shell when Kelly was around, however since Kelly has gone he's looked like little boy lost at times and seems to be very shy / quiet as a person both on and off the pitch. I really don't know what the answer is, but he does obviously show something in training which made both Rangers and various Ayr Managers think that he was worth a shot.
  16. A new RB is a must and a new CH but other than that we should have enough cover. Taking Coll Donaldson as an example, most fans would have jumped at someone like him, however he's looked an utter donkey playing for Dunfermline and his distribution last night was worse than big Seans. I think we maybe need to accept that anyone who we rate as "good" isn't going to be anywhere near the Scottish Championship as a level, not unless they're inexperienced and on an upward curve or appear as damaged goods from elsewhere. Just a sign of the times I'm afraid.
  17. Nah, don't see that, plus we'll have cover in any case.
  18. Once our Midfield got sorted it shored up our defence and pretty much coincided with the good form of McGinty. The right side with Houston and McKenzie was undoubtedly our weak point but Ashford playing wide made a huge difference and Muirhead was most definitely a major upgrade on Houston. When I look through the defences of the rest of the Championship, I really don't think our is any worse than anyone else's. What we DO need is more possession and more cover from Midfield, however with Dempsey and McInroy in there along with Murdoch/Smith (assuming they sign), then I think it changes the whole dynamic of our side.
  19. We surely haven't brought in Glendinning to just re-sign our current squad ? I'd still expect 3 or 4 new arrivals and hopefully classy ones for our level !!
  20. Yes, in the absence of us signing a new RB, then Muirhead has to play there ahead of Houston. Not only does it make us more solid, but it also gives us a much better aerial threat and presence in the opposition box from set pieces.
  21. He's good, but he's not THAT good. My personal thoughts are that he lacks the pace to really make it at a higher level, although he's definitely a goalscoring midfielder who I reckon could add between 7 and 12 goals over a season from long range shots / free kicks etc and they are definitely few and far between at our level. In a good settled team with good players around him then I think he could excel, however he's not a one man team or anything like that and he can also have games where he fails to get too involved and doesn't have that much influence. I guess what I'm trying to say is that Yes, if we could get him signed then I'd definitely take him, but by the same token I wouldn't burst the Bank if he was playing hardball as he's not irreplaceable, although he's young and should still be improving, so maybe I'm being a little harsh.
  22. I take it that my "certainty" bet is not looking good then ?? Reading between the lines, you've got players who don't fancy a fight in the middle of the park which makes the signing of Chalmers seem all the stranger, considering he was one of the most passive / lazy players that I've ever had the misfortune to watch and with very little ball playing redeeming qualities thrown in.
  23. How are we expecting Ecrepont to do this year ? I saw him at Wrexham a couple of years ago and thought he'd have a decent career ahead of him, however he's never broken through and not sure how he did at Albion Rovers when loaned out. I was always hoping we'd give him a chance as there definitely looked a player in there from the little I've seen of him and he always seems to have been highly rated, but just a surprise that he's not made that breakthrough.
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