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  1. Aeromedical consulting. The tests were only £15 each but there's obviously been a reason for that !!!
  2. Quick question guys, Does anyone know if it matters or not whether you actually take or record the LFT for day 2 on return from abroad ? The reason I ask, is that I have purchased the kits and received the codes for the UK PLF, however a couple of the kits are missing and despite chasing the company they haven't responded. So, as long as I have the codes to make it back home, does it actually matter if we take the tests or not ???
  3. The bottom line is that you've put your bet on in good faith in markets that they've offered, it's certainly not your fault that there's potentially some crooks at work (possibly including players) and as such they have an obligation to pay you out as promised, since they happily took your bet. These are the markets where you tend to find most of the match fixing nowadays but if they're that concerned about it, then they shouldn't be promoting gambling on said markets. Like all bookies, they'll happily take your cash but won't be so happy when having to pay you out !!
  4. I've had similar issues in the past and it would appear that there's been some irregular betting patterns in these markets which will need to be investigated, however I imagine you'll get your cash without any issue over the next day or two.
  5. You make a good point regarding team spirit, I remember watching the likes of Forrest, Moff, Doc, Kelly, Moore, Shankland, Crawford etc all running over hugging each other when any of them scored, and they genuinely looked happy for one another and also looked like they were all pretty pally with each other also. That said, they were a successful and a winning team so that also makes a huge difference plus the likes of Crawford and Forrest had grown up playing together in the youth team and even Moore, Moff and Doc had been at the club for a few years. Going back to Kerr, I still maintain that Bell leaving was what really unsettled us and ultimately screwed us, as his leadership qualities and calming influence can't be underestimated and his sudden departure caused so much uncertainty in more ways than just on the pitch and I really don't think we ever really recovered from that. As for McGinty, every Manager where he's played talks of him being a great guy and a great influence in the dressing room, so while he's far from a good Defender, he's obviously got something about him that maybe none of us are seeing, however it still shouldn't be enough to have him in the side ahead of any of our other CH's currently at the club !!!
  6. I don't disagree with you but every player you sign is a gamble and how they fit into a specific setup also a gamble. McCall was very fortunate (for the most part) but the likes of covid was also an unprecedented situation which may have impacted the characters we had and the fact that it was such a large turnover of new players probably didn't help. I'm sure we'll never know the truth behind it all and i'd also include the REALLY strange case of Brett McGavin in there !!!
  7. I honestly don't think ANYONE was annoyed about Bruce Anderson, Cammy Smith, Tom Walsh, Jack Baird or Joe Chalmers when we signed them. Zanatta did have his critics, but most agreed he was still a quality addition. Yes, it certainly all turned bad but as for reputations and raw ability then Kerr's recruitment (on paper) was superb.
  8. Drinan was excellent for us as was Ndaba in the short time they were here.
  9. Totally agree, with a forward line / attacking midfield of Anderson, McCowan, Walsh, Zanatta, Moffat and Cammy Smith, we should have been seriously looking at a top 4 at the very minimum. Add in Muirhead, Reading, Murdoch, Ndaba, Sinisalo and on paper we SHOULD have had more than enough quality in that squad. Compare that to what we have now and it's pretty depressing to say the least.
  10. In an ideal world top of my wish list would be Coyle & Stewart returning from India and taking us on, however TATA currently backing them so will be very well paid and even if returning a Premier team or English Championship mob would most likely be their level. Apart from them, there's nobody I can really think of that would be an attainable stand out candidate.
  11. I'd imagine there will be lots of over 50's who can't get one for at least a month yet ?
  12. I'm just trying to be pragmatic about our current level and that of our peers. I suppose it's an expectations thing and given that guys that cost £60 million+ in the English premiership can't defend I suppose it shouldn't really be surprising that guys at our level are full of individual mistakes, otherwise they wouldn't be at our level in the first place. O'Connor would be the first name on my team sheet as he changes the whole dynamic of our play, he opens up space by running at people and creates space for others which just makes us look far better and much more dangerous. I agree though, it has to be O'Connor along with Adeloye and Bradley or Afolabi as that way we most certainly carry a threat.
  13. I'll be in the minority here but I actually think we've defended pretty well for the most part this season, given that we've no midfield, have very little possession and are constantly under pressure at the back. I also hate to say it, but Moffat is another that should probably be booted as he doesn't seem to be of any use in our current set up and isn't getting near the team. He's not getting any younger so maybe a coaching role or something would be far better and free up a wage for someone else who's going to make an impact ??
  14. Thought both of them started to fall about far too easily second half. If there's something there with Afolabi then I certainly don't see it. I'm not Afolabi or Chalmers biggest fan, however would have to admit that Chalmers was probably our best player today and Aflolabi had an excellent second half where he setup the second goal and generally just looked a much improved player who could certainly do a job for us. I also thought Fjortoft and Baird were very good and on our second half performance we definitely deserved a point.
  15. By all means slag off our prices for the stream but give me Somerset ANY DAY before a soulless legoland sneider that you're stuck in the one place in a cramped plastic seat !! Football might have "moved on" but few would agree it's for the better, given the boring matches and lack of flair players which seem to have been coached out of the game.......
  16. Oh well, good refereeing appointment for tomorrow for betting purposes. An inverness penalty or two and at least 1 Ayr red card has got to be a good bet.
  17. I didn't even know we had such a thing ?? Without wanting to anger Greta, I think we're a long way from doing away with paper altogether !!
  18. How much were we actually making / losing with the programmes ? The reason I'm asking is that I honestly believe there's still a market there, even if they were to trial printing 300 or so for o home match in the next 4 weeks or so ? I'm a bit out of the loop with current printing costs etc but surely it should be seen as providing a service to our fans if the market is still there ?? As for selling them, the guys doing the half time draw tickets surely wouldn't be overly inconvenienced to carry an extra 50 or 60 each with the remainder being available at the club shop ?? Just wondering as I really do think we've taken a big step back my scrapping them.
  19. The axing of the programme has only added to this, as at least it had some info in it about injury updates, Managers aims, learn a wee bit more about some of our newer players etc. Not to mention a profile on our youth teams and the up and coming youngsters to watch out for etc. I know all the guys I go to games with all really miss it, as do I.
  20. The playing budget for next season will obviously dictate a large way towards our expectations, irrespective of who the Manager is (assuming we're still in the Championship of course). Obviously it's difficult to know how much Hopkin paid on wages for all the ex Morton guys and late additions, but it seems doubtful that we're paying more for Adeloye, O'Connor, Salkeld, Fjortoft and McGinty than we were for Cammy Smith, Zanatta, McCowan, Andre Wright and Bruce Anderson, but who knows ?? That's the big thing for me, pre-season 2 seasons back most of us were getting very excited and looking at play offs as a given when we saw our squad being put together, however this pre-season it was more a worry about avoiding relegation with little to nothing to build confidence. Still, let's just hope both Bradley and O'Connor are back fully fit and firing soon, as I honestly believe they'll make the difference for us in sneaking away from the drop zone.....
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