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  1. This happens in quite a few workplaces, in fact colleagues in my previous workplace used to be given a formal reprimand and then a warning for the next "late" offence, this quickly changed when I informed the senior management that I'd advised anyone who was likely to be even a few minutes late to just phone in and claim the full day sick as that way they'd avoid a warning and also be paid their full wage while being off. As usual it was the power mad and half witted jumped up line managers who had dreamed up this "anyone late gets a warning" nonsense, but of course they had no authority and had never thought through the likely consequences of their idiotic scheme. The result was that said Managers got their arses kicked, all minor timekeeping warnings were scrubbed and I got to act all smug.
  2. Yes, all the above in a nutshell. I just think some of our supporters have delusions of grandeur on the one hand but an inferiority complex on the other. The point is that the majority of teams in this league are pretty evenly matched and even when we're not playing well, we're still right in matches and not getting pumped 5-0 the way some would have you think. I for one am certainly not running scared of Dundee or anyone else for that matter and while I acknowledge that we're far from our best at the moment, I'd also point out that hitting a bit of form and stringing a couple of wins together would have us right back in the promotion play off mix just like that.
  3. Still don't think we need to be panicking yet, a point at EEP where we matched them throughout tells me that our level, even just now, is better than relegation candidates. I do agree though that this next signing could have a huge impact on our season and effectively be the difference between mid table mediocrity and making a realistic push back to the promotion play off places. Another variable which gives me confidence is that after the next 3 or 4 weeks, we should realistically be expecting better weather and as a result better playing surfaces which should benefit us as a team.
  4. Yes, but on this very thread yesterday we were receiving quote after quote from Sridhar, Ferguson etc which was all pretty negative stuff insinuating that we would have to be locked down indefinitely, so today I have decided to post a contrarian view, which is also from Gov advisors and which shows that the reality will be a decision taken on a number of variables and views from a variety of "experts" and "advisors", as opposed to just blindly following what Sridhar or Ferguson think should happen.
  5. Unsure if already posted, but to balance yesterday's "lockdown forever" doom and gloom news, here's a different take on things, UK chief medical adviser Prof Chris Whitty has spoken about "de-risking" Covid. His point is that we will reach a situation at which the level of death and illness caused by Covid is at a level society can "tolerate" - just as we tolerate 7,000 to 20,000 people dying from flu every year. Sociologist Prof Robert Dingwall, who advises the government on the science of human behaviour, believes that point will be reached sooner rather than later. "I think we will see a pretty rapid lifting of restrictions in the spring and summer. "There are some sections of the science community that want to pursue an elimination strategy - but once you start seeing fatality levels down at the level of flu I think the public will accept that."
  6. Yes, I was thinking that myself as surely the care home residents have already been vaccinated prior to the punters who are actually visiting them ?? As for the Vallance article, there's nothing new there and he's just reiterating worst case stuff that we already knew. I also think we need to understand that these people that are dominating the media headlines at the moment are all medical Doctors, public health professionals and virologists so nothing they are saying is surprising, however Government policy is dictated by more than them. I'm pretty sure that the Economic and Business advisors will have a rather different take on matters, including the potential timelines.
  7. Yes, 100% it doesn't. My parents are over 80 and they received their first jab earlier this week with the second due on April 12th and our area appears to be ahead of many.
  8. I think if Holiday companies, Restaurant chains, Pub chains, Concert organisers etc, etc, take the same attitude, then people "excluded" might not exactly be ecstatic about it.......... "Civil unrest" mark 2
  9. El Dorado, El Dorado,Wine, Wine, Wine. Four Crown, Four Crown, far (for) too dear !! We're awe goin tae Fine Fare, You get the cheapest Wine there, na,na.na,na, na,na,na,na.
  10. Again, I don't want to be misunderstood here, however the whole basis of my argument and indeed annoyance, is that the ability to be vaccinated is outwith the control of the population. We can only be vaccinated once invited to come forward, so Yes, by all means those who refuse should potentially pay for that refusal if they have no grounds for said refusal, however for those who haven't been given the option I find it shocking that they could be potentially excluded from certain activities through no fault of their own.
  11. Hopefully it's as simple, consistent and uniformed then and hopefully so are the vaccinations as it would create a rather nasty environment if people's ability to go on a holiday was determined by their postcode. The only other thing I'd question is why are vaccinations so important when it's not yet been proven that a vaccination prevents transmission ?
  12. Yes, this is true, however it's not happening at the moment, so is every single person who wants a holiday in the future then expected to phone down or turn up at their GP's surgery in order to get a certificate and is there even any sort of infrastructure in place for this ?? I'd also think that if it was just a printed sheet with a random signature that it would be open to forgeries and black marketeering. As I say, Saga may be the first but I'd doubt if they'll be the last and this just throws all future plans of people right up in the air, over and above the known knowns that we already have with the virus as we stand.
  13. I think the NHS have enough to do at the moment without hiring a whole new team of back office staff to issue would be travellers with covid certificates. Again, the point i'm making is that nobody knows if and how this is even possible or what form it would likely take, so until this is public knowledge then it would appear to be a load of utter nonsense to me.
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