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  1. In what respect ? I had no problem at all with the result and thought Arbroath probably deserved to win.
  2. I just fcuckin hate that personally (in case you hadn't noticed). Deli Ali, Morelos and Ashley Barnes are three disgusting scum barstewards who immediately spring to mind and I'd have them all tortured and then executed if I had my way.
  3. It's happened at Cappielow in the past but Yes, I agree if it's a level playing field.
  4. That's the problem though, the deck is stacked against the fans who are actually the paying bloody customers. It could only happen in this country..............
  5. So players can do as they please to noise up fans but fans can't retaliate ? This would have been fine a few years back but nowadays if you swear or shout abuse from the terraces you're risking ejection / lifted by the feds so I'm afraid what's good for the Goose has to be good for the gander. The reason I asked if you were there was because you were slagging off our crowd last night so just wondered if you were one of us ??
  6. I don't like it and I'm not alone and I just feel there's no need for it in the game. By all means celebrate scoring a goal with your own supporters and team mates but don't run up to the opposition fans goading them. I'm a paying customer and don't think I should be disrespected by a guy who's wages I'm indirectly paying. I also have to stand through an announcement at every game telling me, the paying customer, that this that and the next thing won't be tolerated (which is fair enough), however if we the customers are to be held to this standard then I think it should apply even more so to the performers................
  7. But they weren't, nobody uttered a word to anyone last night. I don't care about "reputations", as I've already stated I hate this sort of behaviour from any player, including our own, and personally think that it's part of the reason for an upsurge in crowd trouble with people throwing things etc. Were you there yourself last night ??
  8. Funnily enough I was recently told a story from one of my football associates who talked of two of his workmates appearing in with Tory party leaflets which they had apparently been given at the Rangers game. They then tried to hand them out to everyone while telling them that they all had to vote Tory in order to "stop that bitch Sturgeon". My friend asked the guys if they actually understood any of their policies and the response was that they'll "save the union and fcuk Sturgeon". The hilarious bit here is that the "Tories" in question works as labourers, they don't have any academic qualifications to their name and they know absolutely nothing at all about politics or current affairs, however because their favourite football teams loyalties seem to be aligned with the Tory party, then that's good enough for them. And we wonder why the country is in the state that it's in.......................
  9. On budget I'd say anything above 7th is doing well. Football's obviously not as simple as that or it would all be pretty boring and pointless, however we can't be sucked into this sacking Managers lark for finishing 8th in a league when we've actually got the smallest budget outwith the two part time teams. In this league I go to matches with the hope of winning but certainly not the expectation, if I did, then I'd be better jumping on a supporters bus to Ibrox or Parkhead. As I've said before, I've had a season ticket for Somerset for over 30 years and I've NEVER taken anything for granted in that time, where Ayr are concerned, and at this moment we're doing as well as we've ever done in my time watching us, so while a little disappointed at recent results and performances, I'm certainly not throwing the dummy out of the pram just yet.................
  10. I think some of you need a reality check. Yes, I agree that we're not playing very well and I also agree that our style has appeared to change since the Partick game, however this is a tight league and we actually had an almost identical form slump at this point last season under McCall and that was with Rose, Shankland, Crawford, Smith, Murdoch & McDaid all in our ranks. As for the Manager talk, I'd say every Manager in the league (with the exception of maybe Dick Campbell) is massively under achieving if you look at their clubs league positions in relation to their budgets. Should they all be sacked ? Should their boards and Chairmen all be removed ?? Seriously guys, we've been over performing for the past year and a half and maybe now we're finding our true level, however staying in this league was always the real target and I firmly believe that we'll do this with our current squad and Management team and anything else will be a bonus............
  11. Terrible conditions last night and I actually thought both teams did their best to play football as best they could. Arbroath were the better team for me but what annoyed me most was Ayr's inability to have a shot at goal in the first half when we had a gale force wind at our backs. Ironically the pre match warm up had McGuffie & McCowan rattling in strikes from all ranges and angles but of course neither were involved in the first half. Nothing against Houston but again I prefer seeing Geggan at RB with a forward player such as Forrest ahead of him as Houston just can't link play the same way in which Forrest or McCowan can do, as such it also nullifies Moffat and Moore to an extent when neither of the aforementioned are playing. It's hard to actually evaluate performances last night but Doohan was outstanding and saved our bacon with that injury time save. Getting to the referee, I thought he was an absolute abysmal and although having a few absolutely shocking decisions against ourselves he also had a couple against Arbroath as well, especially the one where Muirhead cleared it off the line with his knee but the idiot gave us a goal kick instead of a corner to Arbroath. Basically he was a complete cretin. As I say Arbroath totally deserved their point and I wouldn't have grudged them three, however my one annoyance was with that tosser McKenna running up to the Ayr fans giving it the shooshing motion and the get it up you stuff when nobody had abused either him or anyone else. Totally unprofessional, totally uncalled for and something which we really need to get out of our game. The authorities wonder why certain people throw objects or shout abuse at players then maybe they should be looking at the actions of certain players who are actively inciting the paying customer and maybe they would get their answer. It's just uncalled for and I wouldn't be happy if my own team did it. Anyway, kudos to the Arbroath fans who made that long trip and hopefully we can get back to winning ways on Saturday as the Alloa match has now become massive...............
  12. Half of our team will probably blow away !!
  13. We wouldn't have enough time to get our inoculations...................
  14. It'll probably be the Somerset road end for me as I can't stand sitting down at the football if I can avoid it at all.
  15. Yes agree. I don't know about Ayr but the rain has now slackened off a little in Glasgow but the Wind is definitely strengthening. All in all a grim day / night !! I'll be one of the 800 - 900 if it's on, but can't say I'm looking forward to it..................
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