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  1. Vote me down all you like, it's the Truth. (Only one of the reasons why I stuck the clown Marshy on ignore)
  2. The amusing thing here is that many seem to be using Calderwood's indiscretions as a stick to beat the SNP, when in fact the woman is actually from Northern Ireland and spent much of her career working for NHS England in senior positions. "Calderwood was an expert panel member on the Morecambe Bay Investigation, commissioned by the Department of Health to look into the maternity and neonatal services at Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust between January 2004 and June 2013."[7] "Calderwood was NHS England's national clinical director for maternity and women's health[8] and in this role promoted the first friends and family test in 2014" It's sad when it all becomes political like this as there's much more at stake than scoring political points from one another. Maybe that's why somewhere like Germany does so well, as they can all come together for the National good, something which is completely unheard of in this country.
  3. If you could pick me up a second home, then that would be great. (Will square you up later).
  4. Impossible to Police in the real world. Jogging for the shopping ? Cycling to the Chemist ? Not to mention that there's hardly any Police around anyway.
  5. That's up to the journalists though to "change the narrative", we had the answers so what was the point in flogging a dead horse ? What that said to me today was that the Times, Telegraph & Observer are just "gutter press" with very little journalistic skills similar to their red top friends. A bad day for the Scottish Gov certainly, but an equally as bad a day for our so called press in this country.......
  6. She's being completely honest, what more can she say ? Every question is asking the same thing but we already know all the answers, so what do they expect her to do or say as it's all been said ? Calderwood was 100% in the wrong and in normal times would have been fired for gross misconduct, however this isn't normal times and in all honesty that would probably have suited her fine and let her off the hook. Make no mistake, Sturgeon will have destroyed her behind closed doors but the bottom line is that she's still more use in her role than she would be out of it. After this is all done and dusted I'd expect her to resign and without any golden handshakes or huge pensions. It should also be emphasised once again that Calderwood is indeed a disgrace and has completely embarrassed and undermined the Scottish Gov who up until this moment were handling things much better than their English counterparts, as such I've no doubt at all that NS would have thrown her to the Wolves without hesitation was it not for the fact that she's still worth more to the country continuing in her position. As I say, it's a disgrace, but what's done is done.
  7. Euronews is by far the best for actual "news" rather than the "feelgood" childish stories they roll out on ours coupled with bare stats that don't actually tell you anything.
  8. That cartoon jockey riding walk in the mill never tried a bloody leg !!!
  9. Don't worry vT aside from your overly patronising, sneery style, I actually think you have been talking some sense on this thread. Was just giving some support to our unfortunate County cousins, been a while since you lads have had to use the old bus but at least you have got to use it at some point. The problem with VT (other than his patronising sneery style of writing) is that he NEVER agrees with anything or anyone and takes the contrarian view ALL the time, as such it becomes very tiresome reading his constant assaults and childish wynd ups to other posters. Don't get me wrong, some of the stuff he posts can actually on occasion be pretty decent, but due to his adversarial and condescending style it just makes reading his posts more bother than what they're worth. (Incidentally being an Ayr fan I'm well aware of how successful or indeed unsuccessful we'been in our history). The important thing is that we can all disagree with each other and also have a laugh but we can do it politely and without the constant pish, especially at a time when many of us are under pressure, so all in all I find it a much more enjoyable P&B experience to just stick him on ignore.
  10. In fairness if you were to "descend" on Saltcoats or Largs beach, it's much more than Covid 19 you'd have to worry about !!!
  11. Contrary to what many people believe, I'm sure the idea all along is not to avoid catching the virus per se, but to avoid catching it all at the same time. This way the infections are staggered and the most acute cases can be dealt with by our hospitals as opposed to everyone getting it at the same time which would obviously mean coping would be impossible, our Hospitals and ancillary services would be overwhelmed and we'd end up with situations such as Bergamo but much, much worse. By the same token the longer we can go on without a mass outbreak, the longer we have to find a drug to combat / ease the symptoms or of course finding the jackpot in a genuine vaccine. Ultimately it's all speculation as the advice does seem to change quite regularly as the situation develops.
  12. Just seeing that Witch Karren Brady's latest statement, basically she's "willing" to take a 20% wage cut if the West Ham players follow her and she's coming out with stuff such as "I wish there was another way", "it will be tough on all of us but we're all in this together". Yes, my heart absolutely bleeds for these disgusting b*****ds who are handed more money in 3 - 6 months than the majority of people can earn in a lifetime. They're all mostly confirming themselves as the moronic selfish scum that many us had indeed believed that they were.
  13. That's shocking, and really the last thing you should have been hearing from them, as you say, total bitch.
  14. No, that's fair enough and I don't doubt what you're saying is 100% correct. I should add that I was in no way (and neither was the Nurse) attempting to insinuate that this was some sort of hoax. The point I was more getting across is while Ayr hospital and possibly many others in the country might not look busy right now, there's every chance they'll be completely swamped within a matter of days. I also appreciate that there are other parts of the NHS which are at this very moment "swamped" and I'd also think we have "clusters" throughout the country where some areas will be on a different curve and possibly busier than others at the moment. I DO totally get your frustration though.
  15. She was on Clyde taking questions this morning and was saying that the four nations within the UK would be working together for the most part, however there were times when she thought that the UK weren't doing enough / slow to act, so Scotland acted on their own with things such as closing the schools before the rest of the country and banning large gatherings ,again, a few days before the rest of the UK, which she reckoned may have helped us. As an aside I was told by a nurse at Ayr Hospital earlier (not the Evil on, a nice one) that this was the quietest she had seen the wards in 15 years of service and the Hospital in general was hardly getting any new admissions, She did believe that this was probably the "calm before the storm" however !!! As we've been continuously telling Jeremiah it's not the figures TODAY that are pertinent, it's what our Scientists, Health Professionals and planners are EXPECTING to hit over the coming days and weeks, only then can we make a judgement on whether it's been an over reaction, under reaction or whether they've got it just about right...
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