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  1. Kwarteng has confirmed tonight that the triple lock will remain and that Pensions WILL increase with inflation, however he also confirmed that benefits were a different situation entirely and that a decision would be taken on this closer to the time. Totally shocking but not entirely unexpected. "However, the chancellor said it was too early to say whether he would keep the previous government's promise to increase benefits next April in line with inflation. He did, however, say the prime minister was committed to reinstating the triple lock on pensions, which means they increase by whichever is highest: inflation, the average wage rise, or 2.5%."
  2. Agreed, I didn't think Renwick was that bad at all. Mark Duthie on the other hand definitely goes down as the biggest "high profile" dumpling that we ever signed. If I'm not mistaken, the rumour was that Barr was owed around £40k - £60k by Livingston and we had the choice of any of their players, as such we acquired Duthie and the debt was written off. Oh dear !!
  3. Cameron Connie if I'm not mistaken, we signed him from Ladeside where he wan't even perceived to be that good !!
  4. I think the majority of this problem is due to weak unions / workers allowing a non contractural and non consolidated "bonus" to replace the decent wage rise that they no longer receive. As such it has become normal in many businesses (especially financial) for a "bonus" of 3% to 5% to be expected, as this is really just a replacement for the wage rise that they don't receive. Things will obviously have to change in this regard as I don't think the ordinary financial services staff will tolerate this any longer, given inflation and the rises that we're seeing across the rest of the sectors.
  5. Prior to the 2008 crash, I worked for HBOS and our "normal" bonus was generally between 18% and 22%, however some of the top people were actually earning bonus of nearer 50% and that's 50% of 6 figures. From my own perspective and the rest of us worker drones, the 18% or so just made up for a pretty mediocre annual salary but of course we were chucked in as "Fat Cat Bankers" by the moronic and scheming media and as a result had to put with no end of hassle from many misinformed members of the general public.
  6. Yes, just think cayman islands and unfortunately the vast majority of us are going to be on "the wrong side of the tracks"........
  7. It makes it easier for their Foreign pals to rape and pillage our companies and for them to receive nice wee brown envelopes / seats on the board at a later date. Sterling currently down 3% against the USD and 1.7% against the Euro.
  8. Every time Kwarteng opens his mouth it gets more and more frightening. Banana Republic is the only way to describe where we're heading and that's no exaggeration. National strikes need called and we need to fight back against this lunacy immediately.
  9. His Golf commentary is pretty good though....
  10. There was absolutely no reason to postpone them this week either, but the morons managed that well enough !!
  11. SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster said it was appropriate to "mark the event with all possible solemnity" and added that there would be a further update "when we have clarity over official arrangements for Her Majesty's funeral".
  12. Yes, I don't think that we should forget that it's neither the UK or Scottish Governments nor is it the Royals who've caused this idiotic carry on, it's none other than our own Football authorities and whether or not our clubs had any input at all would also be interesting to know.
  13. It seems like the English are recommencing their fixtures from Tuesday so Christ knows what we'll do ? Will they play the postponed matches next midweek (which would be utter lunacy but par for the course) or will we want to further virtue signal and postpone ALL our league fixtures until after the funeral ?? Who knows with this mob of jokers.....
  14. Football Supporters’ Association lament ‘opportunity missed’ to allow fans to show respect at matches The Football Supporters’ Association has expressed regret at the decision of the Premier League, Football Association and other bodies of the sport to cancel fixtures this weekend as a mark of respect. Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, meetings were held between the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the relevant sporting organisations to discuss plans for marking the occasion with respectful gestures, with the guidance being that it was up to each sport in turn to decide how to do so. While most sports such as cricket, rugby and golf have opted to continue playing, football’s governing bodies chose to postpone all fixtures across the major men’s and women’s leagues as well as grassroots games. The choice has not been a universally popular one, to say the least, with the FSA responding to say that while they acknowledged the game faced a tough decision either way, they were confident fans would in the main have preferred to show respect by attending football matches and paying “special tribute” there.
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