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  1. According to their fans page it's a done deal.
  2. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Just a "pretend one" then ?? Has anyone bothered asking her what the point of it actually is ? (apart from this procedural nonsense to allow amendments which don't actually change anything).
  3. 100% agree with this and also post from Edinburghhonestman.
  4. I don't disagree with most of this, however our hands may be tied if our injury situation is as bad as feared. Basically with our size of squad if we lose Shankland, Kerr, Forrest, Adams & Geggan then we're in serious trouble, irrespective of what sort of form we're in. Guys like Moore SHOULD be able to come in and do a job, however his confidence is shot to pieces and some of our support aren't exactly helping him. I hope I'm wrong but without some of the guys named above returning or reinforcements appearing before Friday, then I fear Dundee United could be getting a bit of revenge for the Tannadice result.
  5. How's our injury situation looking for Friday ? Has anyone got any word on Shankland, Kerr and even Forrest ? I heard conflicting reports on Forrest from back in training to long term out and needing an operation ??
  6. Liam Smith was a major coup in the summer and I'm sure there were many wanted him who were better placed than ourselves, hopefully McCall has another one like this up his sleeve. Who knows, there might even be a loan player from a high profile club who could appear in the next few days............
  7. That's not really fair though, it's been a common sense commercial decision by most Ayrshire junior sides as why should they be travelling to the likes of Elgin and Annan each week when they could be playing the likes of local rivals with good supports and history within the game such as Ladeside, the Meadow, Cumnock, Pollok etc. The likes of Ross County and their success story is all very well, however not everyone has a Roy McGregor sugar daddy or indeed a 1 team in a huge catchment area situation. The Ayrshire juniors setup works and has done for over a century so why should they in any way feel embarrassed about it ??
  8. Movement (or lack of it) is our biggest problem at the moment and apart from Shankland I see Forrest as our biggest miss. Moffat is the only one actually moving, but as a result he's being heavily marked and when he gets the ball he's being swamped as there's nobody else giving him an angle for a pass. When Ayr are at their best it's been when Forrest, Shankland and Moffat are all linking up and as you say having Kerr behind them to pick out a pass is also a big thing although with their movement it's been an easy task for Kerr who excels in this area. Without the guys just mentioned we need to change our style as the players who have replaced them just aren't capable of playing like that.
  9. I'd agree with him and as a club there's no way we could turn that down. Preston just signed that dumplin stockley for £900k + add ons from Exeter (which is arguably below our level), so there' no doubt that Shankland is worth more to us playing than a pathetic £200 - £250k, however that comes with the caveat "playing" as he's not much use to us sitting in the stand............ Strangely Stockley has an almost identical profile to Shankland although Shanklands a couple of years younger and has a better goalscoring record.
  10. Totally agree with this, he looked the most dangerous player on the pitch and ripped us to shreds at times, especially in the 2nd half.
  11. Probably the best way of evaluating the true level of Talbot would be to look at their playing squad, the fact that the majority of their team are either former league 1 or Championship standard together with a sprinkling of young players who've maybe lost their way a bit, is again similar to what's in League 2 and many League 1 sides, so realistically I see no obvious reason why they wouldn't at the very least be competitive in League 2 with their current squad.
  12. I didn't know we were asking for anything ? I thought the plan was that we wanted him to stay until the summer as opposed to hawking him around the country ?
  13. Who was their #8, I thought he was excellent and did what our players didn't (which you've mentioned above), ie running at players and beating them. He caused carnage in the 2nd half and every time he ran towards our box I feared the worst.
  14. It's all very well debating the talbot goal over and over and who was to blame, however the real debate should be about how we created virtually nothing in 90 mins against a part time junior side (no disrespect to Talbot who were excellent). That is unacceptable as far as I'm concerned. I actually got home yesterday and one of my mates (who hadn't seen the game) phoned me and thought going by the stats that we had been really unlucky, but I told him straight, we weren't in the slightest unlucky, Talbot created about 4 or 5 excellent goal scoring opportunities and other than a couple of Moff efforts in the 1st half and Moore's shocking miss we created nothing. Pathetic.
  15. Off the top of my head, Chris Erskine, Kris Doolan, Michael Moffat, Jamie Longworth, & Josh Mullen were all "junior strikers" so you've probably got a good point there.