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  1. From the beginning I've tried to look at this from a European wide perspective rather than a UK or Scottish perspective as I knew that politics would likely get in the way of the facts and accusations would be made on any decisions made, as such I still believe that virtually all Governments are following the same advice whether flawed or not, so don't believe that anything being done here is politically motivated. That being said, I'm not saying that the decisions are correct however I do believe they're being made in good faith as can't see what any Government has to gain by giving bad news to their electorate and telling people they can't do something or even meet up with their friends and family. The facts as they stand would seem to point to the virus being dealt with far better if cases reach a serious state as our hospitals are now better equipped and our staff better trained / experienced in dealing with it, also it would seem that the majority still don't get any worse than a common cold / mild flu symptoms if indeed any symptoms at all. The latest info also seems to point to herd immunity being a sunk ship as it would seem there's no lasting immunity to this virus. So, where does that leave us ? Do we risk opening everything back up and more or less going back to normal and see if we can cope with the fallout or do we stick with these precautions indefinitely and hope a virus cure appears and that our economies aren't completely destroyed by this time ?? Honestly, I don't know the right answer and if people on here were honest I'd guess they'd say that they don't know either....
  2. I'm pretty sure some of us had the same argument about the lower leagues returning as what was likely to be better in October compared with August ?? So just to be clear on this, your annoyance is not so much about restrictions now but more that we didn't need restrictions in the summer as we were going to end up in this place anyway ??
  3. They really aren't though, we sit night after night discussing this and you wheel out Sweden against the rest of the world, so basically Sweden are right (and Florida) but everyone else has screwed up big style. Covid's not a threat, it's just a Government conspiracy to keep folk out the pub and their neighbours house and they'll destroy the world economy just to make sure we cannae go tae the fitba on a Saturday and have a pint afterwards. Ok, we get it............
  4. It's all down to justification, at the moment we've got a highly contagious virus which is a global pandemic and there's no vaccine, so this and every other Government can easily justify their actions to any sane individual, however if a working vaccine becomes available then there's no way that "restrictions" could be expected to continue without justification and really why would they want to do this in any case ?? As such, I can't see what you're getting so annoyed about.
  5. I really like the look of the bold lineup which is indeed pretty bold, it would probably be pretty unfair on Miller and Cameron to leave them out but excellent backup options along with Zanatta and Roscoe. It actually shows how strong a pool we now have especially with Walsh still to come back.
  6. Sweden just cannot be used as a comparison to ourselves for an abundance of reasons such as a much higher standard of living, healthier population, more people living alone and far less populated areas, not to mention a far more intelligent population. If we're looking for comparisons then France, Spain, Italy and even Germany would be better and their restrictions are just as draconian as here. https://www.politico.eu/article/coronavirus-germany-announces-tougher-restrictions/ https://www.catalannews.com/covid-19/item/spain-declares-six-month-state-of-alarm-amid-coronavirus-surge All that being said, I have noticed a change in the msm position over the past couple of days, where the focus appears to have moved from hospital admissions and deaths to vaccine hopes, return of concerts, holidays abroad etc which all points to a different political direction being adopted. Only time will tell I suppose whether this indeed the case, and if so, if it's the correct decision.
  7. Again, class sir. This thread is much more entertaining than the game and I'd probably have paid a tenner for the patter alone.
  8. Good game which could have gone either way, I thought we played the ball about pretty well and the keeper was again very assured and looked classy. I think as the players become more accustomed to one another we'll become much better in the final third and knowing that Zanatta and especially Walsh have still to come in, is very encouraging indeed. Great finish as well from young Innes Cameron (from the little I saw of it) which will hopefully shut any doubters up immediately. All in all I feel a bit disappointed that we couldn't hold on, however Inverness are always a good side (even when depleted) and leaving with a point is much more than we usually manage !! Most involved player for me had to be the nearside Linesman and got to say he handled the limelight brilliantly and in fact could be right in the running if they ever make a reboot of the Truman show.
  9. Alli (or whatever you're calling yourself), moutinho and VT, you are complete and utter morons who offer nothing other than childish pish which just spoils the board for the adults. The rest of us may not agree with each others posts all of the time, however we're capable of offering up our reasons for a contrarian view as opposed to just following people around the forum and red dotting them. don't get me wrong, the "red dotting" in itself doesn't bother me in the slightest (why would it), however it's the fact that you are unable to offer any sort of arguments or reasoning (if you even have any) and just try and and annoy people. As I say, it's just moronic behaviour which has no place here.
  10. Yes and Catalonia heading for "full" lockdown now along with various other parts of Spain. Forget all that though as some seem more concerned about their Christmas shwalley session being spoiled........
  11. They're all still at a relatively early stage and it's highly unlikely that any of them even if successful will provide 100% immunity. They'd be shouting from the rooftops if they thought a foolproof vaccine was going to be imminently available.
  12. Why do you and others keep making out this is political or a "power grab" when it's quite obviously not ? As I've already posted, the English advisers to BJ are saying the exact same thing as Leitch and only an idiot would honestly believe that in under 8 weeks the virus will be gone and everything will suddenly be ok. BJ is telling the moronic masses what they want to hear and even he doesn't believe it, on the other hand the SG is telling it how it is, however unpalatable that reality may be, still, it beats being treated as an idiot in my book.
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