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  1. Maybe we're seeing a hint now of the promising young guy that Man Utd paid Charlton £1 Million for ??
  2. Not only his coaching but his man management in keeping all the fringe players heavily involved and feeling part of everything that's happening. I also think he needs commended on his handling of our young players and the fact that so many of them have already had game time. As guys like Mullin and Chalmers have said, it's a great club and dressing room to be involved in and that is obviously paying great dividends for us on the pitch.
  3. It's dominating the media in Scotland at the moment but the reality is that the vast majority (myself included) have no interest whatsoever (rightly or wrongly) as it has no effect on our life's or the people we know. The bottom line is that we are in the middle of a cost of living crisis which has a widespread impact, we've got homeless numbers and foodbank use at record levels and low wages and the associated industrial action is affecting almost everyone in the country in one way or another, so while the people directly involved in the gender debate will have a strong opinion, as I say, the majority of us have far more important issues to be dealing with.....
  4. Bullen rates Bryden very highly, I remember him saying at the vision night that he wanted to send him down to Burnley so they could give their honest evaluation of him against their young guys of a similar age. If I remember correctly, Bullen's exact words were "we think we've got a cracker here".
  5. I don't think his dancing is up to the same standard....
  6. Bully explained how it all came about at the vision night and acknowledged it was a risk (same as virtually every transfer), Mathie was present and also seemed happy enough with how it all came about, so nothing dodgy or underhand here and the whole situation was out in the open with the fans before Bangala even arrived. Yes, it's not worked out but using your trusted contacts and acquaintances is part and parcel of the game at every level.
  7. Yes, I'm sure there were rumours yesterday that we'd be bringing in AT LEAST one more and that was before we knew Davie boy was offski !!
  8. This is the thing, with our current squad I'd say they've all got a part to play and I wouldn't say we have anyone right now who you'd refer to as a "nightmare", "waste of space", "dumpling", "totally useless" etc and I'm pretty sure it's been a while since we could say that !! My only slight concern is if Dipo was to be injured it would mean going with Bryden and McKenzie (probably) as our 2 main strikers and I'm not 100% convinced that either are quite ready for that, although both undoubtedly have a huge part still to play. Lots of options now though with Daire back and JML looking more confident and both Smith and Hewitt also proving that they are capable at this level if required. All in all it's been a fantastic week, a great 3 points and confidence boosting victory coupled with another excellent victory in the cup using lots of our squad players, getting them game time, match fitness and confidence and at the end of it having an extremely winnable home tie to get us into the money spinning and exciting last 8 of the Cup. Over and above this it's been a great transfer window where we've held on to all our prized assets and even managed to add a proven player at this level at a great age in the correct position that we really were short in. Now we just need the cherry on top of the cake at Ochilview on Friday......
  9. Yes, makes no odds to us as a club as he's realistically never playing for us again in a competitive match, so if he has the chance to get some game time doing what he loves, then good luck to him I'd say. I do hope he stays on though in some capacity as is a very good guy to have around the place as I'm sure the powers that be will be well aware.
  10. Moff and McGinty are the only "senior" players I can think of in our squad ??
  11. Cove 50/1 in play so i'm assuming its right and sporting life etc wrong ??
  12. BET365 has Ayr with 11 men, Cove 10, then 9 and back to 10 again ??
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