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  1. Twitter

    Are you genuinely stupid or just trying to start an argument ? If you can give me a good reason, in fact ANY reason why stabbing someone due to his colour as opposed to stabbing someone due to what town they come from should carry a different punishment, then I'd be extremely interested to hear it ??
  2. Twitter

    I'd agree with you and this is pretty much my own thoughts. The problem we have here and across society in general is that there's so many self righteous people who believe that THEIR interpretation is the correct one and indeed the only one and that everyone else is a racist apologist, ignorant, "yer da" etc. Ironically this attitude in itself is a perfect example of intolerance and lack of understanding and in my opinion THEY are the ignorant and closed minded ones, but again that's just my opinion and I'm more than happy to debate in an attempt to appreciate their viewpoint, but the question is, are they ??
  3. Next Scotland Manager

    From an Ayr perspective we had both Michael Rose and Scott McKenna on loan from Aberdeen and all joking aside Rose looked the far superior player. McKenna has obviously improved a great deal since he left us, however if Rose has a similar rate of improvement at Coventry next season then I can see him get a big move and could also feature for the national team, given what McKenna's done.
  4. Twitter

    Yes, I don't disagree. I'm all for live and let live. In fairness though I've only heard us chant it at Killie, so even if we were playing you, we'd be chanting we hate Killie bl**k barstewards and we'll chase them everywhere. Sad, both the singing and the obsession, granted...............
  5. I actually blame myself for replying to you, however enough is enough as life's too short to waste discussing nonsense with a certifiable lunatic so consider yourself on the filtered list.
  6. Twitter

    While we're on this sort of subject, where do people stand on "hate crimes" ? Personally I think having such a distinction is disgraceful and trivialises crime generally. An example would be a white guy stabbing another white guy because he's from another area of town / different town, this isn't seen as a "hate crime", so the offender gets given a 6 year sentence. On the other hand a white guy stabs a black guy again because he's from another area of town / different town, however there could be a "racial" angle here so this is deemed a "hate crime" so the offender gets given an 8 year sentence. Now, forgive me if I'm missing something, but nobody stabs anyone else because they "like" them, so surely every crime is potentially a "hate" crime irrespective of the offender or the victim and both victims in this case sustained the same injuries but bizarrely one victims attack is taken more seriously than the other, is this not fundamentally wrong and also discrimination ?? As I say, I just don't understand the reasoning behind this at all.............
  7. Twitter

    I'm sure we've been over this before but to outsiders Yes, I can see why they'd think this, especially in today's climate but for those of us who've grown up with the coal mining heritage and understanding of this then we don't think of anything other than the "dirty" meaning, so there's really nothing sinister behind it at all.
  8. I don't know why I'm bothering, however I think you'll find that Doohan and McCrorie shared the goalkeeping duties for the Toulon tournament and in fact Doohan gained the #1 jersey for the "big" match against England. It matters not, he's Celtics keeper and the Morton one is Rangers keeper, however I'll happily put my neck on the line and say that Doohan is the better and was absolutely fantastic for us, so whatever happens we DID sign the best keeper available to us, of that there's no doubt...........
  9. Twitter

    It's surely down to an individuals perception, understanding and the context. If a black person was reading this and saw that a Mother was scolding her son for being dirty and referred to him as being "black", then I'm pretty sure that our fictional black person wouldn't take offence, nor should they. If however, that same Mother had told her son, "don't be playing with these black kids at school", then our fictional black person would undoubtedly find this offensive and quite rightly so. Common sense in these sort of issues needs applied but unfortunately this appears to be in very short supply nowadays, with many troublemakers actively going out their way to find offence where none exists. There's no doubt, the lunatics have well and truly taken over the asylum in this country and another fine example is calling a blackboard a "blackboard" it's quite simply not racist in any way, shape or form and anyone who thinks any differently should be sent to Ailsa house on a one way ticket as far as I'm concerned. For the record, I do believe Baker knew exactly what he was doing and thought being "controversial" would enhance his fading career and who knows, he may have been right..........
  10. Hee, Hee, that's a good one. The guys I'm referring to aren't exactly the types to be "kicking about" in any sort of football tops. Rather uncouth for well heeled gents of their age. Anyway, did you not say you were leaving us ??
  11. Surely a fit Forrest is one of our best players ? He's certainly far superior to McDaid and I'd probably have McCowan as a starter going by the flashes I've seen of him so far. Realistically on budgets we're probably looking at mid table mediocrity with a bad season seeing us in a relegation play off battle and a good season seeing us going for 3rd / 4th again. It would be great to have lots of money and sign lots of top players, however we need to understand the restrictions on our finances and as such the likes of Ferguson and Muirhead will be down as first team regulars I'd imagine. I also can't see us signing 6 or 7 players who will automatically jump over the guys already here as let's face it you don't often get so lucky to get handed on a plate top players such as Liam Smith. Michael Rose and Lawrence Shankland and I'd also say that if we don't get Doohan back then whoever we sign will be well below his level also. I hope I'm wrong but I can see next season being a bit of an anti climax / struggle compared with the one we've just enjoyed..........
  12. There's a handful of us from the Garnock valley who attend regularly and another 15 - 20 or so that I know used to go regularly but who have now moved away from the area or just lost interest. In fairness some have family connections to Ayr but apart from that we're still Ayrshire and the only two options of a senior team were Ayr or Killie, although Paisley is slightly closer, so St. Mirren also a local team, all be it in Renfrewshire. As you say though, it's highly unlikely that anyone living outwith Ayrshire with no family ties to Ayr would support Ayr (unless of course they had serious masochistic tendencies like the rest of us).............
  13. Dundee councillor suspended

    I think part of the problem here is that there's too much time, money and focus taken up on what are mostly trivialities, if they're more than trivialities then we have laws in place to deal with this. Are "trans" people being persecuted ? or are we talking about a few snide comments made by some ignorant halfwits on social media etc ? What about abusing people with big noses ? fat people ? skinny people ? people with visible birthmarks etc ?, people with red hair ? is that just seen as "a laugh" ?? so what's the difference, how do we determine what's "acceptable" to offend and what's not ?? It just seems to me that politics is so disconnected with real life, that many people just feel so disenfranchised and basically scunnered with the lot of it. Similarly we've got today's "extremist" story where people "threatening" revenge porn are possibly going to be prosecuted (don't know how this would work in practice), however surely anyone with half a brain wouldn't be making hardcore xxx home movies in the first place, if they didn't want to risk them ending up on the internet ? As I say, we seem to be living in an era where everyone else is to blame and trivial stuff is given top priority when we've got much more serious issues such as child poverty, widespread foodbank usage and homelessness to be concerned about............
  14. Yes, I do know what you mean, he's extremely frustrating (to say the least) although I think part of that is McCall's fault for playing him out wide. I do think he retains possession well though and I'd want to keep him unless we were signing someone with a pedigree to replace him.