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  1. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    As I said in my previous post, "my heed is bursting". Can't you just tell us ? Please ??
  2. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    I must admit that I'm beginning to lose the plot here with who wants what, who's pretending to want what, who's bluffing who, who's double bluffing who and basically what "side" anyone is actually on, if there even IS such a thing ???
  3. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    I thought she wasn't being allowed to bring it back again without definitive changes ???
  4. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Douglas was voted one of the best players in the English Championship last season at Wolves and most of their fans were shocked when he was let go to Leeds. The only reason he's not been playing as regularly this season is due to an injury which meant Alioski was moved back to cover, however Alioski has been so good in this position that Douglas has failed to win his place back as yet, although he's still been making sub appearances for a team sitting in the top 3. Personally I'd say he was definitely good enough to be included in our squad and his set piece deliveries are generally fantastic and another major reason why he would have been a good option.
  5. Not in the least bit surprising, this was also mentioned in the Sunday papers as we have cash flow issues due to our lack of recent home gates. I believe the Premier league teams gain the biggest benefit from us being inconvenienced by the crazy 7pm Friday night kick offs on BBC and whoever agreed on the Championship clubs behalf should be hung drawn and quartered. I think it's something to do with a deal where all the TV rights get pooled and then added to the prize pot payout, so the higher up in your respective league that you finish the better, even though the actual TV coverage has no direct impact upon you. I could be wrong on this though but I'm sure I read this somewhere ??
  6. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Well, as I'm not the Chancellor, the only Facts that matter to me are the ones that you put as "subjective". If my country has broken roads, failed public amenities, run down health centres and hospitals, failing schools and our streets are littered with homeless people and beggars then the ONLY assumption that I can make is that my country is failing and must be bankrupt (morally at any speed). I suppose though I could become a Little Englander Brexiteer type and take great delight in pushing my chest out as I tell my European buddies that they're scum because my Queen and the Investment Bankers of Canary Wharf are pure loaded like !!
  7. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Venezuela is also a wealthy country as you put it, however any country which can't offer the majority of it's citizens a good standard of living is NOT a wealthy country in my book. Like Russia under the Tsars, if the peasants are starving out in the fields then again I don't call that a wealthy country and personally that's the closest parallel I can draw between wealth and poverty as it currently stands in this country. We could debate all day about who's fault it is and how this came about, however had we followed a similar path to that of the Scandinavian countries then I'm sure most of us would be feeling better about things...........
  8. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    This country on the whole is a total disaster, the only reason we still have jobs here is due to the fact that we pay low wages, have low taxation on big business and have very little Union powers, any other romantic ideas about "British workmanship", "British Quality", "British Standards" is just complete and utter fantasy I'm afraid. We are NOT a wealthy country, just look at the state of our public services, look at the state of our roads, our NHS funding, our education funding, etc , etc, it's a complete and utter disgrace despite the constant soundbites that are rhymed off time and time again by moronic and ignorant Government Ministers. I've not even started on homelessness, rough sleeping and the drugs epidemic, however these are just brushed under the carpet in our current "hear no evil", "see no evil", "speak no evil" society (using the term loosely). Don't get me wrong, I believe the SNP are doing the best they can for us in Scotland with one arm tied behind their back, but overall Britain as a country is in serious decline and if people can't see this then I can only assume that they're either stupid or don't get out much. I reckon we're pretty much fcuked, irrespective of the Brexit outcomes, it's just a case of HOW fcuked..................
  9. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Given the fact that the EU actively try and get countries to sign up to the "family", one could assume with almost 100% certainty that Scotland would have been granted entry, especially as we had our EU infrastructure already in place, a strong Economy and also due to our strategic importance in terms of location. Anyone who argues any different is quite simply deluded and ignorant..........
  10. Maybe we're starting next seasons Irn Bru Cup early to get it out the way..............
  11. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    She appears to have promised the ERG a cabinet clear out where they will be handed the balance of power within the party, so it looks like they will play along until they can complete their takeover from the inside. Good news for the SNP if nothing else.................
  12. Our squad is big enough and full of quality, ok, we've not been setting the heather alight in recent weeks but our players haven't all suddenly turned into league 1 jobbers, I'd also say that Cadden and Miller are also quality additions even though both and especially Cadden, haven't shown what we'd hoped. Who knows, maybe this enforced break will help the guys get their confidence back and should also help Alan Forrest get back to full fitness who has been a player we've really missed in recent months. The bottom line is that we're going into our next match in 3rd place with a minimum 4 point cushion to 4th and are still only 3 points behind second place, whatever way you look at it we should be full of confidence especially as we now have virtually a fully fit squad and all of our key players back from injury. #believeintheayrshireaces
  13. Ayr v Queens

    Has it been announced yet ? or are people just assuming ??
  14. Totally agree, QOS have lost their last 7 in a row and have a few selection problems, on the other hand we've got Forrest back, Shankland starting to look a bit fitter and hopefully this could be the perfect game to kick start our season. Also, to add to the intrigue, Dunfermline play Dundee Utd today, so if things go our way we could be back to 2nd place or alternatively 6 points clear of Dunfermline or a draw would see us gain 2 points on both of them with us winning. This COULD be the biggest game of our season for many reasons...............