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  1. People in glass houses as they say. Remember, we're all living in a country where the state is encouraging us to record / photograph any perceived wrongdoing of our neighbours and stick them into the authorities.
  2. He looked well short of fitness to me when he come on yesterday as was struggling and blowing after only a few minutes, however he did appear to grow into the game once up to speed. Maybe he's had covid ? but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have lasted anything like 90 mins if had been on from the start.
  3. Wait until the strike action starts at our ports (and it's imminent) not to mention the financial and social impact when inflation really sets in, coupled with the removal of furlough and the additional UC £20 top up. As someone who's just returned from mainland Spain this week, I can confirm that the supermarkets and shops are fully stocked, the Bars, Restaurants and Hotels are fully staffed and there's no fuel shortages or queues anywhere. In fact the only queue I encountered was the "Non EU" passport holders at Malaga Airport which is yet another direct impact of Brexit and just another inconvenience to add to the list of serious repercussions. As you say, great decision !!!
  4. Murdoch and Reading both excellent I thought and although we didn't quite get over the line I thought we were very comfortable throughout. Not a classic by any means, however I've seen worse and it was two honest teams who both worked hard throughout despite the obvious lack of quality on show, so all in all a fair point and we move on.
  5. Exactly my thoughts, covid didn't even come into anyone's thinking once we were in the resort and I'd actually be off again tomorrow had I the holidays available to take.
  6. Yes, the Ryanair guy walked up the queue as we were boarding and had a quick look at the mobile phone and then stuck a Red sticker on our boarding card, but I wouldn't say anyone actually checked it / read it as such and I was expecting a check at Prestwick similar to what we had by the spanish authorities when we arrived in Malaga.
  7. Just a quick update (or maybe not so quick) on my Spain trip as that's me just returned. Basically it couldn't have run much smoother as Prestwick Airport have someone stationed in the middle of the terminal prior to security who just has a quick check that you have a vaccine certificate and that you have a spanish health form receipt, from there it's through security as normal, scan your own boarding pass on way through and the whole lot was cleared in less than 5 mins. (Granted we were the only flight within the following 3 hours). flight was great, no issues at all, lots of space (as plane was just over half full) and mask could be removed while sitting having a drink / eating and nobody bothering at all. Arrival at Malaga was a bit more chaotic, however this was due to Brexit as opposed to Covid restrictions. Basically the UK flights are now being denied air bridges and are having to taxi to far end of T2 where you are bused to the terminal at the back end of the queue. All EU flights are fast tracked through immigration and sail right through (like we used to do ourselves) but now we are like the Russians and have to wait in long queues before passport is checked and stamped which again just takes up more time. In total i think we were about an hour so not too bad I suppose. Once immigration is cleared you continue down the stairs to the old arrivals area where there are people checking your temperature and your vaccination letter and Spanish Health form, however it's very efficient and in total took us less than 5 mins to get through. As for the resort itself (we were based in Benalmadena but also visited Carihuela, Torremolinos and Fuengirola) everywhere was open, everywhere was busy and it was pretty much business as usual from how I always know it. There were very few Brits (mostly elderly and a few golfers / couples) but full of Spanish, French, Germans and lots and lots of Dutch plus also quite a few Irish. The Marina in particular was very busy, especially at night with all the Restaurants doing a roaring trade, all the shops were open and fully stocked and really there was little sign of anything looking out of the ordinary. The gardens and beaches were all immaculate as always and the council seemed to be working as normal without any restrictions of any sort. The only differences from normal times were similar to here as we had to wear a mask when on public transport (which all adhered to) in an indoor area such as a shop, hotel public areas and coming and going in a Restaurant, our Hotel also had disposable plastic gloves which you had to wear when using the buffet / touching the utensils etc but you just removed when back at the table and didn't really inconvenience you that much at all. The chambermaids were also working as usual with the room cleaned every day, towels changed every day and new soaps, shampoos etc replenished each day also. This makes me think that the UK stance on this is down to blaming covid when it's really down to Brexit repercussions and not having the staff available !! As for the journey home, we got our antigen tests for 22.95 Euros at the test centre in Malaga airport terminal building, this was a simple 2 min exercise where the Nurse stuck a cotton bud in the nostril and whizzed it around for about 6 seconds and then sent the result to us via E-Mail / PDF about 20 mins later. This was all we needed to show at boarding gate on way back and was never asked for again but of course this will be going soon so no need to worry about in the future. We cleared Malaga Airport security in about 25 mins on return home and Prestwick was less than 5 mins with only our passport being required and nothing else. So the hulaballoo about passenger locator forms etc is just nonsense as usual and seems to be a way of making life difficult / trying to deter people from leaving as opposed to any public health reason, but I think some of us already thought that anyway !! All in all everything was pretty simple and most definitely worth it so if anyone is having reservations about going abroad I'd honestly say, forget them and go for it, you won't regret it. The rest of the world is continuing to operate while we sit here worrying about things and reading scare stories in the media, all the time losing valuable days, weeks and months from our lives so my advice would be, don't do it and just get abroad if you can as you'll not regret it. On a final sad note, if anyone reading this is familiar with Looneys bar in Benalmadena and Norris who owned it for years, then sadly i just found out that he passed away less than 2 weeks ago with cancer. I'd been going over there for over 25 years and always popped in for a chat / couple of pints and he was a true gentleman who'll definitely be missed....
  8. The best Manager is the Manager that gets you results, so far Duffy is that man. We don't know if we'd have beaten Hamilton and Dunfermline with Hughes or anyone in else in charge, however we can state as fact that we have beaten them with Duffy in charge. My "good" Manager rating, like most people, would revolve around the following, 1. Do the players respond to the Manager and do the try as hard as they can ? 2. Does the Manager appear to have a game plan / idea of what he wants to achieve and is this filtering through to the players ? 3. Is the team getting results ? 4. Are the fans being entertained and are the team creating chances ? In the last couple of weeks I'd answer YES to all of the above and as such I really don't know what more people are expecting / hoping for ??? Unfortunately it's a cut throat business of course so should we fail to win or put in a good performance over the next 2 or 3 weeks then I suppose all bets are off once more !!
  9. First half was utterly horrendous with both sides doing little to entertain, however I thought Ayr were much much better in the second and thoroughly deserved the points in the end up. From our perspective I thought we looked very assured defensively and reduced Hamilton to pot shots and half chances which never really bothered the keeper although we looked pretty dismal ourselves up until about the final 30 mins and then we started to play a bit of football going forward with Adeloye, O'Connor and Bradley all linking up pretty well. Ultimately I thought we deserved the win and looked pretty comfortable once we took the lead and in the end up could have had 3 or 4. Whether you like him or not, Duffy has now got us well organised and he also recognises that we have the players who can play on the break and link up well, he's also got us clearing the lines at the back when need to but playing out when we can so I'd take that any day over what we had with Hopkin. Long way to go but signs over the past couple of games are much more encouraging, of that there's no doubt. As for Hamilton, they seemed to miss a spark and didn't appear to have any real game plan, on paper they do have good players but if they can't get them gelling soon then it could be a long season ahead...
  10. We were the better team by far today and thoroughly deserved the points, make no mistake about that. Yes, the first half in particular was poor but Ayr played all of the football in the second half and could have had 3 or 4. Early days of course but Duffy looks to have got the balance between clearing the lines and keeping it tight at the back to playing football and creating chances in the final third just about right so far and long may it continue !!!
  11. I'm probably in the minority here, however I've felt that McGinty has been far better than Fjortoft from what I've seen so far. Part of the problem with McGinty is that 90% of our support already had the preconceived idea of his limitations so in relation to a few others I don't really think he's been given a fair crack of the whip as it were. Don't get me wrong, he's no world beater and his distribution is hellish at times, however from a purely defensive perspective I don't actually believe he's been that bad and certainly no worse than Fjortoft.
  12. I'm actually pretty surprised that Talbot HAVE a youth team.
  13. I agree but as Elixir says above, the guy has skin in the game so no surprise at all that he wants PCR testing to continue so he can do his Genomic sequencing. He's not interested in the financial or hassle side but merely explaining to the BBC why he thinks its important. As I say, the real bad guys here are the BBC as it's all a setup job to annoy people and try and provide a "shock" type story to the public. They really are a bunch of absolute chancing charlatans !!!
  14. Guy from Birmingham Uni was also quoted on BBC saying the exact same. It should be remembered that they're speaking from purely a scientific perspective and what's best for their own research as opposed to having to deal with real life situations such as public opinion, peoples livelihoods, the Economy etc. So really it's no surprise, the real villains here are our media and how they try and exploit the situation to come up with a scare story or spin to make it sound as if we're all doomed.
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