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  1. The finest photograph in the history of Scottish football. Ian McCall strides across the pitch to applaud the travelling support after a 1-1 draw between St Mirren and Ayr United at St Mirren Park. So much to unpack here... - The ruffian mother balancing her toddler in one hand and flipping McCall off with the other. - Humpty Dumpty guffawing in McCall's direction, gently caressing his gut. - Ross Kemp suffering a Head's Gone and performing a 'Hawd Me Back' routine with the advertising board. - Ryan Stevenson balancing his own toddler on his forearm like a waiter in order to remind McCall that the game finished in a 1-1 draw.
  2. As Will McKenzie once said, that was fucking dreadful. Good of the players to waken up once we got to the 90th minute. Shame about the previous 89.
  3. Only country in Europe which still utilises the death penalty, so possibly an attractive destination for gammons.
  4. All about opinions but I thought he was the complete opposite
  5. I'm all too familiar with the shitemare that is watching a relegation-threatened shambolic outfit featuring Gary Harkins, but I thought he added a slight bit of spark to Thistle at Somerset when he came on, albeit the game was over by then. Surely would have been worth throwing him on rather than refusing to make any changes at all
  6. Just as a warning to Arbroath fans - if you lose this game, you can expect regular visits/garbled nonsense on your thread/match threads from a selection of mind-numbing, tragic junior posters. I sadly speak from experience.
  7. Hertha confirm that Ante Covic has been punted. Jurgen Klinsmann has been given the job until the end of the season.
  8. Phil Parkinson on the brink already at Sunderland. Lost 7 out of 11 games following last night's 2-1 defeat to Burton Albion at the Stadium of Light. Tragic.
  9. Think this one is hard to answer as an Ayr fan given that our team this season and last season are significantly better than anything that we have managed to field at this level since the days of Gordon Dalziel and Bill Barr. I am certainly used to being played off the park at this level but was never clear whether that was down the the high standard of opposition that we were facing or whether we were just, yet again, absolutely rancid relegation-fodder. I think we are a bit of an anomaly here. We are better than we have been before, and everyone else is probably worse.
  10. Agree with much of what you have said but I do think that standing areas can certainly help in terms of atmosphere. Somerset technically holds 10,000 people, exactly like Airdrie. If there are only 1,000 there, it is still a good atmosphere when shooting towards the home end with fans all standing behind the goal. Compare that with Airdrie if they have a crowd of 1,000. They are all sitting along the side of the pitch, spread out in a stand that holds 3,000, with the end behind the goal empty. There is certainly a different feel despite the crowd total being the same.
  11. I think you are probably correct in that the club seemed to have stagnated a little under his management, with a good start regularly being followed by a shambolic end to the season, thereby resulting in a mid-table finish. For it to be considered the correct decision, the club had to then appoint the correct man to take things to the next level. As you say, they failed miserably and are currently being thoroughly shown up by Union.
  12. This is what you're wanting. A big fence and the chance to exchange some 'views'.
  13. Not sure why people are so certain we'll get beat by Ross County. They're very beatable, especially at home.
  14. Happy to come at this thread from a different perspective - staying at Somerset after the Scottish Executive pissed all over out plans for a new stadium was a prime example of a blessing in disguise. Somerset is a hole, but what a brilliant place to watch football, especially when there's a good away support in the Railway End and both teams are shooting towards their own fans. Wouldn't trade it for anything. The only thing I wish we had was a pub right beside the ground and perhaps a slightly higher level of sanitation in the toilet department.
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