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  1. You'll be an even bigger fan of him when he plays against you
  2. I'm sure Mathie will prove to be a very astute appointment, but why is there absolutely nothing on the club's social media channels? We really need to be a bit more professional in that sense, other clubs would have made the announcement on official channels accompanied by an interview and an article. We get told by the Voice of Reason's Twitter account. The club website still has the link to the 'Hopkin Appointed as Ayr Manager' article in very prominent positions. Definitely an area that needs improvement asap.
  3. You'll realise as the programme goes on that a lot of that foaming at the mouth stuff was actually probably from a different game entirely. For all the praise it gets about being a brilliant documentary, which it is, the editing is very poor in parts e.g. Sunderland miss a chance away at Brentford and then it shows the fans with their head in their hands at the SoL
  4. Not entirely sure you can sit there and slate the entire Sunderland fanbase for being hypocritical knobs when the documentary itself only features about 15 of them in total. In general, they are a good set of fans and to average 30,000 in League One when you can't beat Accrington Stanley is pretty decent regardless of the club. Charlie Methven outs himself as an absolute whopper though. FWIW, he is absolutely wrong about the stadium music as well. Having been to the SoL a couple of times, I can honestly say that Dance of the Knights (The Apprentice tune) was an incredible choice of music to build up to kick off. Why you would can that in favour of making it like 'a rave in Ibiza', I just cannot understand.
  5. What an utterly jobby BBC Match Report that is by the way.
  6. Have you seen Trainspotting?... Asked and answered. Thanks hombre.
  7. Genuinely never visited the toilets in the away end at Somerset, could somebody please summarise the experience and perhaps offer some kind of comparison that may put it in perspective for me? Thanks in advance.
  8. Fair, but I have to say I'm not one that would judge catering and toilets as being vital to the experience. What you are saying about a full house is true, but you only need 1,400 or so at Somerset to get a decent atmosphere going.
  9. Somerset is comfortably the best venue when there is a strong away support and a crackling atmosphere from both ends. Only thing that lets it down is the lack of surrounding pubs. In terms of worst, Inverness Caley Thistle's stadium is in an absolutely beautiful location but my god what a soulless cesspit it is, particularly with their current crowds.
  10. The fact that Airdrieonians went boom after it didn't help either, however we are only dealing in facts here. The game was awarded to Ayr despite there only being 21 minutes played.
  11. Brechin City 1-2 Ayr United - Playoff Final 2nd Leg (2010-11) After a 1-1 draw at Somerset in the 1st Leg of the final, it was a winner takes all game at Glebe Park in Brechin to reach the 2nd tier having been relegated from there the previous season. The sun was shining, the hedge was gleaming, and there was segregation in place to separate the healthy home crowd from the 1,600 Ayr fans in the away end. The mood was buoyant and the atmosphere was bouncing. Until Jonny Tiffoney (Beast) decided to pass the ball into his own net to give Brechin a 1-0 lead just before half-time. The second half was dominated by Ayr as Brian Reid's gallant troops pressed for an equaliser. Craig Nelson in the Brechin goal was pulling off saves that defied all sorts of scientific laws, until Mark Roberts stepped up with 13 minutes to go with a goal that only he could have scored. Dropped a shoulder and left Nelson on his arse, then rifled home into the empty net. HWFG. The final 10 minutes are a total blank to me, I can't recall whether we dominated or whether things seemed to be destined for extra time. The clock read 88 minutes when Michael Moffat found himself through on goal, one-on-one with Craig Nelson. Hearts were in mouths. Bang. Through Nelson's legs. Cue what the kids call 'scenes'. Managed to hold on for the final few minutes and we were up. Glorious pitch invasion and a party in the sun. Did we get relegated the very next season? Of course we f***ing did.
  12. Actually Rudi, Ayr United were awarded a 1-0 win over Airdrieonians when the fixture in April 2002 was abandoned after 21 minutes.
  13. A travelling support of 200-300 and Ayr to once again, as is tradition, make QoS look like AC Milan's school of 1990.
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