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  1. Cruella Braverman is the most spiteful, evil mainstream politician ever. I am amazed she holds such high office. She should be in jail for preaching hate crimes
  2. Are Rangers fans really enjoying their quest to be the worst Champions League team ever
  3. Even accounting for the fact that Celtic getting pumped is always pleasing I have really enjoyed this game. Some good stuff being played
  4. Orioles have some good players. Don't forget also that John Means, their best pitcher has been injured for the vast majority of the season as well
  5. I am amazed Truss is an MP never mind PM. Her communication skills are non-existent. She talks as if she has a brain injury
  6. How could any decent person vote for that utter c**t Lee Anderson
  7. Playing in a friendly doesn't secure him though. He will still have his options open See Jason Cummings for proof
  8. Don't know what his problem is with KRR and he is obviously an absolute bawbag but what did he do that warranted a yellow card. He didn't leave the field of play and he didn't take his jersey off
  9. They will vote for it and then sit on the benches and cheer when it gets passed. They don't give a f**k about people on benefits, very few of them vote Tory
  10. Anybody who already has a job in that type of field that is relatively secure would be mad to apply. There is no medium to long term future in this club
  11. Some of it was filmed in Ayrshire. The scenes at the pit were filmed at The Barony Pit near Auchinleck
  12. It was outside the ground. Here is a Daily Record report soon after the fight before it was known it involved football fans https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/man-rushed-hospital-after-huge-28073810
  13. Yankees V Red Sox live on BBC iPlayer tomorrow for people who want to watch a live game if they don't have BT Sport or MLB TV
  14. He has an injunction out to stop reporting on it
  15. They fell out and the young lad was going to sell his story to the papers. Schofield came out to get ahead of the game. There is more to it but there is an injunction out to stop it being reported on
  16. The fine is actually 25% of her entire contract not a week or a months salary. Its causing a stir down under because there have been male palyers convicted of assualt and rape who have received less punishment
  17. In Australia, NRLW player Caitlin Moran has been suspended for one game and fined 25% of her salary (suspended) after comments posted about the Queen. She is of indigenous heritage and posted about her people not being treated very well The post has been deleted but was: “Todays a good fkn day, uncle Luke announces his tour, and this dumb dog dies Happpy fkn Friday,”
  18. Who could forget dafties wearing bread bags on their heads
  19. 20 million dead in World War 1 40-50 million dead in World War 2 Discovery of antibiotics which have saved countless lives Space exploration No, Lizzie in a box is the most important event ever
  20. So basically he is raging at people having free speech while calling someone who has never been charged with any sexual offences a peodo (sic)
  21. Hopefully that statement is "Until the hatred and bile that gets sung at Ibrox every second week is addressed we don't give a f**k"
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