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  1. Well if they didn't they fucked up and we shouldn't be copying them
  2. This is spot on. Anybody trying to argue that the 1986 Argentina team was any better than decent without Maradona is either at it or never watched them
  3. The thing I took from the documentary was the utter brutality of the tackles trying to stop him in Serie A. They would be instant red cards these days. I accept the clips they showed were hand picked to illustrate the point but there was an awful lot of them
  4. As alluded, you are. They are probably a pair and your garden is part of their territory.
  5. No problem. Grey Wagtail is still a good looking bird and is maybe somewhat unfairly named. Everybody can always learn something from the more experienced, me included
  6. I would guess I am one of the more experienced Birders on this site and while nothing can ever be ruled out some advice I would give to less experienced people is instead of jumping to the conclusion you have seen a rarity 99.999% of the time it will be the more commoner species.
  7. Don't want to piss on your chips and I am not sure what your birding ability is but are you sure it wasn't a Grey Wagtail (which is actually quite yellow). Its very early in the year for a yellow wagtail and would be a very rare sight in Aberdeenshire at any time, so much so it should be reported to your local bird reporter
  8. No, but no matter what plumage its in it still is a lot more white than this bird
  9. No way is it a BTD. Nothing is right for it. Its a cormorant taken at a strange angle
  10. Saw one about 10 or 12 years ago at Irvine beach. It was reasonably close to shore so got good views. Stunning bird
  11. Not really a go at you particularly but why are some people so absolutely clueless of the rules. These things com e up every year and people never learn
  12. Has he. Do you remember the World Cup final. France won despite Lloris not because of him
  13. I know people slag Jordan Pickford for making mistakes but Lloris is worse, he is fucking garbage
  14. Don't care what he does for the club, its no excuse for his conduct and its not crowing about Darvel that people care about. Lets have look at some of his comments: Personal attacks on posters and now an ex-player Disparaging comments about other teams perceived playing style Suggesting the SJFA are rigging the Junior Cup draw so Talbot get home ties Suggesting the SJFA are corrupt to ensure Talbot are in the Junior Cup final I am amazed this guy is still in an official position
  15. League game would be off as well. Do people not realise we had to register our assistant manger who is in his fifties as a player on Wednesday morning to start the game. That game was only played as it was the champions cup and nobody gives a f**k about it ( I fully accept this applies to Rutherglen as well whose league games are more important)
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