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  1. See there are protesters outside the venue in Perth this evening. Good, these c***s are not welcome in Scotland
  2. Won't be a league game You a glutton for punishment. games have been rank lately. i am looking forward to a day off
  3. If being chronic is the standard of being at the Fringe or not there would be about 3 shows
  4. Not related to this incident but in 1987 Jerry released a live recording of one of his gigs. In this recording he talks about Jimmy Saville being a paedo. Saville sued to get it banned and won
  5. Have done the last 5 or 6 albums but I think I am going to give this one a miss. Its just too expensive now. *I reserve the right to change my mind closer to the time
  6. I like Ray Bradshaw on the show and he seems to have a genuine love for football ie he has mentioned being on tour somewhere in England and going to a random game but that is poor. Even if he had no knowledge of the games you mention he surely knows they won the Scottish Cup in 87 which would get them into the following seasons Cup Winners Cup
  7. You are an adult make your own decisions. Your family being Rangers fans is not an excuse. I can see as a yongster a parent or family member takes you along and you don't know any better. There comes a time though you can make your own decisions and say this bigoted shite is not for me. You decided not to
  8. Yep, I've often thought that the reason Celtic suffered their highest ever home and away defeats in Europe under Brendan Rogers was that they weren't as professional and didn't work hard as PSG
  9. I am not doubting your stats and without looking up who the 8 teams were I am not sure that would be correct One of them would be Muirkirk though and they would probably find travelling to Lanarkshire and Glasgow easier than parts of Ayrshire. I just think it was a bad time in their history and they struggled to get a competitive team and sometimes a team at all. They were in the same league cup section as Talbot, Cumnock and Glenafton and regularly took double figure defeats. I took no pleasure in that but understood it had to be done as the section may have been decided on goal difference. I didn't see them as rivals as we weren't in the same division and weren't competing for the same players. They seem to be doing better now though so good luck to them
  10. We'll disagree on that. If/when Darvel go up the leagues he will be one of the first to be jettisoned. You were the one who said the players conduct themselves well. Wanting to fight people on social media is not conducting yourself well
  11. You clearly don't know what you are talking about as I guess you have never looked at the players social media. Darren Miller's lack of class is only matched by his lack of brain cells
  12. Of course money helps but Talbot have been challenging for more than 40 years. If one money source goes it will only have a small effect. What have the clubs you mentioned got in common. They had a relatively small window of success and then slipped back including a few relegations for some of them. Without the artificial income they couldn't sustain it. Talbot don't work to this model. I also disagree that its just the rich teams in the top division. Since the amalgamation in 2002 about half the teams spent at least one season in the top league. Teams like Ashfield had a good manager and a good group of players at the same time and spent a few seasons in the top league without spending a lot of money. When the team started to break up they couldn't sustain it. Opportunities were there and teams took advatage of it but its very hard to sustain without artificial income. Other teams like Bellshill and Maryhill spent to challenge in the top division but again slipped back when the money went
  13. If it wasn't for the money you are not even in the top divison, you would be Division 2 at best even with Mick as manager Don't try and hit us with the pish that the players are there for Mick and not the money. They don't give a f**k about Mick or Darvel. Meggat proved that last season when he went on a stag do rather than play in the most important game in your clubs history, As for what happens when Gall pulls out his money, that's an easy one. Your club dies
  14. Trent as useful as a cardboard cut out there
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