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  1. No disrespect in losing to Rossvale, apart from Talbot they are probably the most inform team in the West. Bookies have Beith as the shortest odds of any team to progress, therefore the most likely to go through. Beith will win with goals to spare, trying to spin this as anything else is nonsense, As for a possible injury at centre half, I could play centre half in this game and they are still winning at a canter.
  2. Agree with this. Aiden has done OK defensively although to be fair hasn't really been tested but Pope offers so much more going forward whether that is a strike from distance or getting forward and getting in a cross. Pope has pretty much played every game over the last few seasons so a short break may do him good but I expect to see him back in the team sooner rather than later.
  3. He will have competition from Malky Mackay.
  4. Am I alone in thinking the praise for the Benburb goalie is over the top, He was busy and made a lot of good saves but nothing a decent goalie wouldn't save. IMO he sold the first goal when he came charging off his line and left an empty net
  5. Always knew your Mrs was a good c**t. YOU on the other hand... Yep, that's fair enough. Happy New Year
  6. I'd rather hear it refered to as New Years Eve than folk pronouncing Hogmanay as 'Hugmanay'. Ha Ha, that's the way i say it. You and her would get on well then
  7. My girlfriend is English. She keeps calling Hogmanay "New Years Eve". For some petty reason it gets me absolutely raging
  8. When Talbot were very poor there was no relegation. The Ayrshire League was split into North and South sections . Ayrshire amalgamating and having different divisions roughly coincided with Talbot getting better so it is factually correct to say they have never been relegated
  9. Certainly should. Based on the evidence of the last two games Rangers clearly want it more
  10. Kilbirnie were far from the worst team I have seen this season
  11. It is genuinely true. Cumnock's last victory against Talbot in the league was the 08/09 season
  12. Willie Lyle has barely hit a long ball in his life. How are Cumnock doing now they have sacked that dud. Fun fact for you as we go into 2020, Cumnock never beat Talbot in the league this decade. That is what you call horrible viewing
  13. You couldn't be more wrong and for a club official to disparage another club is utterly disgraceful
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