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  1. There is. Don't know how close Darvel or other potential league winners are to being licensed though to take part in a possible play-off
  2. Money is being refunded so that's a complete non story
  3. Where are Kilwinning getting the money to pay their players. Their wage bill is at least on a par with Cumnock or Glenafton
  4. Why. We have no money coming in, we don't get TV money and no SFA handouts. Its not sustainable at our level to play in front of no fans.
  5. Genuine question- How many of the teams taking part have a realistic chance of being licensed by February next year
  6. That's my reaction as well when I watch my recording of the Scottish Cup game
  7. It does my nut in when they do that. It does not make good radio. The producer(s) need to have a word when they do that
  8. Probably took him two weeks to say that
  9. You are not the first guy from Airdrie to say that
  10. If you are sure of the orange underparts I am going to go for Redstart. They will be on migration at this time of year so can appear anywhere
  11. Do you not get something like 30 days to register a birth (I think this was extended during lockdown). How much of a Jakie do you have to be be that you are not sober enough in 30 days to register a name properly
  12. Have to admit I am stumped. Bouncing tail is interesting though, very few birds do that- wagtails, dipper and sandpipers are the only ones I can think of. I would guess a juvenile of some sort although not sure of what with the description
  13. My favourite bird. Did you hear its call, it really does sound like two stones being hit together
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