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  1. Will be happy with either of them. More leaning towards Murray but just glad its looking like it wont be some hasbeen.
  2. Yeh but not everyone who has failed at some point is completely useless….McGlynn was sacked twice in his career
  3. Aye fair point but he’s had 5 more years learning his trade….Cowdenbeath are a shambles of a club most would struggle there
  4. Fox is an interesting one. His choice to manage Cowdenbeath at 33 and with very little coaching experience at Hearts was a bold one that didn’t pay off but he should have learned from that experience. He’s since coached back at Hearts and been assistant manager at livi and Dundee united. Jack Ross was talking him up on Sportscene after last nights game. I’d be willing to give Fox a shot if it is him over some of the suspects being named.
  5. Looks like we have been given permission to speak to Thomson.
  6. Think he chose to walk away from queens for some reason
  7. Where are you getting the Ellis is a good coach stuff from? His dismissal at Queens Park? As for McKinnon, the mists of time have been kind to him and some people forgetting we were toiling a bit until the January window. Then he slithered away at a crucial point, before doing similar dirties at subsequent clubs, before being emptied. If McKinnon is the answer you're asking the wrong questions. Ellis might not have done great as a manager but he is a decent coach. If you dont think they would work thats your opinion ive got mine.
  8. I'd take Mckinnon with Ellis as assistant. We have more chance of playing a good brand of football with him than most of the folk on that list. Ellis is a good coach and loves the Rovers so we could get a lot worse. Get Berra as a player coach as well.
  9. Tbh mcglynns use of loans was actually a strong point of his. Some of the best players we had during his reign came through loans with quite a few signing on permanently. He has a tendency for a wildcard or two (Mendy, Riley-Snow) but no manager gets it right all the time. He’ll do the business for yous in league 1.
  10. He seems a good candidate compared to some of the names getting chucked about. We are not expecting to replace McGlynn like for like but someone who can play decent football and develop younger players would be ideal. Good luck for the next game!
  11. Ian Murray seems to be linked with the Rovers no idea if he'd be interested and thats if he doesnt get you guys up of course. Whats he been like over the whole?
  12. Still waiting on our new chairman actually saying anything since his appointment. Now would be the time to come out and keep the fans updated.
  13. Wouldnt mind us going for a good coach with plenty experience in the mould of McGlynn....someone like Graeme Murty.
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