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  1. Must have been 1983 Junior Cup 5th round, Kilbirnie Ladeside v Auchinleck Talbot. I was 4 and remember nothing about the game other than it being mobbed and the Ladeside scarf my cousin bought me for the game. I've never been to a junior match since but I'm hoping to remedy that at some point this year. Any suggestions?
  2. FS... Right, I'm sure I'll figure it out... Cheers. Tempting.
  3. Not going to make this today because of reasons fully within my partners control... Stupid question for Dundee fans... I'm wanting to stream the match off of DTV, I tried to read the terms and conditions but it wouldn't open for some reason. If I pay the £5.99 monthly subscription to watch this match, can I cancel it straight after the match and not be bumped £5.99 every month for the next 12 months? Cheers.
  4. Considering how many games McGinty started for us, he would have been up for every single corner, free kick, long throw in every game for 2 years and I can't remember him scoring a single goal. That's either statistically extremely unlucky or some other reason... Good luck to the guy though. I don't think giving him bags of abuse after he's been offloaded does anyone any good...
  5. For me it's got to be the moment the club allowed Caldwell to unceremoniously cut Kris Doolan adrift 6 months before his testimonial. Everything about this episode was so wrong on so many levels... Unfathomable how our player of the decade could have been treated in this way. That utter roaster Caldwell should never be allowed to set foot in Firhill again...
  6. Harkins is not only box office but even though he's about 4 stone too heavy, he's been racking up the assists in his last few games... I'd start him!
  7. He's actually been having a pretty decent season since McCall moved him into the lone striker role...! He's like a bald, chunky Crespo!
  8. This, however I would suggest that Stevie "the Championship" Lennon was marginally more terrible than Storey...
  9. What a laugh this is... Would not keep 1 single player of this squad going into the new year. Not 1 single one...!
  10. 2 days since anything has been posted on this thread during one of the most turbulent period for the club in the last 20 years. The apathy is telling... And extremely worrying.
  11. Rumours on the Twitter about O'Ware and Banzo getting their jotters... Don't know what big Tam's supposed to have done, but the way I'm feeling after being at Firhill today Banzo can do one. How many times has he lashed out like that over the years? He just doesn't seem to learn...
  12. It's clear that unless something spectacular happens we will be nowhere near getting promotion this season. The whole club is in denial right now and objectives need to be realistic. We're a mid level championship club. We don't have the resources, facilities, fanbase to challenge at the top of this league at this moment in time. Lets just enjoy getting the occasional win over Morton at home and our wee away days at Palmerston and not fret about being successful. We're Partick Thistle we score w..he.....n .....w..e 🙁😕😕
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