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  1. Sandeman street, at the opposite side of Arklay street from Tannadice usually has space. Flat 5 min walk from the away end.
  2. It’s a shame that it’s on TV and straight after Monday’s game as without those the away crowd would have likely been the biggest for a good few years. I’ll be there but certainly can’t blame anyone choosing to stay at home.
  3. There are plenty of good seats in the main stand but it’s hard to know where until you’re there. It’s fine in a smaller crowd where you can shuffle along if need be, but had some awkward views of derbies over the years. And as said above, don’t try to sing. Elite level moaning encouraged.
  4. When Dundee got 25 they basically made the rules up as they went along as far as I can remember. Pretty sure soon after that the punishment became one third of the points tally from the previous season and I think that's what Rangers received. Didn't realise they changed it again to what TxRover said but that seems to be the case.
  5. Give out free tickets to Dundee/Abertay/St Andrews students to give it a bit of an edge [emoji23]
  6. Thought I’d imagined that with the shot that hit both posts. Can’t quite wrap my head around how it could have been over the line but I did think it was at the time.
  7. Pitch looking great, what was all the fuss about! Even the goalmouths are in surprisingly good condition for November.
  8. Not at all, it’s the competitiveness that I’m commenting on. I love that every week in this league, you genuinely can’t predict the result of any fixture. Ayr’s points tally in any other league would see them 2nd at best, but they are probably deserving of being the top team so far and that’s what matters.
  9. Didn’t actually realise that. Just comparing to the other 3 leagues where the top teams are well over 2 per game.
  10. Got to love that the top team in the league have managed to open a bit of a gap to the rest, while averaging less than 2 points per game.
  11. We are just wildly inconsistent no matter where it is. We won away to Raith, Hamilton and TNS but lost to Ayr and Cove and drew with Morton and Arbroath. Only Morton and Rangers have stopped us scoring this season, so it probably depends on how drunk our defence is.
  12. Unfortunately I’d imagine under soil heating will be an unavoidable cost. If anything, shifting the kickoff to lunchtime might make it harder to get the pitch cleared after a hard frost.
  13. I’d be surprised if the Texans decide against playing it tbh. Almost surprised it’s not played at any home game. I’d like to think we would refrain from booing it just this once but that’s just as unlikely.
  14. Got the mobile version and that’s decent enough - first time trying that after regularly playing the full game years ago. First season relegated, second season won the playoffs, third season relegated, 4th season won the league. Can’t say it’s not realistic!
  15. Don’t remember ever seeing a manager appointed in the summer being sacked in August…
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