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  1. Only on player 1, 3 is working for me but 1 wasn’t.
  2. Kerr and Elliott both probably could, although I’m hoping he just sticks with the 4 at the back. Could also probably recall Fisher if really desperate but don’t see that happening.
  3. No one knows yet, it’s supposedly up and running but the cancelled Forfar match was the only home game before this so who knows.
  4. On the positive side, we scored 2 at Tynecastle which felt unlikely... That’s all I’ve got. Next game has to start with the line up that finished the game, with either Anderson or Robertson.
  5. Well that was depressingly predictable. Great free kick and ridiculously unlucky for the penalty but we’ve barely been in the game. Just exactly the same as the first half at Dunfermline last year but against a better team.
  6. If it’s an iPhone it may already be there - I got a notification telling me to leave for the Brora game which was unexpected! Not sure how they’ve done that but then for a 20-something I’m not the most tech savvy.
  7. Considering the weather, the pitch, it being the first competitive game and Brora being full of confidence at the moment, I’m not sure we could have hoped for much better so far. Hamilton did the one thing he had to well. Defence has been ok if not amazing. Dorrans has been our weakest looking midfielder which isn’t a bad position to be in. Anderson has played pretty well and got an assist and we’ve scored 2 goals despite having 3 strikers missing and another on the bench.
  8. Currently staring at my whisky wondering what my wife put in it. I mean who the...why the...whit?!
  9. 3-0 is a good result considering we wouldn’t have had any strikers available. A bit concerned though that we will be going to Tynecastle with our only competitive game being against a highland league team.
  10. Did you buy your season ticket online this year? I did, having bought it in the shop previously, with similar issues. The number in my season ticket last year (not collected this years) was an 8 digit number, but logging in to the ticket page gives a completely different 7 digit number. If that’s the case for you then the 7 digit number should work...
  11. Personally I think this is all propaganda and there is actually no match tonight. 2 youths scoring, one of whom not even old enough for a proper contract, another from a new signing and another from Adam. It’s too perfect.
  12. 1 point per season is fine but more likely to give a strange result, like Queen’s Park or third Lanark being higher than ICT or Ross County. As much as those clubs were good once upon a time, I’m not sure anyone would say they should be anywhere near the top.
  13. I’m sure someone with more free time than me could work out a system to rank teams based on the number of seasons in the top flight, potentially weighted by the modern era. Something like, being in the very first top flight gets a team 1 point, season 2 is 1.01, season 3 is 1.02 etc. Either stop at a maximum of 2 around 1990 or keep it going up to 2.3.
  14. All seems a bit illogical that football isn’t allowed in small numbers. I am allowed to go to Greggs in the Overgate shopping centre, queue at the till, buy a pie and a drink, go sit on a public bench and watch a potentially infinite number of people walk past within a few metres of me. I am not allowed to go to Dens, a building only accessible to a designated number of people, probably not queue at the till, but a pie and a drink, go sit in my designated seat, watch a few hundred people do the same thing nearby, all of whom have names and addresses known to the club, while 23 people run around with a ball about 50 metres away.
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