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  1. Look above and see why I legitimately complainaed of your abuse twice kid!
  2. Yup - he's a p***k. He's tried abuse on a lot at me in various disguises and "quips" - needs hit, end of story . Good smack in the face will stop his shoite to cancer patients
  3. Bennett has been provoking me for a while as he does to other people - I will not take his cancer shoite as I really had that and invite him to my clinic to punch his face
  4. I maybe jumped to the wrong conclusion Bennett but I still challenge you to come to Western General with your pishtake which is not nice - get your face pushed in
  5. I'm not? You basically said a former cancer sufferer should shut up cos you knew better - you are a complete asshole and I invite to to come and try your shiote @ Western General Hospital Clinical Oncology and see how you get on - your pish is really angering
  6. Feck sakes you need a punch from a person at my Clinical Oncology - retract that before I complain - it's just not funny
  7. Is this you taking the pish again just cos I had testicular cancer and you suck Jardine's balls by posting a really inane and annoying thread which really annoyed cancer sufferers? not nice Benny the ball
  8. Is this another world record? 67 players suing must be...............the world breaking Rangers are always tops!!!!!
  9. Hi Bairn - I referred to that above - it is basically a statement within the prospectus that they might have income from chasing players. I asked above if Chuckie Cheese will how issue an addendum to the prospectus admitting they are being chased for a helluva lot of money by 67 players.
  10. I'm confused - 67 players couldn't win the SPL under Sal's expert management???
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