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  1. I feel the 'we need to be patient' line would have more weight if we weren't in our third season in the seaside leagues as one of the only full-time teams with the biggest budget.
  2. Proof, if any was needed, that they are genuinely delusional and we are absolutely humped.
  3. Anyone ask about Holt signing his own son and how that fitted in with his specific player criteria that was outlined? Or how he has assembled an absolutely ganting squad? Or how we have got even worse since he stepped in the door? Or how he used all his contacts to sign 3 weans in January while Partick strengthened to win the league?
  4. What did the guy who blamed the fans actually say? What was he blaming them for, exactly?
  5. Can someone please confirm someone has told Holt to f**k off, at least?
  6. Brace yourselves for the calls for patience, promises of a better future tomorrow and deflection central.
  7. This is true but if someone does want to take one for the team and tell Holt to f**k off in as gentle a way possible, we can make an exception.
  8. If any of you listened to Dave Cormack's meltdown on Sportsound this evening, what do we reckon the chances the two Garys were listening in, hoping for some pointers for tomorrow night on how to batten down the hatches?
  9. The fact of the matter is that a club in its third season in the third tier doesn't need a DoF. The position shouldn't even exist. That Holt is a complete and utter weapon just adds to the reasons to boot him. Edit to add: He has failed miserably in about 85% of the tasks which fall under his remit since he arrived, while also using the club as an easy form of employment for his son.
  10. As bad as Eddie May was, he was out his depth setting up teams in the top division. Sheerin is out his depth in League One ffs.
  11. I'm not saying this is not an issue with Yogi (it is), but the worst elements of his stubbornness came to the fore when he at least had a bit of credit in the bank. Sheerin has been being stubborn since he got five games in to his first managerial gig in eight years, when he has previously achieved the square-root of f**k all apart from a fourth-tier title with Arbroath a decade ago. They aren't comparable.
  12. Deep, deep fear that they will just blow smoke up supporters' arses and the majority will buy into it. I really hope I'm wrong.
  13. The obvious solution here would be to catapult Holt into the stratosphere. Problem solved.
  14. That interview is of a man who knows he's not up to it and doesn't have a clue to how to turn it around.
  15. Maybe we wouldn't need to keep sacking managers if they weren't useless at their job.
  16. Any progress being made relies on them both being emptied.
  17. Imagine they binned Sheerin and gave it to Holt think I would explode from rage
  18. After years of going home and away, I decided in the summer that I won't give the club another penny until Holt and Deans are gone. I just wish others had been willing to commit to this.
  19. In a perverse kind of way, that Q&A is actually quite a good laugh watching it now.
  20. I really cannot stress how much the change needs to go beyond the head coach though. Holt cannot be allowed to survive this, needs chased out if needs be. Deans has to go too.
  21. Is there any actual discontent within the ground or are people just sitting, feeling resigned at what they're watching?
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