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  1. Why are we being catty towards an EPL club loaning us a keeper at short notice ffs
  2. Arguably one of Martin's best games for us was actually the 6-0 QP game, as ridiculous as it sounds. Would genuinely have been 10 or 11 if he hadn't made some of the saves he did. But aye, he's not good enough to be no.1. Interested to see what Hogarth is like.
  3. Small, trivial, inconsequential things but FTV leading with questions such as "not the result u guys wanted last week was it eh? x" after getting pumped 4-0 off Airdrie will never cease to make me want to rip my ears off my head. Gimme Falkirk Daft any day xx
  4. I honestly cannot explain the level of apoplectic seethe I will feel if Hetherington and Nesbitt start on Saturday. McGuffie I can just about stomach.
  5. Got it on already really appreciating how open it is and the fact it isn't club affiliated. This means it isn't scared to look at controversial issues as well calling a spade a spade; when something doesn't seem right, or someone is just absolutely shite and everyone and their dug can see it, you can just say it. It balances out well with some optimism in there too which we all need right now. Good listen!
  6. The performance on Saturday wasn't anywhere near acceptable, regardless of the mental acrobatics some are pulling and regardless of whether we conceded 2 or 4 goals. If it had finished 2-0, I'd still have come on here calling it gutless, weak and shite, because it would have been.
  7. I think I'm still in the minority who thought Griffiths was worth the punt. We were just outside the play-off places and even with a bit of a pot belly, I think most of us thought that dropping from the top league to League One would have seen him score more than the two he ended up putting away. It was a gamble - it didn't pay off. They didn't keep him on and made the correct decision binning Rennie too.
  8. For those who were not at the game yesterday and missed it through it being omitted from our highlights package...
  9. I said last week that given the options available to us, McGuffie would start ahead of both of those also mentioned. I'd agree with you that he's more talented and has more to offer than either. However, I do still maintain that in a well-performing Falkirk team, even in League One, McGuffie would be no more than a squad player. I suppose it shows you where we're at that he is the best of a bad bunch.
  10. I’d generally agree with you Harry but were so many instances yesterday where McGuffie shat out of tackles or kept turning into trouble whenever he got the ball. None of them are good enough.
  11. I really want to see what you're talking about, but I don’t think I can bring myself to watch them.
  12. Interesting there is no McGlynn video up yet. Maybe he'll decide to keep his mouth shut and do his talking elsewhere; ideally that means getting rid - more realistically, he jettisons the offenders out the team next week and they never don the strip from the start again.
  13. He put in a bit of a lunge on a boy and the ref played on. Didn't think it was too bad tbh but was all the more confusing that the ref didn't book him until about 3 minutes after it happened; he'd even forgotten who it was himself.
  14. GK (depends on PJ) Williamson (shite but need Yeats in MF) Donaldson Mackie McCann McGinn Yeats Morrison Lawal Burrell Oliver That's also assuming McKay is injured. That team is no great shakes at all, but with the squad we have at our disposal, I'd start with something like that next week.
  15. We semi-talk about it but I'd genuinely be putting in a power of effort trying to ship McGuffie, Nesbitt and Hetherington. Even getting rid of one or two would be a coup. They are serial losers. I know it's early days but Alegria properly looks like a panic loan signing due to lack of numbers up front, rather than a calculated move. Early days but that today was as bad as nearly anything last season.
  16. If we got a quid for all the attendance jokes people are making, we might cobble together enough for a half-decent midfield.
  17. I never want to see Nesbitt, McGuffie or Hetherington in a Falkirk strip again. Please someone take them off us.
  18. I’m not blaming McGlynn at all. Most of us have consistently pointed out his hands are tied by gutless clowns who have stunk out the place from last season. They’ll be the ones ensuring we go nowhere.
  19. Guys you’re being too negative! Can I get a few COYBs in the chat
  20. Are we allowed to boo this week or is it too negative?
  21. never a corner but totally hamstrung by last years serial losers. only people I feel more sorry for than us watching this is McGlynn. Massive job on his hands. Nesbitt, McGuffie and Hetherington being anywhere near the starting 11 is a shambles.
  22. So many soft touches in this team it’s infuriating. Hope the new boys who com on can add something
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