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  1. I've honestly never felt such a disconnect between me and the club than I feel now.
  2. Interview with McCracken is up. They remain in post, then.
  3. Still time for the usual suspects on here to step forward and remind us all how we're still top of the league so everything is fine apparently! Cracks and BSLM will get it sorted get behind the boys coyb !!!
  4. Get them both to f**k. Holt till the end of the season and then appoint someone competent going into next. We as a club have far too often played it far too nice for far too long. We need to make this decision now.
  5. If we were to lose this game tonight - given what is at stake this season - I would bin the both of them before our bottle completely crashes. We have no room for error. Sadly, we all know this wouldn't happen and we would leave it far too late.
  6. Of course it's not a massive issue. It's just a small symptom of a club hopelessly out of touch with its own fanbase, and also another example of this weird thing we seem to have in wanting to appeal to (one of, in particular) the bigot brothers. If crowds had been in I'm sure folk would have had something to say about it.
  7. Sorry to bring this up again and it has nothing to do with his ability as a player - he was one of the better performers at the weekend - but I don't think it got paid enough attention. McClelland even being allowed the number 72 was just not sitting well with me. An absolute riddy and it is the epitome of stuff that our club shouldn't be getting involved in.
  8. I get what you're saying but I don't think lack of a respect is an issue. I think most posters on here wouldn't be surprised if you beat us to the title!
  9. I'd have said 'prioritising the league' would have been understandable if it was fatigue that was the major issue and not just the vast bulk of the squad being absolutely minging
  10. That team Going to be a long evening I feel
  11. If Robbie Leitch starts this game tonight I shall be absolutely seething.
  12. One look at the Facebook page is enough to make you boak, by the way. All this "keep the faith!1! coyb", "let Cracks and Lee do there job!". We're in League One ffs and the standard of football being served up is genuinely brutal. I still have a feeling we'll perhaps limp to the title but at the same time I have absolutely no faith in this team to get over the line. That performance last night, against a (not even full strength) Dumbarton team - at home! - was embarrassing. I heard Allan Preston on the radio talking about the problems at Hearts the other day, and he had quite a good line: imagine you're a kid supporting Hearts, which one of their team do you get on the back of your shirt? The same question could be asked about our rabble. Even Hartley's bunch I felt a deep seated rage towards them! Bar I'd say max 2 or 3 in this squad (and that is me being kind), I can't remember a Falkirk team I have felt so apathetic towards. But some folk think it's okay to just accept it.
  13. If Leitch is in the starting line-up this evening I shall be absolutely seething.
  14. What's the story with Joe McKee, noticed he's hardly played recently. Injured, or just realised he's absolutely pish?
  15. I actually thought Todd looked ok in a couple of the games he played immediately after signing before Covid (before he got injured - again). However, any appearance he's made this season he looked like he was running through treacle. Agree with others that I think injuries may be beginning to take their toll.
  16. Completely forgot about that. No doubt Ray will snap him up.
  17. Just seen Lewis Toshney has left ICT and seems to be wanting a club closer to the central belt. I know he's a wee bit injury-prone, but he's still only 28 and I think he was actually our strongest CB last season before he left. Wouldn't be totally averse to taking him back.
  19. If we go up, we can't afford to begin our return to the Championship slowly with a squad and co-managers who aren't up to it. My expectations would actually be a solid, mid-table finish to establish ourselves again, but I'm not even sure they would be capable of that.
  20. I fully expect we will go onto win this league, which above all is the most important thing. We'll have big decisions to make come the end of the season, though. Both on the playing and the management front.
  21. I was so baffled by the bringing on of Dowds and Francis that I've just noticed Leitch is still on the pitch!!!
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