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  1. Still the most successful team in the Challenge Cup xxx
  2. The game has changed off the back of a terrible decision. Our refs are unbelievably incompetent.
  3. Btw, he’s got a lot of deserved praise for his work over the season, and I think we’re a better side with him in it somewhere - but you’re not gonna be challenging for the title with Gary Oliver as a lone striker. It’s just not happening, lads. Sorry.
  4. 4 points out of 12 against Kelty is why we are no where near winning this league. Burrell should have been on much earlier. Dire.
  5. Forgive me if my brain just isn’t working, but on the very few occasions we’ve played 2 up top this season - whether it be starting matches or changing formation later on in games - have we tried Burrell and Oliver together?
  6. The same seat at Hampden is cheaper for Scotland v Spain than Falkirk v ICT
  7. Given time and pricing, I honestly think you’ll be lucky to break 15k.
  8. I do think the side opposite the main stand looks really shite and I’d rather we did something to fill that space whether it be terracing or a much smaller stand, but it doesn’t even touch the middle of our priority list and won’t be getting done any time soon.
  9. First League One club since 2006 to make the semis (not counting the Govan mob) and a chance to play at the national stadium. Couldn’t give a f**k if it’s half empty, it’s a day out and an experience for the fans and players alike
  10. Didn’t we take 12k to the Pars game in 2009 or am I completely imagining that? Probably am tbf. Still, with the novelty value/unexpected nature of us getting there given where we were a few months ago, I think that 10-12k could be doable if marketed properly.
  11. Exactly one year ago yesterday, we lost 4-1 at home to Airdrie as we sat 5th in League One with 37 points from 29 games - for context, we currently have 54 points from 27 games. Only 4 of the 20 players in the squad that day played any part in the game tonight - McKay, Nesbitt, Morrison and McCann. Some turnaround indeed.
  12. Also thought Stephen McGinn was absolutely outstanding that second half. His best game in weeks.
  13. Much has been made of us deserving to be where we are and it’s true - we’re in the third tier because we were run like a basket case for a number of years. But the fans have stuck by the club remarkably over that time and really deserved a night like that. We’re on the up again. I love this club.
  14. P.s. with the arse cheeks drawing each other, does that mean the winner of us vs ICT gets European football? Is that still a thing?
  15. What a fucking night. I love this football club
  16. While I appreciate people saying that our season isn’t over and we simply move on - of course, this is absolutely true, we’ve still got a lot to play for and much we can possibly achieve - I don’t think you can just write it off that easily either. That second half performance was completely unacceptable, and for all the improvements we’ve made, was symptomatic of Falkirk in big games where the fans turn up. Playing against a ‘better team’ isn’t an excuse for lack of passion. The second half was so passive, and many players looked like they gave up at 1-0. For a top of the table, derby game in front of nearly 10,000 folk, it’s not simply a case of ‘oh well, we move on’. We almost accepted it when it was Hartley’s or Rennie’s bunch of serial losers as that was what was expected of them, but not this team which has built up some credit in the bank. I’m a big fan of McGlynn and think he’s done a very, very good job considering where we were last year, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that that is two derby games in a row where he’s been outthought and the team have been outfought.
  17. Dunfermline deserved that and ultimately to win the league. We’ve been on a great run, but that was just typical big game Falkirk - fans turn up, players decide not to when it matters most. Massive job to dust ourselves down for next week and the play-offs
  18. After all the years of insipidness, we’re due one where we properly turn up in a big game. Really hoping that it is this evening.
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