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  1. Part of the reason we've sunk to where we are is this happy-clapping acceptance and attempted justification of these utter haddies. He was absolutely mince and has found his level playing against the likes of Alex Harris and Scott Shepherd. Could do with a few more leaving with him.
  2. I don't have the statistics to back it up (I don't care lol) but our defence certainly looked at its most solid when Toshney and Buchanan were together and Durnan was nowhere to be seen.
  3. This is one of the slowest, dullest, most plodding Falkirk sides filled with complete jobbers that I have ever had the misfortune of watching, and Longridge and McManus are two of the only players with any real spark or creativity about them. Lose them and we might as well gear up for Cove away next year.
  4. Far too sensible. Won't catch on. Let's continue with folk like Telfer instead eh
  5. There's yer Facebook maws voting BSLM into the Team of the Decade. Shame seeing Taylor in it cause he's an absolute rocket but on balance maybe deserved. Agree that Arfield can't really be there either having only been there 6 months in a team that got relegated. I'd have Kingsley ahead of Leahy too.
  6. Can't wait for Tidser to be shipped out only for his wage to spent on a couple of jobbers who either McCracken or Miller are pals with.
  7. 100%. The more I've thought about it, the more I'm annoyed the board got rid of McKinnon just to bring in two ex-players thinking that would ameliorate fans anger towards them. I like McCracken and Miller as every Falkirk fan but the whole 'we're having a process' only to appoint them 2 days later, with them having done nothing to warrant being given the job, stinks to me. In a season where we need to go up, giving the job to two rookies, no matter how popular or 'sexy' they are, doesn't sit well with me. I've seen nothing so far to make me think they have the answers either.
  8. At least we can all take a certain amount of enjoyment from that wee ned Fraser Aird getting binned by Cove for getting caught making 'certain signs' at Parkhead yesterday. He's probably buzzing that he'll be free to spend his weekends at The Louden. Shite footballer and a total bigot. Happy days.
  9. That Tidser with another assist yesterday... For all he's been shite or not been playing by my count he's been involved in a goal in pretty much every game he's played👀
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