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  1. No need to look! With all the negativity surrounding the world right now, the ability to laugh at yourself is more important than ever. In that vein, please enjoy this absolutely terrible take from yours truly, after the jobbers and journeyman of QOTS pumped us silly (3-0) at home in Hartley's last game. In my defence, he wasn't the worst player that day, but I think I may have taken the praise a little too far...
  2. See Morton are linking to a fan account doing Twitter updates from a classic match where they eh... beat the worst Falkirk side in about 40 years to stay 8th in the Scottish Championship? I mean - *that* away day!
  3. He never got his chance. What a complete waste.
  4. Most people thought McKinnon should have gone after relegation. He was a total dud, we can agree on that. The squad he built isn't great - in fact, if we were to go up it would need strengthened considerably. However, combined with the funds M&M had in January for additions, the players there should be enough to win this league. McKInnon was sacked after 14 league games. By the seasons end, M&M will have been in charge for 22 league games. Improved performances from that under McKinnon really isn't setting the bar very high. The fact they are young and inexperienced isn't an excuse and was largely the reason many, including myself, were sceptical at their appointment in such an important season. If they do manage to get us up, which I really hope they do, then great. But if they don't - especially after such a poor window - I don't see how you could argue anything other than that they had failed to do the job they were brought in to do.
  5. If we fail to go up, they haven't done the job they were tasked with and should be binned.
  6. I don't think we should be humping every team every week. I do think Falkirk should be winning more than 13 out of 27 games in the Scottish third tier.
  7. That last night is deemed by cohorts of our support as an acceptable performance only goes to show how far our standards have fallen. We're in this ridiculous situation where we were absolutely minging for 70 minutes, and fans are shouting for a 36 year old who is done - and supposed to be the co-manager! - to come on and be our saviour, ahead of two other strikers on bench. What does that say to them, and about the squad that has been assembled? I actually thought Miller did okay when he came on but there's now the 40 year old fanboys in our support who unironically call him BSLM saying he should be starting every week, when he was blowing out his arse after 20 minutes last night. Everyone could see from 10 minutes in that the tactics weren't working - punting the ball up to McManus as a lone striker was absolutely brutal. Given the circumstances, I was very happy with a point. But that doesn't equate to it being anywhere near an acceptable performance.
  8. I'm just slightly worried that Raith will go at us right from the off, we are notoriously slow starters. If we concede early like we did on Saturday I can see us capitulating.
  9. What do folk think our chances of keeping McManus beyond this season are? I reckon it pretty much hinges on us going up. Can't see us affording him, or him wanting to stay, if we're in the Seaside Leagues for another year. Reckon we'd have a decent chance if we were to go up to the Championship though.
  10. Christ. That was the kind of performance I expect from a Falkirk team in that second half. That was better than Saturday, and we keep seeming to improve. Miller and McCracken seem to have instilled in this bunch what playing for the #NavyBlue means. Long may it continue.
  11. I can see both sides. The second half was much, much better from what we've been watching for most of the season, it was nice to see some desire for a change, and I think everyone would agree with the sentiments of getting behind the team. To be fair, I'd argue that fans have been doing that remarkably over the course of the season considering. In the same breath, it's hard to be absolutely gushing whilst competing (!) for the League One title. I'm still ever so slightly embarrassed we're in this league to begin with, nevermind the absolute hash of it that has been made so far (of course we deserve to be here; not the point I'm making!).
  12. Great bit of business. A real shining light in a boredom-inducing season.
  13. Part of the reason we've sunk to where we are is this happy-clapping acceptance and attempted justification of these utter haddies. He was absolutely mince and has found his level playing against the likes of Alex Harris and Scott Shepherd. Could do with a few more leaving with him.
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