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  1. All that money to put together a team that looks like one I could have built using the 'Free Agent' and 'Scottish' filters on Football Manager.
  2. I didn't buy a season ticket and have been keeping my mouth shut the last few weeks. I could go on a massive expletive, rant but to be honest, the club isn't worth it, so I'll try and be calm. One look at the Facebook page and you can't help but feel we deserve to be where we are. 1 point out of 12 in League One and you have people posting about 'getting behind the boys' and 'great comeback' - they'd be saying exactly the same if we were in a League 2 relegation play-off. They'll pitch up; buy season tickets, and merchandise, regardless of what goes on on the pitch. To me, they are enablers. The board, including Deans and Holt, should have been hunted at the end of last season - they were saved the mutiny of the fans by virtue of none being in the stadium at the time. Can't imagine they'd have still been there had there been fans at Partick and Airdrie. I was wholly, wholly, unconvinced by Sheerin's appointment, and remain so. That result today papers over so many cracks. We will win next week, due to East Fife being gantin, rather than us being any great shakes. Nothing will change, and the cycle will continue. I just can't be arsed anymore.
  3. Turns out it wasn't just with us, Alston is just slow as f**k now.
  4. That is up there with the weakest Falkirk line-ups I think I've ever seen.
  5. Still can't believe we kept Ben Hall swear to God, the number of truly bewildering things Falkirk FC makes you kind of just become numb to it, but sometimes you sit back and it just hits you eh
  6. Might be an unpopular view but as much as I feel getting rid of the academy was a mistake etc etc, all the focus on off-field stuff seems needlessly distracting when the sole focus should be getting the club out of League One. By all means, build the infrastructure of the club off the pitch, but do it when we're at least established back in the Championship. Don't run before you can walk. It seems to me that a lot of what is being done is so that the board can point over somewhere else and say "but look what we've been doing off the field!!!" when we inevitably bottle it on the pitch again.
  7. Folk trying to say Miller is a similar calibre of player to Dorrans f**k me.
  8. Have we made any signings so far that Sheerin couldn't have identified himself had Holt not been there?
  9. 2015/16 under Houston was, in my opinion, the last time we had a team to be proud of. I used to genuinely look forward to going to games every week during that season. That one year was kind of an anomaly when bundled together with the last decade of muck, though.
  10. I've had to stop myself from looking at it. Choosing to ignore how incredibly dense a depressingly significant portion of our fanbase are is good for the soul.
  11. Before the season got shut down in January, I thought he looked okay if pretty unspectacular - he hardly stuck out as a player who'd played at a higher level. He then got injured over the lockdown and when the season came back he made his way back into the side for the last few weeks of the campaign when we were (as is well known) absolutely rank rotten. Kelly too was total garbage during this period, but I would defend him slightly by saying he looked absolutely nowhere near fit and at any football club with even a semblance of competence he wouldn't have been in the matchday squad, never mind starting. I think he'd be ok for back-up, but as others have said, I'd be baffled (and worried) if he was starting in the Premiership.
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