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  1. Jordan Shite indeed, yet I'd wager he would walk into our current rabble. Which kind of highlights the wider point I'm making.
  2. There's yer man Yogi beating the Scottish champions there with Ross County tonight, just over a year after literally offering himself for the Falkirk job in League One. Concurrently, we're stuck on our arse staring at a third year in a row in the third tier with Tweedledum and Tweedledee in charge ("BuT ThEy HaVe FaLkIrK BloOd" and the maws love them etc etc) debating the intricacies of whether we really deserved 150k or 500k from the Scottish Government and waiting to be told if and when we can play again. I know there's a much larger story and the happy clappers on here are keen to remind us all that we can't change the past, but the scale to which our club has been mismanaged and where we sit at the moment is an absolute obscenity.
  3. The natural reaction of delight lasted for about 5 seconds, then I remembered watching us this season made my eyes bleed.
  4. True (apart from Dennon Lewis who was a complete dick). They were signed by Hartley and it wasn't really their fault, they just simply weren't good enough. The ones who had performed at that level before and simply didn't show up, or couldn't be arsed, pissed me off more.
  5. Funnily enough I remember sitting thinking - as M&M set us up to defend for a point as we got outplayed by the galacticos of Raith Rovers at Starks Park last March - that we would have been in serious trouble without McManus last year. I think we all appreciated how good he was, but it is quite scary when you actually think of how far he carried us, basically by himself.
  6. Unlike me to be ultra-positive but I generally harbour mainly positive memories of those two. Yogi got us playing some brilliant stuff at the top level over a successive number of years and is one of our best managers ever. Houston gave us 3 good years (one fantastic year in particular) where we ended up falling just short numerous times. While he overstayed his welcome by going a season too far, still have nothing but good feeling for the guy.
  7. Ideal scenario: season is called, we get promoted despite our rancid style of play which means a) we can bin M&M to bring someone proper in and b) this team don't have to make my eyes bleed every second Saturday when I watch them on my TV. Rawlins then comes in and we have time to prepare for our return to the Championship. Here we go x
  8. That's the problem though. A large section of our support have become so apathetic that tripping, slipping, tumbling and finally limping over the line to win the Scottish third tier would be success in some of their eyes.
  9. Facebook maws and the 45 year da's who unironically call him BSLM?
  10. It is not my job, or the job of any supporter for that matter, so find and hire a manager. That responsibility falls to the board of the club. That doesn't stop fans - who have backed the club in their droves, continuously pummelling in money which said board have proceeded to consistently squander as we tumble down the footballing ladder - pointing out that the current management isn't good enough.
  11. Thats Big Sexy and Cracks ur talking about !!!!! cut them open they bleed Fawkirk!!!!
  12. "Let's keep the manager(s) who doesn't/don't have a clue cos you canny think of anyone else!!!11!!" is one of football fans shitest arguments.
  13. A reminder that I and a few others got a stern telling off after the Airdrie loss for having the gall to question whether we were actually still pretty shite or not. Interested to see if the happy clappers are back out in force tonight.
  14. Yogi literally offered himself up for this gig in Scottish League One and folk laughed him off (???) and now we're stuck with Humpty and Dumpty in the dugout Miller and McCracken two great servants as players and I'll always love them for that but seen nothing to suggest they are the answer.
  15. For all that has been said over the last few pages, I find the (deceivingly large) number of Falkirk fans who have grown to accept not only mediocrity, but abject failure, as excusable and 'the norm' by far the most depressing part of where we are at the moment.
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