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  1. It should go without saying that any Falkirk 'supporter' who pulls the "I'm buying a season ticket cos I'm SUCH a superfan and I choose to blindly follow this mob who seem to actively hate me" while making others feel guilty about taking a refund without knowing anything about their personal circumstances, is a total dick.
  2. Everytime they release a statement where I think they have reached peak 'out of touch', they always manage to go on and outdo themselves. What an absolute shower.
  3. Third consecutive season in League One and still chucking about two year deals like they are sweeties. What a fucking football club x
  4. That is pretty dire but not as bad as the drain cover effort from the season past.
  5. He automatically has my respect for going through with this signing after seeing first-hand what he was getting himself into only a few weeks ago.
  6. Happy enough with Dixon staying. He's turning out to be a right good servant.
  7. If he was the best man out of 100+ applications we are in deeper shit than I thought. Obviously will be delighted if he proves us wrong and does well but f**k me it does show how far we've fallen.
  8. Forget the new head coach btw. New market suggestion for McBookie: Is Bantabairn Gary Deans? Who fancies a flutter ? x
  9. Are you happy to continue funding what we've been subjected to for the last 10+ years?
  10. Yeah, after years of renewing on blind hope, this will be the first year in 16 seasons for me that I won't be renewing. Enough is enough. We need more fans to do the same. The only thing they understand is money.
  11. I agree, we don't have our troubles to seek. Which actually makes the continued employment of Holt all the more baffling. What self-respecting football manager/coach/whatever you want to name it is going to sign up to take charge of a team when you'll have that tit breathing down your neck? I dread to think that some half-decent folk might have been dissuaded from applying because of his presence.
  12. If Alex Rae gets the gig I would no longer admit to being a Falkirk fan in public settings.
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