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  1. Ken I'm late, but Pars deserved to win the game at TFS. Wasn't pretty but we were gantin and up to us to find a counter to it, which McGlynn didn't do. 7 points behind but only November. Lots of time. Move on.
  2. Why the f**k is that bit of fence directly behind the goal open?
  3. Lawal showing why he should start, and I fucking love Leon McCann. Have a great night Bairns xxx
  4. What a difference a few months makes, by the way. As we’ve discussed so many times over the last few weeks, the team we have at the moment is nowhere near the finished article, but after the last few years of insipid garbage dominated by charlatans unfit to wear the shirt, manage or run the club, it finally feels like we’re slowly beginning to get the Falkirk FC we all love back. Huge credit must go to the players and management for that. No doubt there will be bumps and justifiable criticisms to come, but to actually be looking forward to games on a Saturday again is a class feeling.
  5. Pretty sure Gibson was voted MotM in our *record-breaking* fourth Scottish Challenge Cup triumph against Hamilton in 2012.
  6. Get a contract in front of Burrell now please.
  7. Near enough our strongest team on the park atm imo.
  8. What I quite like about the squad we have now is you can make two or three changes if some players aren’t performing, and it doesn’t weaken the team at all. We’ve actually got a bit of depth. Can’t complain with that line-up - up to them to perform now.
  9. McGlynn's pre-match interview 16 minutes longwe'll be at an hour by the end of the season
  10. My only worry there is you’d get a 6/7/8-0 and that completely derails the league campaign. Probably shortsighted, but I don’t give a shit about cups this year. Any run, of course, is welcome, but we simply need out this league this year.
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