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  1. The only reason Edjenguele looked decent was because he played like Van Dijk in comparison to the CB pairings that would have struggled in the Juniors who we'd been playing for the first half of that fucking grim season.
  2. If that's the precedent, we should maybe just leave it till tomorrow morning. An absolute wage thief.
  3. Watson to nod home a 94th minute winner in the 4th vs 9th play-off at EEP before pulling a Portugal flag out his sock in front of a raging Norrie McCathie Stand.
  4. Only a couple of weeks until the two Paul's can slide into central defence and Hall/McKay never don a Falkirk shirt ever again.
  5. If we got any money at all for him then that is good business. He's really not turned it on for us.
  6. Paul Watson would be a very good signing for this level and I would imagine we'd be in for him.
  7. Jaze kickstarting the Navy Blue juggernaut with that interview, all the 'big club' patteronly way to step it up next week is to mention how many fans we have x
  8. Didn't watch the game today but buzzing for the new boy getting a double. WIll do his confidence a world of good and it is nice to have a striker who seems to actually know where the net is. A couple of defenders signing this week is a must.
  9. I know this is a really, really minor point, not important at all and there is a 'football review' ongoing or whatever, but I see Rennie is still referred to as the Head Coach. Can we please just call him the Manager and let him get on with it? X
  10. I appreciate where you’re coming from with this and don’t necessarily disagree, but I’m also naturally cautious. You had folk on here in August wanting Sheerin tied up long-term because we’d scraped past Airdie and beaten East Kilbride.
  11. I knew there was one I was missing! We'd have probably been down in the February if it wasn't for him.
  12. Also, as concerned as I am by the lack of signings this window, it still doesn't quite compare to the delight (that is yet to wear off) that not one single penny more of the clubs money has been wasted on any of the fucking duffers that inevitably filled up Holt's list.
  13. I know we've most likely burnt a lot of bridges with our antics over the last couple of years, but even if there is a lack of permanent signings available who will improve us, our use of the loan market recently has been stinking. I'm probably being brain dead, but McManus is the only success I can think of in the last few years, if you don't count Jakubiak etc 18 months beforehand. It's even more galling when you see other teams in this league signing people on loan who consequently go on to run rings around our jobbers.
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