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  1. The fact that a plurality of our fans have voted for a cross ahead of some of the other candidates as 'Goal of the Decade' further confirms my belief that a large section of our support are complete morons.
  2. If we were to ever resign that plodding, sand-dancIng, jersey-filling shitebag McKee again I would honestly be on a whole other level of seething. Him and Telfer in the same midfield would probably bring out some kind of physical reflex.
  3. Unpopular opinion, but I reckon Durnan is as about as good as you'll get at this level. Tell him not to fanny about and play as a no-nonsense CB (as M&M seemed to do last season when he began to look more solid) and I see no reason not to keep him.
  4. Paul Paton and Lewis Kidd finding their natural level, not before time.
  5. I just have a feeling that our first summer signing is going to be Raffaele De Vita on a 2 year deal and all I'm going to want to do is cry.
  6. Your reminder that Paul Watson was released to be replaced by Scott Harrison, Patrick Brough and Tom Dallison. It was a prime example of 'be careful what you wish for'. He was fine for us and always looked relatively solid; I thought at the time we should have kept him as he was relatively young, decent in the air and quite quick along the ground too. As we all know, Hartley had other ideas. The mind really boggles when you think that he actually had the nucleus of a pretty handy squad coming off the second half of season 17/18, just to bin it all for his English experiment.
  7. Ian McShane is the dictionary definition of a powderpuff, nothing player and it's no surprise to see him drop to that level.
  8. Hmmmmm. Also, can't just be me who thinks the away kit looks almost identical to the red one from 2017-2018?
  9. No need to look! With all the negativity surrounding the world right now, the ability to laugh at yourself is more important than ever. In that vein, please enjoy this absolutely terrible take from yours truly, after the jobbers and journeyman of QOTS pumped us silly (3-0) at home in Hartley's last game. In my defence, he wasn't the worst player that day, but I think I may have taken the praise a little too far...
  10. See Morton are linking to a fan account doing Twitter updates from a classic match where they eh... beat the worst Falkirk side in about 40 years to stay 8th in the Scottish Championship? I mean - *that* away day!
  11. He never got his chance. What a complete waste.
  12. Most people thought McKinnon should have gone after relegation. He was a total dud, we can agree on that. The squad he built isn't great - in fact, if we were to go up it would need strengthened considerably. However, combined with the funds M&M had in January for additions, the players there should be enough to win this league. McKInnon was sacked after 14 league games. By the seasons end, M&M will have been in charge for 22 league games. Improved performances from that under McKinnon really isn't setting the bar very high. The fact they are young and inexperienced isn't an excuse and was largely the reason many, including myself, were sceptical at their appointment in such an important season. If they do manage to get us up, which I really hope they do, then great. But if they don't - especially after such a poor window - I don't see how you could argue anything other than that they had failed to do the job they were brought in to do.
  13. If we fail to go up, they haven't done the job they were tasked with and should be binned.
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