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  1. Nothing but respect for what they’re doing, but I think there be a £5 tier for FSS, especially when times are tough financially.
  2. Two season tickets bought after a year away. Pledged I wouldn’t go back when Deans and Holt were still at the club. Not going to pretend like everything is perfect but we’ve got a new board, a proper football manager who knows what he’s doing and fans unbelievably sticking by the club in unreal numbers. COYB xxx
  3. We’re absolutely massive. The way the fans have stuck by the club in the last few years is nothing short of outstanding xx
  4. Does anyone actually know if Holt has got another gig? Haven't heard of him since he fucked off.
  5. If I was Jaime Wilson, I’d be sitting out the last year of my contract as a full-time footballer, knowing no other club is ever going to sign me in that capacity again. Might as well while he can - can’t blame him for that.
  6. Surely there is a Lowland League team who’d take Wilson on loan? Even if they paid only 10-20% of his wages, it’s better than him stinking out the squad here. Edit to add: I can’t think he’ll be on much, but you’d think this avenue will have been explored.
  7. I'm not pointing fingers or blaming anyone and the financial reality of it obviously makes it a little bit difficult (as well as the fact no one likely wants them), but I am a little disappointed at how little of the dross from last season we haven't been able to catapult. I wasn't expecting wholesale, but I did think a couple more would have been shifted.
  8. I know this was covered a while back but do we have any updated, realistic timeline of when we might see Paul Watson return to training, etc?
  9. Someone on here a while back (if it was you, please step up and take credit) said Williamson runs like a wean chasing a balloon and it's probably one of the best and most accurate descriptions of a player I've ever seen.
  10. Pretty dire times when we’re debating if being rated as fourth-favourites to win League One is too generous or not. McGlynn’s got a mighty job on his hands.
  11. Also a wee tiny side note which I'm worried to bring up in case I get accused of moaning; why the f**k are the numbers black on a navy strip? Can't make out who anyone is
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