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  1. In real-time, which is obviously how the ref saw it too, my initial view was that the keeper touched the ball away and Jon's momentum took him over the boy's arms. No penalty, no dive, no booking. With the benefit of replays, Jon nicks the ball to the side and the only thing the keeper connects with is his foot. It's a penalty all day.
  2. On checking, it was actually all four goals in 14 minutes, which was indeed a record!
  3. Boyle and Jamie Stevenson also got one each in the 11-0 Cup win over Gala Fairydean. Can’t remember any other instances of two players getting one in the same game.
  4. I remember Jerome Vareille getting one in 14 minutes against Stenhousemuir (I think). Pre-DTV days, so no footage of it unfortunately!
  5. That's my bad... I just meant longer-term than Gal's injury - he may be okay for Saturday, the other three won't be.
  6. Could be that no-one is on reception, but someone will reply to your email sooner or later. If you went through the payment process maybe check your junk folder in case the confirmation landed in there?
  7. Uploading now. Shaking again just editing the highlights. For all the drama throughout the game, the best bit of the package is @Jan Vojáček inexplicably turning into Kenneth Williams after our disallowed goal.
  8. Jay Cantley was on the bench, I assume he was responsible for us upping our game.
  9. These highlights were edited from our last stream. I'm guessing it won't be that sunny on Friday night. https://www.airdriefc.com/dtv2122/140821/airdrieonians-vs-falkirk
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