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  1. Really? So if a "last man challenge" happens 18 yards from goal it's a red card, but if it's 19 yards from goal it's not? That's bonkers.
  2. The ball goes straight to the keeper because Smith is fouled - if he doesn't go down, he gets there first. Whether it was inside the box is academic because the penalty was missed, but if that's a foul it's a red card.
  3. The penalty looked soft to me in "real time" from the halfway line - but to coin a cliche, if you put your hands on somebody in the box, you're giving the ref a decision to make.
  4. I had coffee and toast this morning too. And a banana. Good times.
  5. Playing devil’s advocate: fair enough Providing a dissenting opinion: fair enough Point scoring or securing a cheap laugh by having a dig at the club’s relationship with an invaluable suicide prevention initiative: not cool
  6. Do you guys have new kits this season? Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.
  7. If that's the idea it sort of makes sense really. Might give guys like Barrownan (if hes still there) a better chance. Is there anything else imminent, or can't you say? Trust me, I'm saying NOTHING after the debacle last week.
  8. The way it was explained to me (which I may not have stated clearly when I put it in whichever story I put it in) was that rather than having a first-team squad and a reserve squad like last season, we now have one "senior" squad from which both first-team and reserve sides will be picked. All of the signings announced since the end of the season are joining this squad, so we now have four "senior" goalies - equivalent to having two first-team goalies and two reserve goalies last season. I've probably still not made a great job of explaining that.
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