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  1. FIFA 14

    On FIFA 13 are rangers not in other teams choice when playing single games?
  2. Man beheaded in Woolwich

    Fucking cowardly act in London today by scum who steal from the country that accept them! RIP fellow soldier.
  3. online dating

    There's a few certain ones that are free for downloading and contain fish? My mate is on it and every other night he is out bumming random women and has his fair share of f**k buddy's!
  4. Really need a newer car, the coal burner is getting some much needed repairs while I'm on leave and a service this week should keep her going that bit longer!

  5. Oasis/Noel Gallagher/Beady Eye songs...

    Awesome tune, looking forward to the new album
  6. Doctor Who

    Hopefully this latter part of the series gets better and keeps people interested
  7. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    The Host, went to the gallery thing at the odeon in maidenhead but the place was shut for refurb. Average film with a average story line. Film drags on for a bit and so does the chasing of the humans by the alien humans, it is like the director ran out of ideas half way thru
  8. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    On a serious note I hope your club pull thru regardless of my dislike for the team. We're just the wee team our money's alright?
  9. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Welcome to the club and hopefully your services will be extended dependant on your appearances and your contribution to the club! Who's the wee team now? Lol
  10. Sell Your Old Shite Mark2

    I have an orange sub3 mountain bike for sale £500 Claud Butler Shaman £300 brand new unwanted xmas gift £300 ovno iPod classic 160gb £100 ovno Pm me your email address for pics
  11. Oscar Pistorius

    That's some valentines gift, for his partner.
  12. Yyyyyyyeeeeeeeesssssssssss and against the run of play!

  13. Monday Night Raw Live

    I would like heyman to have more of an input towards the creative side along with his managerial tasks as I feel the story line he has created with punk is going well and I think punk will regain the title at the elimination chamber.