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  1. Does anyone know what happened to Daniel Day Lewis, I heard he had a cracking left foot, or would that exclude him from signing for Sevco? Are we still on the religious troll propaganda thread? I thought this might be relevant......
  2. Mork calling Orson, come in Orson..... Am I still on Pie and Bovril? What I thought was generally a football forum? Religious racism bigotry fuckwttery forum for all this pish. Can we just get back to laughing at the Sevco football misdemeanours and stop giving page upon page to outdated superstitious hokus pokus that has no relevance to educated informed and rational humans living in the real 21st century. That is all.
  3. Lest we all forget, when they commence league duties for the first time, that would have been 2 dropped points already. Pleasing thought.
  4. Wonder if the trialist will be sent off in his first game....fingers crossed.
  5. You do realise I can't answer that on the grounds that I may incriminate myself And do you mean the minute I leave, Scotland goes back in time? I knew these new fangled jet things were faster than propellers but I didn't realise they made the world spin on its axis....impressive!
  6. Ah, how i'm going to miss this thread.....I head off for my holidays tonight safe in the knowledge that Sevco Scotland will start the season in Division 3 of the SFL and that I have the Dundee derby to look forward to in the season ahead. I can now head off to relax without expecting any real nasty surprises and anything else that happens is likely to be the same as finding loose chips in the bag when you finish your McDonalds......just a little unexpected bonus. However, I am hoping to collect my 'No to Newco' T-shirt from the cheap T shirt shop before I go. It's not for me, it's for the missus. She has no idea what it means, but I figured even the most seething of orcs fuelled up on sangria and cheap local vodka from the all inclusive bar is unlikely to punch someone else's wife, so playing the safety card on this one....both ways. And I don't know if it's been mentioned properly, other that we should all try and make it to see and SFL team in support of the diddy league of gentlemen who helped ensure no stitch up took place, but I have one more suggestion...... Just to ensure that the seething orcs have the happiest of Christmas's can we seriously consider going to support whoever they play on Boxing Day en mass? Can you imagine maybe 6000- 8000 diddy fans all wearing No to Newco T-Shirts singing the old Slade classic in a real show of diddy solidarity? How very very apt...... adios for now amigos!! See you in a fortnight!
  7. Maybe you can take up golf? Then again, golf clubs are quite expensive, unlike the purchase price of the dodo that lived in Govan.......
  8. This. Still abroad. It what a glorious day. If the SFA try to turn round an spl2 I under two weeks imagine the chaos they would cause to sfl fixtures and the clubs who would agree to spl2 would also have to give notice of resignation. They had four months to sort this mess out, no chance of that in the timeframe available without then incurring the possibilities of legal challenges internally from the sfl versus the sol and SFA and possibly even CAS challenges with FIFA involvement. ETA: sorry for shit spelling, using the iPhone on a bus travelling across Europe at great cost just to keep up to date with today's events!
  9. Wow, don't even know where to start with you mate. I read your first post several times, thought I'd wait to see the next one. I wouldn't call you anything other than similar to someone like Pete Burns; you can't decide if your club is Dead or Alive, the whole issue has you spinning right round crying like a baby, right round, like a broken record. We've heard all the same crap you're dishing out for months now mate, just because you can read, write and do so in a more erudite manner than most other Sevco Loyalists doesn't mean it's likely to have any more relevance. Rangers are dead because they cheated, end of. Time to move on.... Can't even get into the Subbuteo League, now we've set a precedent..... Sorry, but the just leave us alone now is another fairly pathetic attempt at deflection IMHO. Many posters have said that if other clubs have to struggle and/or fail to accommodate a real chance of change and restructuring of Scottish Football, its a price worth paying. The fact the diddies are enjoying watching Rangers go tits up first is down to the attitude of the Rangers previous boards and fans from the moment Souness walked through the door. It started then with the 'we're better than you' crap when for years before you'd been just another also ran in a reasonably competitive league structure. When the money rolled in, you and thousands of other Rangers fans enjoyed lording it over everyone else. When it started to go wrong, the siege mentality that still exists at Ibrox, one you happily sang about - no one likes us, we don't care - came to the fore and hence we're all happy to sit and watch that attitude be the most significant factor in the downfall of your club. Careful now, we all know how much the lads on RM & FF like to imply that the other cheeks is obsessed with boys football......you could be labelled a tarrier Then again, you might become chief scout as you are woefully short of pace at the back with only Bocanegra and Broadfoot as cover.
  10. Hi fellow P&B'ers......can some kind soul record Sportsound tonight and post a link to it on sound cloud or something? Won't be able to listen from outside the UK, but it should make cracking listening later. Thanks in advance from all overseas P&B'ers at this time of celebration. Also, we got our new bus driver today for the tour, with an American band on Independence Day. Double the fun as the driver is called Billy and a Rangers fan........cue the trolling!! Please feel free to PM any questions for our new driver and I'll post his responses over the next few days.....
  11. Still out on tour working in Europe but trying to catch up on this fiasco as and when, sorry but no time to read back the past 120 pages since I last logged in, can I get a quick round up of the past days events. I promise I will make it up to you all over the next few days, which I'll explain once I get my round up.....Thanks in advance fellow P&B'ers!!
  12. Cheers mate, thats pretty much what I managed to glean from the info on the reading so far since I miss a bunch, that the SPL are now trying to blackmail the SFL if the document is to be believed, which should only serve to reinforce the fortitude of SFL chairmen who knew the SPL was a leveraged corrupt money grabbing self interest serving piece of crap aimed at the bigger sides and the OF in general. Good post, duly greenied!
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