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  1. The mods are nonces, pass it on.
  2. All this pogba stuff is cringeworthy. The minter to end all minters, spending £89 million on a guy you let go for free.
  3. We will sort out the arrangements down the lodge brother blue.
  4. Hope we give the guy who threw the punch a minutes applause at the next home game.
  5. As embarrassing as that was, it's nowhere near as bad as losing to a team of two family's and a few plumbers and postmen
  6. Remember that time you lot lost to a team from gibraltar.
  7. Lucky c***s. Nevermind papped out next round anyway, list of potential opponents are hapoel beer sheva dinamo zagreb dundalk ludogorets copenhagen
  8. Beer shieva just knocked out olympiacos, rostov looking like knocking anderlecht too. Falcao started scoring goals again, can't stop scoring supposedly hope he gets back to his best.
  9. That bear c**t needs to drown in a lake, horrendous.
  10. From watching this id say my knobs a decent shape and size. Some really strange looking cocks on this.
  11. Escaped from a russian gulag last month, organised a mass riot and we fought our way out to freedom.
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