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  1. Racists and BEASTS http://edlnews.co.uk/far-right-sex-offenders-list/
  2. It has to be Tristam Hunt the sheer comedy value alone. Imagine your own parents calling you a 'hunt'
  3. "JFK assassinated " I remember the headlines "Blow for Alex Salmond"
  4. thinking of the mechanics of chasing folk for debts incurred decades ago. As Community Charge legislation was repealed and replaced with Council Tax legislation I can't see chasing folks for debts incurred under defunct legislation is entirely illegal. There is also the case the Statute of Limitations Acts apply that debts not collected within a set period are legally unable to be enforced through the court action. Also the logistics required to trace and identify debts incurred at other addresses, possibly under different names. There is also the fact the council don't have a legal basis for retaining poll tax files from all those years ago as the purpose for keeping them went with the abolition of the Community Charge Act. It would be a breach of The Data protection Act if they did keep those files as councils could only keep those files for the purposes of complying with the Community Charge Act , which no longer exists. Just saying likes.
  5. So the rich and the old sold their children's and grandchildren's future down the river. Next time
  6. I have a single malt, cask strength, unopened, 23rs old. That's what I'll be doing around 3pm as the general drift of the vote will be known by then. Until then no drinking, which is a moot point as I'll be on dialysis until midnight anyway Luckily for me , no phosphates or potassium in whisky. Can't imagine how I'll feel if NO win. Put stopper back in bottle for the next referendum.
  7. When I lived in Michigan there was a drive thru off licence and petrol station that sold guns and ammo, handy. I thought they had the guns incase the redcoats came back not because you can fill your car, get some smokes,beer and buy gun and ammo and go get that b*****d of a neighbour who keeps cutting his grass every feckin' morning and have a well earned drink and smoke afterwards
  8. The novelty never wears off even when I was married.
  9. I had a Grifter but swapped ii for a racer and I replaced the racer's handlebars with a set of 'bull horn' handlebars. I thought I was Peter Fonda in Easy Rider. Probably explains why I still ride motorcycles The new choppers look shit, two part seats just make you look like a tosser, no gear stick either, A hipsters version of what a chopper should look like-arseholes.
  10. To claim JSA you've got to demonstrate every week you're looking for work by applying for jobs via the Job Centre system. No way out of it. If you don't apply for enough jobs yer sanctioned. The plain fact is there isn't enough jobs for everyone. The lazist b*****ds I've met are those in senoir mgmt jobs when I worked at ABN AMRO to be honest. Christ knows how much investors money they pissed away paying for the ice bar and champagne fountains every xmas I was there.
  11. In the event .however unlikely, there not being a CU Scotland would continue to use the pound for a transitional period. The effect of there not being a CU would result in a significant hole in the UK balance of payments resulting in downgraded credit rating a hike in interest rates, job losses and essentially a heck of a lot of pissed off businesses angered by political posturing by WM then add in the threat of leaving the EU and you have a recipe for an economic clusterfuck. Meanwhile nations that have a currency backed, by say, oil and other major exports, should manage nicely through the resultant storm while our presently biggest trading partner sorts itself out post indy. Can you imagine the corporate sector allowing the tories to even consider not having a CU of leaving the EU?
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