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  1. First run today since 27th December , Bangor Parkrun , plodded round chatting to a mate so 28 minutes, happy enough . Most if not all parkruns across Ireland had a minutes silence at the start in memory of Ashling Murphy, a young woman murdered whilst out running in a village in Co.Offaly, dreadful tragedy.
  2. Cracking game apparently...guy in work is a big blue man and said Linfield had most of it but couldn't finish
  3. Aye not the nicest of men it has to be said, I think the fact he wasn't partially liked in general is fairly well known...most of the praise for him when he died tended to revolve around his ability as opposed to his personality which is a tell tale sign...
  4. A pretty good read, the guy had an incredible insight to football and of course fantastic player, this focuses a bit too heavily on his criticism of the setups at Ajax and Holland as opposed to his career but still a worthy read.
  5. The Hitmans wife's bodyguard a couple of hours of nonsense , Ryan Reynolds does his thing, Samuel Jackson does his thing and Salma Hayek gives a mad OTT performance...it's OK, not as good as the first one.
  6. Makes you wonder of he's a really good player or Larne have a bit too much cash...either way nice to see that kind of money be spent in the IL and go to a local team.
  7. Boyle is the type of player that would have got a call up for a friendly or something.
  8. To quote Mark Kermode...Jaws is not a film about a shark , it's a film with a shark in it, the characters in the film is what makes it such a great watch . Brilliant performances by the 3 lead characters
  9. A sort of shit Ngolo Kante has always been my assessment of him.
  10. Being an old fashioned kind of lad then it's always an actual book for me , I just think it's the most comfortable way to read ,
  11. Swap the word nationalist for Jewish and this rhetoric seems eerily familiar and pretty much tells you what the mindset behind it is.
  12. Avoiding a few things ...social media being one of them Good to see you're still doing the "Jackie Fullerton "role as Irish League correspondent for P&b mate..
  13. Hi all, thinking of a glorious return for the prediction game ...let me know if anyone interested
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