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  1. Netflix

    Watched this last night ,aye drags a bit,
  2. Derry Girls - New Series Ch4 -Thurs Jan 4th 10.00pm

    "The woman beside me is eating an egg & onion sandwich which has a smell that could turn an orange walk."
  3. 6 Nations Prediction Game 2019

    Im thinking of doing something for it, maybe a bit different in the group stages ,it can take a bit of time doing it, I should have something in place though.
  4. Netflix

    Piers Morgan was one....nuff said.
  5. 6 Nations Prediction Game 2019

    Quite a final weekend in the 6n, Dont think ive ever felt so many different emotions in a sporting event as I did in the Scotland game...Incredible. Wales were superb and the italy match wasnt a bad watch. And so what happened in our game.. All high-ish scores this week , Flying scot and samurai jock got Parrise as MOTM ,nobody picked Anscombe or Finn. Scores for the final week...scores for overall predictions from week 1 in brackets(not included in weeks results.) 1. Big Tidy:46+43+39=128 (6) 2.Hon United:46+30+39=115(6) 3.Samurai Jock:46+30+26=102(6) 4.Ayrunitedfw:33+29+39=101(18) Same ol g :33+29+39=101(18) 6.Christophe:35+29+37=99(12) 7.Jaggy Snake:37+28+33=98(6) 8.Chris MFC:20+34+39=93(6) GAD:30+24+39=93(12) 10.Flyingscot:29+30+33=92(6) 11.Doonhammer ds:46+16+26=88(18) 12.Salvo :29+16+39=84(6) 13.Jon Lambies Doos:0+34+33=67(18) 14.Co.Down Hibee:22+16+9=47(6) A brilliant week for Big Tidy and honestly United make them the top 2 this week. And the final table is.... 1. Christophe - 543 2.Jaggy Snake- 527 3.Same ol g 35- 517 4.Doonhamer doon south- 515 5.Co.Down Hibee- 509 6.GAD. -507 7.Flingscot.- 482 8.Big Tidy- 474 Honestly united,474 10.Chris MFC - 465 Salvo , 465 12.Samurai Jock- 457 13.John Lambies Doos - 446 14. Ayrunitedfw- 436 So our new champion is seasoned campaigner the one and only ..Christophe..well done mate ,worthy winner, Jaggy Snake an excellent runner up spot, I choked big time. ayrunitedfw has the wooden spoon ,just couldn't catch J.L.D . So thanks to everyone who played this year , hope it helped your enjoyment of the tournament, I'll maybe think something up for the world cup.
  6. 6 Nations Prediction Game 2019

    I'll get the ball rolling for the final week... Italy v France Result:Italy Points:under Margin:8+ First score:Try Italy Tries:0-3 Motm:back (Zanon) Wales v Ireland Result:Ireland Points:Over Margin:8+ First score:Wales try Tries:4+ MOTM:back (Aki) England v Scotland Result:Scotland (mon!) Points:under Margin:0-7 First score :kick Scotland Tries:0-3 MOTM:Forward Alan Dell Good luck everyone.
  7. 6 Nations Prediction Game 2019

    Just to point out as well that the highest scoring week so far is week 1 . With 148 points The only person to pick Wales as champions is doonhammer ds , almost everyone else has picked ireland and nobody has chosen a grand slam or tc to be won except for Doonhammer ds who has picked a tc( he's put England but I know what he means lol).
  8. 6 Nations Prediction Game 2019

    Finally got this weeks results done guys.. Quite a mixed batch this week, everyone scored high in the england game, myself and GAD correctly choosing Cockasinga as MOTM so gaining full marks of 68 for the match, James Ryan was MOTM in the Ireland game which I predicted, nobody got Hadleigh Parkes in the Scotland game . This weeks scores... 1.Co.Down Hibee : 22+68+61= 151 2.Jaggy Snake:41+56+30=127 3.Honestly United:37+56+30=116 4.Doonhammer Doon South:22+56+32=110 5.Salvo :16+56+37 =109 Same ol g :16+56+37=109 7.GAD :16+68+23=107 John Lambies Doos :19+56+32=107 9.Chris MFC fan:15+49+36=100 10..Samurai Jock:10+56+30=96 11.Big Tidy:26+43+26= 95 12.Flyingscot:0 + 56 +37 =93 13.Christophe:18+41+23=82 14. Ayrunitedfw:.0+56+19= 75 So a flukey week from me sees me top of the pile this week ,... Overall table is... 1.Co.Down Hibee =456 2.Christophe=432 3.Jaggy Snake =423 4.Doonhammer Doon South= 409 5.Same ol g 35= 408 6.GAD =402 7.Flyingscot = 384 8.Salvo = 375 9.Chris MFC = 366 10.John Lambies Doos = 361 11.Honestly United=353 12.Samurai Jock= 349 13.Big Tidy = 340 14.Ayrunited fw = 317 So a pretty dramatic change at the top with me leapfrogging Christophe to first spot, will he regain form and take it back or is he the Liverpool of the 6N game lol.and don't forget the chasing pack who could pull it out the bag for the title... Predictions in for the first kick off at 1230 on Saturday please guys...
  9. What a comeback by the Crues last night to win the county antrim shield, 3-1 down to linfield at half time then came back with 2 late goals to end up winni g 4-3. Incredible stuff.
  10. 6 Nations Prediction Game 2019

    Scotland v Wales Result:Scotland Points:over Margin:0-7 First Score:kick( Scotland) Tries:4+ MOTM:Back(Russell) England v Italy Result:England Points:Over Margin:8+ First Score:Try(England) Tries:4+ MOTM:back(cockanasiga) Ireland v France Result:Ireland Points:under Margin:8+ First Score:Kick(france) Tries:4+ MOTM:Forward(ryan)
  11. Netflix

    On episode 5 of the umbrella academy still cant decide wether it's any good or not ,part of me says it's for a teen audience and part says yes this is enjoyable stuff...very slow though.
  12. 6 Nations Prediction Game 2019

    Guys..apologies for the delay in putting results up, all a bit hectic in work just now. Well another disappointment for Scotland, although our welsh neighbours went a long way in cheering us up, and italy put a decent shift in against the irish. But more Importantly it gave us an interesting week on the game. All the matches were under the points required and all three were an 8+ winning margin. MOTM awards went to peter o Mahoney Liam Williams and demba bamba .Nobody got that excact so no full points. So this weeks winners are... 1.ChrisMFC fan : 30+45+33= 108 2.Christophe : 28+39+28=105 3.same ol g:30+39+28=97 4.GAD :36+17+35= 88 5.Honestly united:13+24+48 =85 Jaggy Snake:30+20+35 7'doonhammer Doon south:11+35+=81 8'Co.Down hibbee.=11+21+48=80 9.Flyingscot :11+33+35=79 10.,John lambies doos : 21+21+34=76 11.Samurai jock :21+22+28 =71 12.Salvo Montablen : 27+9+35=69 13.BigTIdy : .13+11+35 =59/ 14.ayrunitedfw:11+9+35 =55 So ChrisMFC is this weeks leader with another good week for Christophe, overall scores were low ish with the Scots and Welsh game throwing us all a bit. And the overall table is ... 1.Christophe =350 2.Co.Down Hibee=305 3.Doonhammer Doonsouth. = 299 Same ol g =299 5.Jaggy Snake = 296 6.GAD =295 7.Flying Scot= 291 8'ChrisMFC fan = 266 9. Salvo = 261 10.-John lambies doos= 254 11.Samurai jock = 253 12.Big Tidy = 245 13. Ayrunitedfw = 242 14. Honestly united -= 237 And there we have it, Christophe extends his lead over the rest whst at the other end the wooden spoon is shaping up to be a tight contest. So thinking caps on for the first kick off at 2:15 on the 10th . See you soon.
  13. Dungannon Swifts or possibly institute are fairly harmless Id say.
  14. 6 Nations Prediction Game 2019

    Happy days....everyone is in, enjoy guys ...mon Scotland