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  1. Too hot today so snuggles for Paddy until the evening walk
  2. I think Strava isnt bad in fairness, I've got a TomTom sports watch but every now and then forget to charge it so use the app instead ,not had too many issues and pretty accurate, haven't used Strava much for longer runs right enough
  3. If you're getting them online then sportshoes.com are pretty good.
  4. Great start to the year , hamstring sore as hell 1 mile into a run, ended up plodding round just over 6k but its tight now.
  5. A wee shock yesterday with Larne losing to Ballymena, Davie Jeffrey cheered once again by the bluemen .
  6. Celtic winning every single game between now and the end of the season isnt impossible but very unlikely, I actually think it may go the other way and you could see them having a collapse between now and the end ,
  7. I'd say it was a red as much as anything for the sheer stupidity of the challenge
  8. I think Celtic could have a real collapse now , which would be glorious....can see some players leaving in janitor.
  9. Rangers may have just won the league with that red card
  10. Definitely needs a really filthy challenge with an on field brawl to make it interesting, miss those days really.
  11. Best Ajer has been for a long time , actually looking interested .
  12. Immigrant Song Rock n Roll D'yer Maker Black Dog Ramble On
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