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  1. Friend of mine was at the game and said it was an absolute cracker, the ports were looking really good throughout
  2. Very sad , did you see the post match interviews after many of the games at the weekend , there were managers breaking down during them.
  3. Great result and fair play to them,.... nice to see them get a badly needed cash injection which should ease the burden on their main sponsor, the IFA
  4. 2 new Croatian players signed as well. https://www.glentoran.com/news/glentoran-add-two-new-signings
  5. Frankly bizzare, Smicker had made good progress with the glens, God knows what future lies ahead with this consortium, my guess is the land the stadium is built on and the surrounding area is a more attractive proposition to a wealthy businessman than an irish league club, already talk of a move from the oval to an " improved" ground share at Dundela. Saying that wealthy businessman like to have toys so the glens being the plaything of a multi millionaire for a few years may be fun. Hiring a coach purely on the basis of him backing the bid isn't the best start though..
  6. Final shot should have been the camera panning away from jon to the furthest reaches of the north where dany lies still with drogon perched on a rock behind her...camera closes in on her face,eyes open ...she is the new night queen..... ...or don't stop believin plays it out, either would have been good.
  7. He's a young English player so yes...world class most likely.
  8. It's possible but are those mentioned particularly power hungry to be the overall ruler? They all now have exactly what they wanted(although Bronn may be an issue) , the only way I see them entering conflict is together against dany if she is threatening a tyrannical rule over them. Which looks like she is and the game starts all over again ,which could be the ending...although how we'll get to that in one episode is a puzzler.
  9. Watched this last night ,aye drags a bit,
  10. "The woman beside me is eating an egg & onion sandwich which has a smell that could turn an orange walk."
  11. Im thinking of doing something for it, maybe a bit different in the group stages ,it can take a bit of time doing it, I should have something in place though.
  12. Piers Morgan was one....nuff said.
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